The Real side of your Beauty Industry!

This is a true personal story and also can be used as a model within our industry on the help we get from the so-called UPPER CRUST!

For our second Documentary of the REAL HAIR TRUTH we will be featuring ENTREPENAURS in a section of the film. Beauty industry professionals who have taken the time to create their own Haircare Products, Educational Dvd’s, Haircolor, Books, Videos, etc. It is important to really feel the pulse of the industry from within, and to see and advertise the true BLUE COLLARS of our industry. So many times we go to the wayside within our industry, only to be bought out, and watch as the manufacturers will control the industry and not give you the time of the day.  And not let any new idea’s flourish within our industry!!! In the next coming months the REAL HAIR TRUTH will be launching a website for all industry ENTREPENAURS to advertise, and present there Products, Dvd’s. Class’s. Haircolor, and most of all their passion to create a change in our profession. And to be with like-minded professionals in our craft to network!  Breaking away from MANUFACTURER DIVERSION is the best choice you can make now in the industry.  And if the industry will not help you the REAL HAIR TRUTH WILL!