In my makeup kits I have quite a few NYX tools to work with.  But now I will be able to find it in Target for purchasing.  NYX Cosmetics is one drugstore makeup brand that’s been a staple for anyone obsessed with beauty—and on a budget—for years. Both beauty bloggers and professional makeup artists rave about the brand’s innovative products and love that the company has kept its prices low, even as its range has expanded. But even if you’re the first to snatch up every NYX product the second it launches, how well do you really know the brand?  That was old news for a few years back but now Walgreens is offering NYX at there stores now!

NYX Cosmetics is one drugstore makeup brand that’s been a staple for anyone obsessed with beauty—and on a budget—for years. Both beauty bloggers and professional makeup artists rave about the brand’s innovative products and love that the company has kept its prices low, even as its range has expanded. But even if you’re the first to snatch up every NYX product the second it launches, how well do you really know the brand?

“We are pleased to offer NYX Professional Makeup products to our beauty customers as we continue our journey to become America’s most loved beauty destination,” stated Lauren Brindley, group VP and general merchandise manager, Walgreens. “NYX Professional Makeup products are known for exceptional quality at affordable prices, and new products and experiences are key to our ongoing transformation in this area.”

In addition to carrying a selection of NYX Professional Makeup products, select Walgreens stores will also offer testers for NYX Professional Makeup, L’Oreal and Maybelline branded products by the end of the year.

And thats The Real Hair Truth my friends!  Love this makeup line. It works very well for all photo-shoot climates and filming.

Joseph Kellner


Whats the big deal everyone?

Everyone is in a fluster about many states in the U.S. looking over the option of deregulation of the cosmetology license. How many times have we heard this, and how many times have we gained no interest within the profession. Interest is being gained by the PBA (Professional Bullshit Organization) and also from beauty school mills within the beauty industry.

Why? It’s all about money, money, money. Not a standard of professionalism. Here is the criteria of a hairdresser in europe. And this criteria of a european hairdresser has been this way for many , many years.

Europe has some of the best cosmetology schools in the world.  Hairdressers are at the top of the scale!
A minimum of 4 years of education only focused on hair and coloring! That includes that you also becomes a color specialist.  Compared to so-called beauty schools in th U.S. a 7 month course that qualifies you as a hairdresser after a 1,000-hour program which have you out and working in the field in as little as 7 ½ months. With no focus on only hair. But a slice into different fields as shown!

Haircutting and styling, Hair coloring and lightning, nail care, skin care, hair and scalp disorders, chemistry as applied to cosmetology, anatomy and physiology, health and safety?, professional requirements, makeup. With all of this education are you really a hairdresser, haircolorist, makeup artist, facialist, nail tech? No you are not. It takes time to learn all of these trades. But in America if you have a license you are titled as such. A hairdresser in europe who has 5 years of education and time in service in their field can run rings around an America hairdresser.

But they don’t need a license. They don’t need some one coming in there salon inspecting, they are grown ups, they can do it on their own. But like in any other profession you have the good and the bad. Getting rid of  a cosmetology license will only make the cream of the crop rise even further, and will also make beauty schools more accountable for their teaching. If you want to make a good living and have no conscious of how you treat people open up a beauty school. And do the work of the Devil.  Our industry has been plagued by beauty schools, organizations, and pulpit teaching preachers about how bad the new cosmetology student is. All they want is want and want,  the industry proclaims! Well read some emails I have received about how human beings are treated in the beginning phases of my profession.



” I just recently dropped out of the Colorado Springs Paul Mitchell School because they honestly don’t know what they’re doing. The learning leaders pick favorites and treat everybody like dirt. They gossip about students and other staff members. They don’t teach us anything once we leave core.
Financial aid is a big joke!! They steal your money.  Why is it that when money is dispersed to a student, that money goes into the financial aid leader’s personal bank account and then she cuts you a check, if you’re lucky, from there? I have so much missing money, its ridiculous.. I have about $800 in my account right now that’s mine, but they wont give it to me|. There’s always a different excuse as to why I can’t have it.
I could go on and on but there’s too much;. The school is dirty and unsanitary. No one cleans after themselves and the learning leaders constantly leave food lying around. This school is a huge joke and I can’t wait until it is investigated and shut down. What a wonderful industry you have”.

My advice to you is, “when it’s a consistent practice among multiple schools under the same organization at different locations it’s become a problem, their problems are just a tip of the iceberg of the endless list of atrocities”.

” I enrolled my daughter to this school thinking it would be professional and would treat my daughter with respect and kindness.Instead she earned 1100 hours at the school and was bit by a brown recluse spider and got a staph infection. They would not take a leave of absence or medically withdraw her from the program and instead withdrew her and said she owed them 11,000. Why do you think I sent her to school but to earn a career! Instead they are ripping us off and any other college would appeal the financial aid with draw medically and financial aid would take this”. Paul Mitchell School – The CAO Institute/Paul Mitchell partner/Alhambra, Ca

“I went to Paul Mitchell Chicago, for approximately 6 months.I had to take some time off for personal reasons and took a leave for about a month and also had missed a few days here and there. That being said, when I decided to quit the school for many reasons. I was told that I must pay the full $20,000 since my ‘scheduled’ hours exceeded 75% of completion. However, my loans went in increments of $5,000 every 25% of completion; leaving me with $5,000 to pay out-of-pocket. I attended this school back in September 2009 and when I left the school in April 2010 I received one letter from the school stating I owed them $5,118.50 on 11/1/2010. I have received another letter from their lawyer stating I am now sent to a creditor threatening to ruin my credit and I owe them $5,513.14. How they got this number I have no idea since they didn’t explain the totals. I am writing all this information because I cannot believe how a business could come after a young adult for more money when I’m already paying back my student loans of $15,000 for absolutely NOTHING. This was a horrible institute, horrible ‘teaching’ staff and horrible experience all together”. It is my biggest regret in life and now these greedy people are going to ruin the rest of my life because they want more money from me that I do not have”.

Has anybody been in this situation? It’s such a wonderful industry!!!!!!!

Love You All

Joseph Kellner

No Beauty License? Quite a Scare Tactic Used On The Industry Sheep!


So much misinformation is going around the beauty industry of how Licensurship  is going to take the cosmetology profession down the drain. Well in my view it already is! I feel quite differently about the subject. In several states there are plans to not have Cosmetology Licensurship NOT  needed anymore.. Just last week the same desperate so-called beauty industry cons went ahead and spreaded their thoughts about how this would damage our industry. Check out some of the videos made by (Tabitha) on television who knocks down salons by not doing it her way each and every week. She loves to say this will take us back to the stone ages by spreading her knowledge and scare tactics on the sheep of the industry.

Why would you think a license makes you professional? You are the PROFESSIONAL not the piece of paper. The salon professional and salon owner can police their own actions from within. You don’t need a license to purchase hair color, permanent waves, relaxers etc just go on the internet. The manufacturers make them available to the consumer selling you out and sweeping away your values and commitments to them out the door.


 But to no haste you will find out that the PBA (Professional Bullshit Organization) will do it”s utmost to guard the financial pyramid and seek protection for the Student puppy mils of beauty college education (Paul Mitchell, Aveda) from financial destruction. Do you really think in this day and age this would not be a change in our industry, and the change will be for the better. And hopefully the United States will introduce and mandate all the perfection the Europeans have in their beauty industry for us. For many decades Europe has been the plateau of example on apprenticeships, beauty schools, and hairdressing. While the U.S. has the Photoshop example of counterfeit hairdressing by the perfect example of NAHA. Such a perfect example of poor leadership for the craft.

 But also think about how the riddance if Licensurship will make the individual so much for attuned to the craft of hairdressing, hair coloring. this may instill a pride in our profession. Yes we will get salons and organizations begging and craving for a solution.  Who’s the blame we all are, just like “WE” never took a stand on the deceptive practices of Paul Mitchel, Loreal, and all the other big named bullshit speaking manufacturers. But as time has gone by, I see the independent artists are creating their own forms of entrepreneurship in our industry. It has been a long time coming, but everyone, change is good, we really don’t need a license at all. Europeans don’t need one. And there methods of training has lasted for several decades. You will see the beauty industry supply chains jumping on this deferment of licensurship and they will likely start selling to the consumer overnight. See all the so-called bootlegged, diverted product lines that are sold in Salon Centric (Which is owned by Loreal)  will be available to the consumer. Big deal! They have been doing us wrong for decades what will happen if they sell so-called professional hair color to a consumer. You can already by the hair color on the internet.

 Hair shows will be able to sell tickets to consumers (which they always do), you will be able to do hair in your kitchen, which we are all guilty of including me. Professionalism will be represented by you, the hairdresser, colorist, makeup artist. And consumers will flock to you, just like they do now. In the makeup profession there is no Licensurship, and they seem to be able to police themselves. When you join a union as a makeup artist you take a test. Consumers know what they want, the have eyes, and senses. The ultimate decision for a service will come from them, not a so-called legal document that you receive out of beauty school.

When I took the test for my  hairdressing license did that mean I was a professional? No it didn’t, the same when I graduated makeup school I was not a professional and may I say, I was reminded that upon graduation. Did the DBPR do anything for you when we had the formaldehyde problems in our industry? No, they did not. OSHA and the FDA had to do all the work! Did the PBA do anything? Hell no! And they advertise themselves as the, “legal voice of the industry”.


Licensurship is a huge money-making conglomerate in our industry, for the schools and the state. Educational loans are the way to make an easy living for all and if you can start a beauty school and get state approval (accreditation) then you will get the loans. That is the easy meal ticket in my industry!  And we all see the product coming out of a Paul Mitchel school and Aveda is just the same.

And did you know Aveda is owned by Estee Lauder!! Follow the trail my friends.  

So times change everyone, will you be effected personally by this decision? No you wont, will the multi-million dollar beauty schools be effected? YES. If the states that expel the license adopt a form of apprentice ship this will rid the Paul Mitchell, and Aveda puppy mills from our industry. And when apprenticeships are taken upon the salon will and must pay the apprentice and also give them health care. Once and for all maybe an individual will be treated like a human being in our industry. College graduates upon their succeeding employment they receive a wage, sick days, 1-2 weeks vacation. Does anyone in our profession? No not at all, this way might have individuals seeing the industry for what it really is. And having the cream of the crop flowing to the surface.

I say good riddance to licensurship and lets move ahead.

Best Regards

Joseph Kellner

California Superior Court Gives Brazilian Blowout 30 Days to Reformulate or Remove Products from Marketplace

Los Angeles—The California Superior Court, County of Los Angeles, issued an order on November 29, 2012 requiring the manufacturers of Brazilian Blowout hair straightening solution, GIB, LLC (GIB) to stop selling its product in California within 30 days and prove that its new, reformulated product meets California Air Quality Standards. According to the attorney general’s court papers, testing by three different laboratories shows that GIB’s hair straightening product violates California air quality law and emits smog-forming pollutants at levels higher than allowed by the California Air Resources Board. Formaldehyde, a human carcinogen, is a major ingredient in Brazilian Blowout.

“The move to pull the original Brazilian Blowout formula from the market is a victory for women’s health,” said Alexandra Scranton, on behalf of the National Healthy Nail and Beauty Salon Alliance. “Brazilian Blowout continues to expose salon workers to cancer-causing chemicals and it clearly violates California’s air pollution standards.”

In a previous settlement agreement with California Attorney General Kamala Harris’s office, GIB agreed to stop deceptively advertising the product as formaldehyde-free and put caution stickers on their product advising users that it releases carcinogenic formaldehyde gas. The company also agreed to participate in further testing to evaluate whether its Brazilian Blowout product violated California air quality laws and reformulate its product if it were found in violation.

Three independent laboratory tests showed that Brazilian Blowout releases high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and in violation of its previous agreement with the State of California, GIB had refused to either reformulate Brazilian Blowout or remove it from the marketplace. Following that refusal, the California Attorney General’s Office asked the California Superior Court to remove Brazilian Blowout from the market on October 9, 2012.

According to the California Air Resources Board, VOCs are an important component in the formation of ground level ozone, a major part of California’s smog problem. The Board’s air quality standards require that Brazilian Blowout contain no more than six percent VOCs by weight. Testing by two independent labs approved by the company, and testing by the Board, found Brazilian Blowout contained between 8.1 percent and 11.49 percent of regulated VOCs by weight.

“We applaud the attorney general for vigorously pursuing an action against this manufacturer who evidently believes it can ignore the law without repercussion. A cosmetic product should never contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen and respiratory irritant. It’s reassuring that the original formula of Brazilian Blowout, due to violating air quality laws, will no longer be around to harm consumers and hair salon workers in California,” said Catherine Porter with the National Healthy Nail and Beauty Salon Alliance.

Stylists who regularly perform Brazilian Blowout treatments are exposed to formaldehyde gas at levels well in excess of the state’s Proposition 65 warning threshold, according to the California AG’s lawsuit.

“As a hairstylist that has been seriously affected by Brazilian Blowout, I know firsthand just how dangerous this product is. Getting the original Brazilian Blowout formula off the shelves will be a big win for salon workers who have suffered irreparable health problems due to exposure to this product,” said California salon worker Jennifer Arce.

According to the California Attorney General’s office, the California Air Resources Board will test the reformulation of Brazilian Blowout by December 15 to ensure the product meets the VOC limit of six percent.

Brazilian Blowout has been banned in Canada and at least four other countries, including Germany, France, Ireland and Australia, but is still allowed to be sold in the U.S. The federal Safe Cosmetics Act, introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives in July 2011 by Reps. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.) would ban chemicals known to cause cancer from cosmetics, as many other countries have already done.

“This dangerous product never should have been on the market to begin with,” said Janet Nudelman on behalf of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. “But because of lax U.S. regulation, countless stylists and salon patrons have been exposed to harmful levels of formaldehyde.  Unfortunately, Brazilian Blowout is just one of many examples of why Congress needs to pass the Safe Cosmetics Act.”