Entrepreneurship the Solution to Manufacturer Deception in the Beauty Industry!

The last few years have really surprised me. Nothing at all will suprise me about the manufacturers, magazines, or the so called PBA (Professional Bullshit Association)  in our beauty industry. The  manufacturer deception, mislabeling and fraud is ever so apparent in the industry. Industry magazines will advertise NAHA , Cosmoprof, Premier, Vegas shows while really addressing the important fundamentals of needed change in my industry. It would be to important for industry publications to take topics by the horns and really research the effects of manufacturer deception and mislabeling within our industry. And beauty professionals just sit back and sweep it under the rug. Industry publications have turned into the Sears Roebuck  for manufacturers to sell their wares in. They promote of vision of an industry they want you to perceive and to only know. Getting into one of these publications is hit or miss in my industry. So called industry icons will  align themselves with these magazines to keep there “Aura’s FRESH”. Protecting their name, keeping it in the loop for financial gain, but not really being worthy of leadership. “Here is the newest SOAP YOU CAN BUY EVERYONE”!

Entrepreneurship the Solution to Manufacturer Deception in the Beauty Industry!

Ask yourself each and every day “What is the industry really about, are the issues being given proper attention?’

Do you have an EXCLUSIVE on your retail shelves?

Is there still formaldehyde in Keratin treatments?

Has the “So Called PBA” taken legal action’s to make you industry safer and help you with a healthier salon environment?

Is Paul Mitchel, Matrix, Redken, etc still being sold in the commercial sector?

Can Professional hair color be bought on the internet?

Can Keratin treatments be bought on the internet?

Did you know? The European Commission believes the use of methylene glycol/formaldehyde at 0.2 per cent formaldehyde equivalent is not considered safe in hair straighteners following a meeting held on the subject in June!

Does your salon owner follow the guidelines from OSHA regarding Keratin treatments?

Did you know there was salon workers and advocates from all over the country are descending upon Washington D.C. for a day of action to raise awareness about toxic chemical exposure in the workplace. Did you know that?

Entrepreneurship the Solution to Manufacturer Deception in the Beauty Industry!

Entrepreneurs come in all Colors, Genders, Religions, Sizes and Ages. We all speak the same language, and we all come from the same mother. We strive to make a difference in our Community’s, Professions and Industry’s.

 We are not afraid to speak up!

We are not ashamed to make mistake’s, but to only look at them as success’s. We are Leaders not follower’s.  We try and try again and grow with like minded individuals. We are not afraid to ask the questions. We constantly seek answers and solutions.

We stay the course we have set!

And we love to hear, We cant do it! Thats the worst thing to say to a Entrepreneur. “You cant do it, there is no market for it, NO One will support you”. YOUR CRAZY Yes we are all a wee bit crazy. But we ask ourselves each and every day. Why Not? Instead of why.
We follow our own path and we know what success is, We live it everyday!  Nothing stops you from being successful but yourself. We are self educated. Yes it may cost you money, you will learn patience, and time is every so abundant for you. We try and try again. We are not afraid.
We like change! We embrace it!  

We are hated. We are the crazy ones, who see the world in a different light, we never give up. Passion is our middle name. We all believe in what we are doing we may not change the masses but to only change one, one person is the extreme we seek. We believe in ourselves.
We have our own Philosophy’s.

We encourage each other, and lift each other up when we are in our valleys. And we believe in sharing. We have no jealousy, envy, we share knowing we will make this world a better place. Believing in your mission in life is very important, and sharing everything for others benefit to grow is true wisdom. We do business together.

We don’t give up, we stay true to our mission!
Be careful who you align yourself with. If you are on the right side of the road and others go left stay true to your course. You will gain fruition. You will see your idea grow, you will gain a education that no ivy league college will be able to give you. Yes! You will beat to your own drum and when that happens make it a way of your life. We don’t jump on others bandwagon for advertisements, we write our own books, publish our own magazines, create our own shows, and make our own products and films.

We network together!

We are not followers!
We are not afraid to fail we embrace our failures as a learning experience.

 Don’t make someone else wealthy, invest in yourself and and that is what I call success and entrepreneurship. Living your day the way you want. That is true success, Fame is overnight and short!


Best Regards

Joseph Kellner