Salon Voices Review of “The Real Hair Truth”


Being pampered is one of the major draws of the salon experience.  However, feeling like your service was catered especially for you is priceless.  The more you know about someone, the better you can customize your services to fit their needs.  

Joseph Kellner makes some strong relevant points in Real Hair and gives some very helpful tips for developing a rapport with a client through active listening.  Engage your customer with open-ended questions to elicit a more detailed response.  As they respond, make sure you pay attention to what they are saying.  Do not assume that you understood everything they said.  Always restate their answer to make sure there is no miscommunication.

Once you figure out your clients individual needs, you become a more effective seller of your products.  As you are doing their hair, you can explain how the products work.  By having knowledge about the product and seeing immediate results, the client is more likely to purchase the product for their personal use when they cannot make it to the salon. 

Personalizing the promotions you offer can also boost customer retention.   One of Joseph Kellner’s motto’s for great customer service is “discovering new ways to delight the ones you serve.” Let’s say you have a client that is a teacher, you could give them a public servant discount.  Working in the school system allows your client to be exposed to all sorts of people in the community.  When they mention to others that your salon supports teachers, that helps solidify your brand as one that gives back to the community. 

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