Beautiful Lies!


Did you know that statistically, if a client buys hair care in your salon!

Two retail products you have a 60% chance they will come back.

One retail product you have a 30% chance they will come back.

No retail products you only have a 10% chance they will come back

I  agree on the idea that the so-called manufacturers will sell a box color on the commercial section of the beauty industry, and make a hair color line for the professional industry. Loreal is the biggest culprit of this double-bladed sword. Professionals will buy their industry line of hair color, sell their retail line, knowing up front that they sell to the commercial sector a box hair color and also hair care products. Does this make sense, Now I know I might be a slight bit touched in the head, but this is common sense everyone. And the sad thing about this statement that I write. The professional beauty industry has no clue, on how to change this. Quite easy find a company you feel you can have a relationship with. Not being just a number who buys from a distributorship will not cut it anymore in this industry. Help and support the ENTREPRENEUR IN OUR INDUSTRY.

An entrepreneur will put out to the industry a very good product. The costs are high but you will know what you are getting. And performance is the key, how many so-called professional lines do not do what they use to do. The manufacturer will purchase the hair care line, then find a way to make the product cheaper. In the long run the product is not the same. Beware when a product line has new packaging this means the line, “Is not selling well”. Buying into the age ol practice of “We are here for You”, is long gone my industry. I was looking at bottles of “Professional Hair Care in Publix Grocery Stores” the other day. And most of the lines there, Paul Mitchell, Crew, Sexy Hair no longer have warnings about “bootlegged, tampered, or counterfeit” on the packaging any more.  This is not diversion or manufacturer diversion, but Capitalism. A manufacturer and an entrepreneur have the right to do and sell wherever they please. And in this industry selling a new product line is very hard. Especially for the entrepreneur, your costs are high and having an advertising budget is necessary. Let alone having the money for formulation and packaging there is not much left for the entrepreneur to work with.

An entrepreneur will try to have their product introduced in an industry magazine or website and not think about the other venues available to them. THE COMMERCIAL SECTOR! I am not saying sell to the commercial sector on websites or commercial stores but using the magazines and write articles for magazines to get the consumer to come into the salons to buy their product. To many in this industry are looking for the “Pat on the Head”, from beauty industry magazines, hair shows etc. For their product lines, when time can be given to their local commercial periodicals for their marketing. Beauty industry magazines and hair shows have booth, classroom, classifieds and advertisements structured for the Industry MANUFACTURER! Prices for advertising and booth rentals at the hair shows are priced for the manufacturer dollar. Where does the entrepreneur fall into, most of the time they will sell their product to the commercial sector, and then the loyalty is gone. In this industry it is easier for a salon owner and stylist to go to Salon Centrix to pick up what they need. WHY? Convience! Thats is what it is all about, and the manufacturer can dilute the formula of a product to almost cost them penny’s. Selling a product for as little as $7.00 now is abundant in our industry. But for an entrepreneur cost are high for formulations of hair care lines. Support your Entrepreneur!!!!

As hair stylists, we sell our skills and knowledge everyday to our clients. Clients trust us because they know that we know what we are doing. You and I, are the trained professionals. We should know what our clients should be using on their hair (or skin) and why. Selling retail products should come as naturally as selling your client what style, color or cut they should have. Talk to them. If you have a client that has a long narrow face, and they come to you, it’s your job as a professional to explain! And to make money, isn’t financial success what it’s all about, isn’t it what we all want? Selling a manufacturers product that is available to the public at stores and online is not EXCLUSIVE!

Choosing a product to use and sell in your salon is very important. You must choose a product and company that you believe in. This is becoming more and more difficult for many stylists. Believing in the big corporate company brands that sell box color just about anywhere, not to mention their so-called “professional” products, is becoming extremely difficult. I guess it all comes down to common sense everybody, that is something my industry LACKS! And it is ABUNDANT in MY INDUSTRY!

Isnt your work and brand exclusive?

Then why would you taint your brand with a sell out? From a company that is not devoted to your financial success???