Joseph Kellner Founder


Joseph Kellner is a documentary film maker of the The Real Hair Truth and also The Beautiful Lies. Being a member of the beauty industry for over 30 years, as a hairdresser/Makeup Artist.

My first is The Real Hair Truth It covers the mind set and passion required as well as the hard work involved to become the best in the business. From education, how to get the right job, the importance of continuing education, understanding the various business models, to succeeding with retail sales, working with clients, employers or employees, building clientele and marketing, The Real Hair Truth covers it all. It also exposes the all too common and bad practices in the industry, such as how people and institutions can be misleading and offer false promises for their own gain. It explains what to look out for and how to avoid them. The Real Hair Truth is more than an incredibly informative and revealing documentary about the industry! It is only one part of my vision to advance the industry, set a new standard of excellence and help others.

My second Documentary, The Beautiful LieS is about entrepreneurs in the beauty/cosmetics industry. The film tells you about , what they made, why they made there products and lots of advice. About being a entrepreneur in a Beauty Industry dominated by major manufacturers.

Feel free to see the trailer for The Beautiful Lies

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