Fight Manufacturer Deception with Your Own Formulated Brand or Private Label!


You are all the Sheep… the Brainwashed Sheep… the followers of the Dark ones whom enslave you. The Product companys, the Manufacturered schools, the Websites, and Industry magazines and So Called Organizations. You are all Members of the Control System. Nothing more than Robots going through everyday professional life not knowing the Truth about your Profession and the Multi-Dimensions that are all around you. You go to work not knowing that you yourself are multi-dimensional.  But you will not have access to all this until you take off your blinders and see the truth. I write these words simply as a Messenger of Light… a Bringer of Truth.

Most of your clients have never even have heard of the term “private label products”, so they just assume you manufacture them yourself. But even for the clients who know how private label products work, as long as the products are of high quality and smartly packaged, they will be equally impressed.

You will also have CONTROL!

100% Complete control over your own “High Quality, Personal BRAND” haircare line that is sold exclusively at your salon or from your salons website with your name or salon LOGO on every Bottle, Tube & Jar!

You will be purchasing your Personally Branded Products at the Lowest Possible Price of any product line when compared to any other haircare line (Big-name brand or other private label brand company) and reselling your products at the Highest Possible Markup (200% to 500%) which will give you the Highest Possible “Profit Margin” of any other haircare line on the market today.

You will never have to worry about **Diversion** or some Big-name company taking advantage of you and destroying your “Professional Credibility” ever again.

The Easy Answer Is


In reality, profit is the main (or only) reason we sell retail products.
Companies in our industry selling private label haircare products to salons like yours and mine are selling on the premise that we would be able to make a much higher percentage of profit by selling their products (under our own brand name) then we would by selling big-name hair care products produced by large famous haircare manufacturers. Private-label hair care products do lift the image of your salon. There is no doubt about it. If you have handsomely packaged bottles, tubes and jars with your salon name or logo on them, it’s very impressive to your clients.

Hair care product manufacturers develop a line of products, and then they come to us “Salon Owners and Booth Renters” and do an elaborate sales pitch with a lot of big promises.

  • They get us to buy huge intro deals with the promise of making all this money.
  • They promise us advanced education.
  • They promise us ongoing support.
  • And they promise us that we would never see their product sold at drugstores, grocery stores or discount chains.

 Bottom line they are full of shit!