More Great Reviews for the Documentary THE REAL HAIR TRUTH!



In the movie, “The Real Hair Truth” Joseph Kellner has taken the first step in exposing some of the negative aspects of the hairdressing profession. Not to ridicule or pass judgment but instead to hopefully bring to light the fact that, change must occur if we are to keep our industry flourishing as the highly professional occupation that it should be.


As a beauty professional of 40 years which encompasses Salon Ownership, Haircolor Educator, Educational Consultant to product manufacturers and Author of eight industry educational books, I am pleased to see that this Pandora’s box has finally been opened and now on film for all to see.  Hopefully, as an industry we will work together to improve the various aspects of the beauty profession that has made this such a wonderful and glorious industry to be part of.

David Velasco

David Velasco Salon, LTD. 

Author: Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert