Short Clip for the film, “The Beautiful Lies”

 Beautiful Lies is a Film/Documentary about the cosmetic/beauty industry featuring the upside and downsides of entrepreneurs in an industry dominate by major manufacturers. This film also covers labeling, marketing, branding of universal hair care, hair color and treatments that are sold to the consumer. We are showing the viewer the few great entrepreneurs of the beauty/cosmetic industry who still value their craft and the peaks and valleys they go through!

 It is interesting in our lives that in one year, a month, a day, a week, a minute a second or the blink of an eye we are gone. We cannot take anything with us. So saying and telling the truth is not the most popular thing to do now. Travel the road less traveled my friends, the other road is easier but it is not lasting it is gone very quickly. The hard road will give you many gifts and insight in who you are and what you stand for. Have a belief my friends 60% of a entrepreneurs creation is belief, belief in oneself and their creation. The rest is easy as making a pie!

Best Regards

Joseph Kellner