Real Hair Truth Launches! The I.B.S Network!

Jotovi Designs Inc which produced the documentary the REAL HAIR TRUTH, has now launched the website I.B.S. It is an Organization for entrepeneurs, Manufacturers, Distributorships to Network, and make changes within the Professional Beauty Industry. Now industry entrepreneurs can have a website free of Manufacturer advertising, and see NEW products, class’s, Dvd’s, and learn how to make and establish their own independent line of retail goods. Anyone can log onto the site and create free profiles of there, products and network with independent manufacturers and distributorships.

The site will eventually offer advertising for all new hair care, educational, books, you name it. But will be exclusive only to the entrepreneurs of our beauty industry.

The Independent Beauty Solution Network was created for the Entrepreneur, Manufacturer, Distributor of the Professional Beauty Industry.

To provide a venue for Industry entrepreneurs to exchange, network ideas and solutions related to the Beauty Industry!

And to be a model for Independents, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Entrepreneurs to change the barriers of traditional Manufacturer product saturation and diversion of the Beauty Industry!

And also to expose our new ideas and goods for the betterment of the Professional Beauty Industry!