More Great Reviews for the Documentary!

Denise Jones  Thank you kindly for all the hard work to produce “The Real Hair Truth”….Joseph –
Wow! What a expose’. I watched it once, then again, to digest all the fabulous insights you shared into our craft. Now, we need to “think tank” the solutions of the many problems you shed light upon!
I have many questions after seeing it…. For instance, how do other countries license their cosmetologists? All answers would be greatly appreciated.
With the internet as the venue of communication, we can learn much to change the profession we love ‘for the good’…..
Denise Jones

Trenton Clark  Thank you very much for the dvd copy,I played in class for students so the students could watch. This dvd tells the whole truth about the hair field,in school were only taught just enough to pass a state issued test,I totally agree with you and other stylists in the field,as students we need on hands experience in a r…eal salon outside of a school setup. I’m a student about to graduate and i’ve seen first hand students graduating that can’t even do a simple haircut,and schools are pushing students with tall stories of a over inflated story of school to riches untruth just to get the money from the students then push them out door. My teacher watch some of the video stopped talking and walked out of the classroom,the proof is in the pudding(CONGRATS ON THE REAL HAIR TRUTH).

Dina Odell  Kudos to you Joseph!!! Thank you for having the commitment and courage to say what everyone in our industry should be! You really did an amazing job putting this together and the list of wonderful professionals that contributed!
YOU make me proud to be in this industry…I stand behind the TRUTH 100%!
I am self-employed…, but have always taken a stand and do not support those who do not support us!

I will share this with everyone I know in the business and encourage everyone to watch, support and take a stand!

Thank you, Dina

Hi Joseph,
I have just finished viewing your film.
I must congratulate you on it. It was very informative and got to the nitty-gritty of the problems in the hair industry today. Even though I am not in the beauty business, I found this film educational. I came away with many new facts relating to hair salons and products.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to view this film.

Julie Howard.

Alejandra Rodriguez  To expose a truth is not an easy thing. Especially when there’s a lot of old people in this business whose minds are already made up. And you can see their work in their clients: same cut, same color, same everything… But to expose the real truth to new hairdressers, it’s even worse. New stylists have the horrible te…ndency to follow celebrities and make a “clone” of them . I truly like this Documentary. It’s a must for any professional who understands that fame will not come in 5 seconds… I just had my big slap… and I woke up!. Thank you Joseph.

Dear Joseph
This film should be viewed by EVERYONE in the haircare profession !!! For years the stylist/salon owner, have been blamed for diverting “Professional” products. This film has inspired me to take a MUCH closer look at the products and equipment that… I use, and recommend…. It is such a great feeling to finally know, The Real Hair Truth !!!
Matthew Petty
Mondi Salon-Orlando

Jill Andrea Thomason  As with any given profession, and life in general, there are two types of people, the dedicated, honest man who has character and empathy for others, and then there is the “sell-out”, the “what’s in it for me” person. I applaud and commend Joseph Kellner for stepping up and being the dedicated professional, brave enoug…h to expose the cold hard truth about the professional hair business. Everything from the lack of REAL training in beauty schools, to pushing for licensure on a national level, to maunfacturer product diversion, this film is a MUST SEE for everyone in this industry! Well done Joseph!

Jill Andrea Thomason  It was my pleasure Joseph, I will share this with the girls in my current salon as well as my new salon, when I start in January. I know all too well, the hassels with each individual state board, I’m dealing with that now, moving from GA to SC. I agree with you that there should be a national board, and that the focus should be on keeping up the standards, rather than an empty money pit which doesn’t benefit the industry whatsoever. I look forward to any upcoming follow-ups.

Phil Stone Joseph Kellner shows a passion for this industry that is rarely seen today amongst the “fluff and hype” of todays icons. This film will move you!!