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Editing can make you a major buyer of Bayer Aspirin!

Editing can make you a major buyer of Bayer Aspirin!

Editing and Editing can make you a major buyer of Bayer Aspirin! I would not wish this task on anyone. Luckily this is my second feature film so I knew what to expect, so this is a more creative experience THIS TIME. But all in all Post Production can Kill you!!! I would only wish this on the Government and President and the Devil. Also a note to some in the film. We had a few interviews we filmed a few years ago of professionals in our industry. And we had to let them go in the film due to there, I guess you could say “Lack of sticking to their Goals”or “Giving Up”. Whatever it is, It is, What it is. Some of these people are not even in the industry anymore. And we also found out that some of these filmed professionals (Interviews) were not what they said they were. Basically just talking SH.. to get some free advertising.I went through that with my first film, “The Real Hair Truth. We had a bunch of Phonies who just wanted “Face-Time” To speak their BULL…. Not again. You know what is the funny thing about people we filmed in the first film and also this one. The lack of promotion of the films and the lack of networking with others in the films. So sad! We interviewed people in our first film and when the film came to the “Diversion” Part the individuals filmed were “Buddies” with JP Mitchell. They would say off camera that “Diversion” Was bad. But when they came on camera they sounded like they played both sides of the fence. Sad when a bunch of so-called ” Phoney Ass Icons” could not band together to make an influence on the film or the industry. Basically they were still looking for a job with a manufacturer or sell there “Shi.” on the internet, ‘Loreal, Pm, etc”. No skin off my back I still sold over 10.000 Units. Thats all good time goes by and we all change. So sorry to have to edit some of these people out of the film. But I don’t need any “Mud” in my face after the fact. I have tons of footage to work with. And you want to make sure that your Editors have more than enough to work with!

Scum of my Beauty Industry!


Professional hair care companies as well as professional hair dressers try to spread fear amongst hair consumers by warning them about hair care products. Fear is a powerful emotion which can motivate in a variety of ways. Why do professional hairdressers hate hair product diversion? Quite simply if hair consumers buy from CVS, Walgreens or Amazon.com, they’re not buying from their salon professionals. From the beginning of time, professional hair product companies would promise professional hairdressers that they would only sell to them so that there would be no competition for any other marketplaces.

As a result, when a professional product line such as Aveda winds up in Amazon.com, professional hairdressers rise up in arms to try and stop the sale of the professional products by anyone but professional hair stylists and salons. The basic bottom line is that professional hairdressers just want to protect their sales territories.
Ask yourself how professional hair products make it to CVS or other large grocery chains? Contrary to what the professional hair companies might want you to believe, they aren’t delivered in SUVs by individual professional hairdressers who are selling out the back door of their salon. No! If a CVS sized retail outlet is buying professional products, and they are, it’s because the professional hair care company is either secretly selling directly to CVS or is looking the other way when it happens. Bottom line. Professional hair product manufacturers talk out of both sides of their mouths. The professional hair care companies have brainwashed hair consumers. In fact, in the Summer of 2008 “Good Morning America” had a segment that was focused on what has become known as Professional Hair Product Diversion. The segment spread the same fear based untruths that are often spread to hair consumers.

According to the professional hair care industry professional hair care products are only to be delivered and sold through professional salons, distributors or hairdressers. Anyone else selling professional hair care products such as Amazon.com or CVS or Target is officially selling “diverted products.” Yet why would large corporations like that take the risk to divert?
To try and minimize diversion, the professional companies will put out the fear based rumors that hair consumers who buy their professional hair care products from Amazon.com, Target or CVS are buying potentially contaminated products. Seriously, do you think that a major company like CVS and Target would risk consumer lawsuits over contaminated products? Think about that one.

The other rumors are that diverted products may be counterfeit. While I’m sure this is much more of a possibility, it is very unlikely. Yes, there have been some isolated cases but they are very rare. While major hair product manufacturers like Aveda might say they fight product diversion, if they had a hint that their products were being counterfeited they would swarm down on the store in question and seize the products in question. Why? Neither the manufacter or the retailer, like CVS, wants any legal problems from counterfeited products.

Besides falling under monitoring by the FDA, hair care products are chock full of preservatives to extend the shelf life of the products. Most hair care products have a shelf life of 3-4 years. Those very preservatives protect against the growth of any type of fungus or bacteria. If not, the products would be bulging at the seems and have a frightful odor. Just like rancid food products.

The hair care industry also hints at fungal and bacterial infestation. Is this a real danger? Again, unlikely. It is simply a scare tactic to keep hair consumers away from professional products sold over the counter.
It should be noted that many of the professional hair products found on the shelves of CVS are the latest packaging and the latest ingredients. How do I know? I have stopped to look at them in great detail. I have even taken labels from professional products purchased through professional outlets and have compared them. And yes I have interviewed buyers of companys.
Cost factors is the other diversion bugaboo. Is it true that diverted products cost more in non-authorized companies than authorized professional beauty outlets? In some cases yes but in other cases maybe not.
1. Competition in the professional hair product arena continues to explode. If a professional hair product company can sell trailor truckloads of their products to a CVS or Target and look the other way, why not? I’m not saying ALL professional companies do it, but I’m saying it happens. Probably more than you think.

Guess what, professional hairdressers know the truth. Most of them do anyway. I talked to so many hairdressers over the years who all call Hair Product Diversion the industry’s “dirty little secret.”

2. Good Business Plans. Hair consumers are cutting back on any hair related luxuries. Why would professional hair care companies promote the myth of professional diversion when it could cost them a strong growing sales base and a competitive edge with their competitors? Have they thought about that? I wonder.

3. Professional Hair Product Diversion Does Not Exist In The Rest Of The World. Hair product diversion only exists as an issue in the United States. In Europe and the rest of the world there is no Professional Hair Product Diversion issues. Hair consumers buy products from their professional hairdressers and salons but because they trust their hairdresser with the proper product recommendation and because of timing. The same should be true in the United States. Why isn’t it?

4. Professional Hair Publications Give Lip Service To Diversion Topics. Why? If a professional hair magazine or online newsletter is receiving advertising from a major professional hair care production company like an Aveda, they are definitely going to drink and share the Kool-aide. Money talks and advertising talks even louder.

Ultimately all hair consumers must think for themselves and not just believe what the hair product companies want us to believe. Before drinking the Kool-Aide of product diversion think about the realities of the situation.

Is the product in question fully stocked on the shelves? Is the entire line of products options available from shampoo to styling products? Are the products restocked on a regular basis? Do the products like brand new? They probably are.

Best Regards
Joseph Kellner

Education of the Beauty School Student

Many of us in the beauty industry have seen the disastrous effects of inadequate beauty school training. A student graduates beauty school with high hopes of doing a job that they love, only to become quickly frustrated by their inability to make a good living. The exception to this is the student who is lucky enough to have a mentor in the industry that provides them with the real education that they need to succeed. So why, after years of paid education, does a student require more on-the-job training to be a success? The answer is usually an inadequate and flawed beauty school system.
If we look at beauty schools as producers of a product then we can understand that beauty school graduates are a product that is thrown into the marketplace unfinished. The reasons for this start at the very foundation of beauty school: curriculum, requirements, intentions and corruption. First, beauty school curriculum is typically outdated and obsolete. One may assume that doing hair could not have drastically changed over the last decade or two. But with new tools and products coming out every year it becomes imperative for beauty schools to keep up with the times. The use of old textbooks and out-dated styling techniques cripples the student coming into the industry. Veteran hairstylists constantly pursue new education while beauty school students are taught the same old thing. Shouldn’t beauty schools be required to update their curriculum so that the product they produce, the new stylist, will enter the marketplace with the most up-to-date information? The answer would be yes if it were required of the schools to produce a good product.
Unfortunately, beauty schools are based on quantity instead of quality. A good quality school would be interested in producing students that have the knowledge and skills to succeed in the industry. Requirements should be based on teaching the student to run a business, be a salesperson, market their services as well as be a great stylist. Requirements based on hours alone do not come close to achieving this basic standard. Therefore, students graduate with deficiencies and become frustrated when they learn that just doing hair is not enough to build a business.
Perhaps the most flawed part of the beauty education system is the corruption of the schools. Manufacturer Schools, those that are named and based around a major name-brand product, not only have the intention of producing as many students as possible in order to gain profit from tuition, they also intend to brainwash students into being loyal to their hair products. What could be more genius than to produce students that will go out into the world selling your products for you? It is exceptionally good for the manufacturer but not so good for the stylists or the salon owner who hires them. Diversion of hair products from salon-only status to readily available anywhere has ruined the stylist’s ability to make income from sales.
We have all noticed the massive wave of diversion from products sold “at salons only” to available at all major drugstores, super markets and warehouse stores. Major manufacturers have betrayed the trust of the stylists and salon owners who have spent years supporting their products, only to be left with products sitting on the shelves. And yet these products have a huge influence on beauty school education. Not only do Manufacturer schools push the diverted products, most beauty schools become favorable to certain products based on
marketing designed to gain loyalty from the students. Little do the students know that they are being brainwashed to support a product that WILL NOT support them.
“Product Diversion” should be a required subject at all beauty schools. Students need to learn the effects of diversion on their business. For example, a good stylist/salesperson could sell around $7000 of product a month from behind the chair, which would be about half that in profit for the salon owner and 10% profit for the stylist. After the wave of diversion these numbers have drastically reduced. Consumers buy products from the grocery store. The salon owner and the stylist are losing income because of faulty training that starts in beauty school. The most tragic part of this debacle is that new students and those graduating will not even know what they have missed: an industry that supports its stylists. Until beauty schools are required to truly educate the stylist on the business of beauty, then stylist and salon owners will continue to struggle.

Joseph Kellner – The REAL Hair Truth Documentary

Martin Rodriguez

Real Hair Truth Launches! The I.B.S Network!

Jotovi Designs Inc which produced the documentary the REAL HAIR TRUTH, has now launched the website I.B.S. It is an Organization for entrepeneurs, Manufacturers, Distributorships to Network, and make changes within the Professional Beauty Industry. Now industry entrepreneurs can have a website free of Manufacturer advertising, and see NEW products, class’s, Dvd’s, and learn how to make and establish their own independent line of retail goods. Anyone can log onto the site and create free profiles of there, products and network with independent manufacturers and distributorships.

The site will eventually offer advertising for all new hair care, educational, books, you name it. But will be exclusive only to the entrepreneurs of our beauty industry.

The Independent Beauty Solution Network was created for the Entrepreneur, Manufacturer, Distributor of the Professional Beauty Industry.

To provide a venue for Industry entrepreneurs to exchange, network ideas and solutions related to the Beauty Industry!

And to be a model for Independents, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Entrepreneurs to change the barriers of traditional Manufacturer product saturation and diversion of the Beauty Industry!

And also to expose our new ideas and goods for the betterment of the Professional Beauty Industry!

The Real side of your Beauty Industry!

This is a true personal story and also can be used as a model within our industry on the help we get from the so-called UPPER CRUST!

For our second Documentary of the REAL HAIR TRUTH we will be featuring ENTREPENAURS in a section of the film. Beauty industry professionals who have taken the time to create their own Haircare Products, Educational Dvd’s, Haircolor, Books, Videos, etc. It is important to really feel the pulse of the industry from within, and to see and advertise the true BLUE COLLARS of our industry. So many times we go to the wayside within our industry, only to be bought out, and watch as the manufacturers will control the industry and not give you the time of the day.  And not let any new idea’s flourish within our industry!!! In the next coming months the REAL HAIR TRUTH will be launching a website for all industry ENTREPENAURS to advertise, and present there Products, Dvd’s. Class’s. Haircolor, and most of all their passion to create a change in our profession. And to be with like-minded professionals in our craft to network!  Breaking away from MANUFACTURER DIVERSION is the best choice you can make now in the industry.  And if the industry will not help you the REAL HAIR TRUTH WILL!