Living Your Dreams Everyone!!

 My award from Mopix and Discmakers  for the film The Real Hair Truth .

Over 10,000 sold!

I cannot believe it has been over 3 years since the release of this film and it keeps on selling. Not much has really changed in this industry, and basically I don’t think anything will. You still have the manufacturers saying and playing there same ol, snake oil presentations. The vast majority of the industry is clueless to the facts of mislabeled products, ingredients, deception. And the old guard in this industry you will have to watch out for. They will say or do anything to get a job. So many of them rely on the name of a dead man to achieve their notoriety. And the websites are still the same. But the only thing that is different is the abundance of the amount of entrepreneurs within the industry. They are the true model of the professional industry! You can go ahead and play a role in the pyramid scheme in the industry, from the distributor on up to the CEO of a major manufacturer. Or take the road less traveled and blossom your talents and be everything you were meant to be. Giving your  devotion to a manufacturer and buying into the hype of a false gimmick to sell, sell, sell. is a waste of your time and also of your talents. All you are doing is basically living someone else’s dream. But where do yours come in?

In my next film “The Beautiful Lies”, we give you some really devoted, talented entrepreneurs within the industry. These are professional who wanted to blossom into everything they can be. And follow the road less traveled. Following this path you will see so many new and exciting places, rewards, and you will also learn allot about yourself. Following some one else’s dreams and buying into their falsehoods to gain financial independence is pretty empty. The only out come is the top of the pyramid is gaining all, while you give all and receive nothing but false rhetoric. Verbs and nouns cannot pay your bills, by stating to you, ” we are behind you all, thank you for out continued success, we are family”, Really I think not!  No, you need to take the time and look over these falsehoods, dreams being sold to you, etc. And become what you want in your profession. Write that book, Make the film, Make a product, etc. There is so much time in your life and you are given so many talents, why waste it on being a fan of another’s dream or dreams. This has been going on in our industry for many, many years. And from the production of my next film. I see more and more individuals seeking their own slice of the pie within the industry.

And that is the way it should be my friends!