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More Great Reviews for the Documentary!


Another Great Review for the Documentary
The Real Hair Truth!
This morning I woke up and viewed a DVD that an amazing advocate and industry professional hairdresser and make-up artist, Mr. Joseph Kellner from Orlando, Fla. sent me titled: The Real Hair Truth. Approximately 90 minutes of pure unbiased facts about how the hair industry in operating, why our hairdressing schools are failing us, why h…uge product manufactures are betraying us (greed) and what we should be doing as professional stylists to gain back this amazing industry we’re so passionate about. One interview after another on this eye-opening experience has left me with one thing on my mind: Get involved and don’t let up!

Mr. Kellner, I thank you immensely for sharing this research and so unbiasedly. You did more than a stellar job in presenting this education and now I’m already working on the many ways I can insure that what I use and recommend to any guest that finds themselves in my design chair is not only treated with the utmost respect (which I always do) but that they are NEVER misled or given erroneous advice just because a manufacturer sends me free products or offers classes.
You DID hit the nail on the head. You are truly THE MAN!!!
Manufactures that divert…you’re history in my book. Every salon client deserves much better than this. Your greediness and your self proclamations will soon be your demise.

Steven Michael  Hey Joseph! Hope you did more than OK during Irene’s wrath. I managed to escape much of it where I live in NH. Just wanted to let you know that I woke up this morning and viewed/took copius notes on the DVD you sent me. Thank You a million times over!!! You did an excellent job in this presentation! Check out the note that I posted on my FB page. You should be very proud of yourself. I’d like to stay in touch.
Miquel Jessup  I watched the real truth hair documentary and thought the it was a real good. I thought it provided lots of good info and insight in the world of hair and touched on alot of good topics like diversion and also on schooling so it opened my eyes to look and really do my research in this field …

Another Great Review For the Documentary!
Over the weekend I watched this documentary and this was very eye opening.
This is a very timely film.
Our industry is spitting out student at such a rapid rate, it is ridiculous.
… As a recent graduate for the second time, I agree with the need to regulate schools, hours, and testing across the board with all states, to unify the industry.
If you have not seen this film, it is a must see.
I applaud you for stepping up and bring this to us.
Thank you!
Jean Ciel
Monica Morgan   I would love to initiate an international boycott of anything L’O…maybe then they would reign in diversion, quit marketing to the mass what should be professional and the little guy with quality products that are not diverted would stand a chance..and maybe just maybe the stylists/salons that do not care right now would actually see the difference it makes to their bottom line and start to care!!
Christopher Belmont  There is a man Jospeh Kelner, he has a heart of gold and he is very concerned with the industry and the professionals, all over the world. He speaks the truth and he has a dvd titled “The Real Hair Truth.” He has a passion for his work and others that he comes in contact with. I felt this in my heart and I wanted to share it with him and others. Sir Kelner Rocks. Many Blessings and Love to you….
Joseph you rock, I can see the time you spent in such a provacative and emotional tribute to your outlook on the beauty industry. Not many people have the guts to stand up to the man, but you sure did. I will be attending the ABCH this weekend and personally want a picture with you and a autograph. I DID use to work for Paul Mitchell and could tell you storys about there deceitful practices they use on the industry. I was a sales and a educator for the PM corp. Let me buy you a few drinks this sun, or mon and I will blow your ears away!
Rock on Joseph

More Great Reviews For The Documentary!

Phil Stone Joseph Kellner shows a passion for this industry that is rarely seen today amongst the “fluff and hype” of todays icons. This film will move you.

Gayla Smith Hey!!! I just got finished watching The Hair Truth, every stylist needs to buy this and watch this!!!!!!! It is a must see for all hairstylist. I know i will watch several parts again, it has so much helpful information. I have been in this industry for over 20years, and I have to say I am glad i own The Hair Truth. Jo…seph tells the truth and I LOVE THAT!!!!!! He interviews many people with loads of information.Order and watch it, I am glad that I did!!!! 🙂

John Santilli Mr. Kellner, I have just got your film “The Real Hair Truth” here in Rome, Italy. I cannot comment about the politics of the United States and the school industry. But it is always good that someone like Joseph Kellner puts up a mirror for us to see ourselves. Otherwise the industry will get stale. We need someone to …be out there, looking after us.
Before we had Michel Moore. Today we have Joseph Kellner on our side. Keep up the good work (and the mirror) and looking forward to your next Documentary.
P.s. Great to see faces of people that we all admire and to hear there opinions.

Marion Shaw Hi Joseph, great work. I really like the fact that both sides of the subject were discussed. I absolutely agree with you that apprenticeship is the best way to learn this industry, combined with some classroom time to get the theory. It really should be standardized across the country.  As I was about to say, I believe the manufacturers are the “diverters” however, not without provocation. If salons did a better job of retailing product they could afford to keep it professional. Many millions of dollars are spent on producing product, most salons sell less than a dozen products per week.

Barb Cochran Joesph, I am beyond blown away by your documentary, THE REAL HAIR TRUTH! You did a fantastic job and you should be extremely proud of your accomplishment.

Many people set out in life to do something significant and make a difference, or write the perfect novel…..but .0001% ever do fulfill that goal. You did! It was… a monumental undertaking and executed brilliantly. BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO ~~~>Joseph<~~~ !!!

THE REAL HAIR TRUTH is very professional and delivers a very important message. You dared to be the brave person who brought the messages forward that no one else would do. THE REAL HAIR TRUTH will change the industry in all the right ways. This should be required material in all the beauty schools. It’s a must see.

Joseph, congratulations on a phenomenal film! You rock!

Lacey Allison Elliott Joseph….I just finished watching THE REAL HAIR TRUTH….Wow, I am impressed! You did a great job!! You can definitely tell all of the individuals in your film are truly passoniate about their art form. Anyone thinking of going into this industry should definitely watch this…I cannot wait to see the next one!!

Joseph, you have shown the Cosmetology industry in it’s true light. Hopefully with your powerful DVD “The Real Hair Truth” things will get changed in this industry, from how the schools teach Cosmetology, to how the States test the stylists. You are a brave… soul to show the real side of our industry which in my opinion is going down the tubes fast. Now please show the real side of diversion, who is truly causing it and how to big wigs in our industry are grabbing their money to promote their “Diverted Companies Lines”.
Thanks again, you were a pleasure to work with!
– Mags Kavanaugh

THE REAL HAIR TRUTH by Joseph Kellner ~ Reviewed by HAIR NEWS NETWORK


The Real Hair Truth is a documentary by Joseph Kellner created for anyone considering a career in the hair industry, anyone new to the hair industry, as well as the professional independent stylist, and salon and business owner. Interviews are given with established artists and some highly revered icons in the world of hair who greatly contribute to inform on a variety of pertinent topics from different angles with varied opinions. The admirable Maurice Tidy, Robert Lobetta, Jess Briggs, Albie Mulcahy, Eric Charles Mokotoff, Claudia Diesti, Phil Stone…just to name a few…give brilliant and colorful contributions and opinions sharing their knowledge from individual experiences throughout.

The film is smartly made and moves fast, and is loaded with valuable information giving the viewer much to think about on topics varying from education, to booth renting vs commission vs salary, marketing and trade shows, to product diversion…and much much more. It is a film to pay close attention to, and offers more to take into careful consideration than can be absorbed in one viewing, when making business choices and mapping out ones career path.

Although you may or may not agree with all or any of Mr. Kellner’s opinions and point of views, his diplomatic and emphatic delivery comes through as caring and sincere from the heart with a true passion for his craft, and proud reverence for the hair industry.

Whether as a platform for debate, or to gain knowledge and have eyes opened, or to be inspired and informed, this is a MUST see.

Thumbs up, Mr. Kellner!

by Kathryn Miller for Hair News Network

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More Great Reviews for the Documentary!

Denise Jones  Thank you kindly for all the hard work to produce “The Real Hair Truth”….Joseph –
Wow! What a expose’. I watched it once, then again, to digest all the fabulous insights you shared into our craft. Now, we need to “think tank” the solutions of the many problems you shed light upon!
I have many questions after seeing it…. For instance, how do other countries license their cosmetologists? All answers would be greatly appreciated.
With the internet as the venue of communication, we can learn much to change the profession we love ‘for the good’…..
Denise Jones

Trenton Clark  Thank you very much for the dvd copy,I played in class for students so the students could watch. This dvd tells the whole truth about the hair field,in school were only taught just enough to pass a state issued test,I totally agree with you and other stylists in the field,as students we need on hands experience in a r…eal salon outside of a school setup. I’m a student about to graduate and i’ve seen first hand students graduating that can’t even do a simple haircut,and schools are pushing students with tall stories of a over inflated story of school to riches untruth just to get the money from the students then push them out door. My teacher watch some of the video stopped talking and walked out of the classroom,the proof is in the pudding(CONGRATS ON THE REAL HAIR TRUTH).

Dina Odell  Kudos to you Joseph!!! Thank you for having the commitment and courage to say what everyone in our industry should be! You really did an amazing job putting this together and the list of wonderful professionals that contributed!
YOU make me proud to be in this industry…I stand behind the TRUTH 100%!
I am self-employed…, but have always taken a stand and do not support those who do not support us!

I will share this with everyone I know in the business and encourage everyone to watch, support and take a stand!

Thank you, Dina

Hi Joseph,
I have just finished viewing your film.
I must congratulate you on it. It was very informative and got to the nitty-gritty of the problems in the hair industry today. Even though I am not in the beauty business, I found this film educational. I came away with many new facts relating to hair salons and products.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to view this film.

Julie Howard.

Alejandra Rodriguez  To expose a truth is not an easy thing. Especially when there’s a lot of old people in this business whose minds are already made up. And you can see their work in their clients: same cut, same color, same everything… But to expose the real truth to new hairdressers, it’s even worse. New stylists have the horrible te…ndency to follow celebrities and make a “clone” of them . I truly like this Documentary. It’s a must for any professional who understands that fame will not come in 5 seconds… I just had my big slap… and I woke up!. Thank you Joseph.

Dear Joseph
This film should be viewed by EVERYONE in the haircare profession !!! For years the stylist/salon owner, have been blamed for diverting “Professional” products. This film has inspired me to take a MUCH closer look at the products and equipment that… I use, and recommend…. It is such a great feeling to finally know, The Real Hair Truth !!!
Matthew Petty
Mondi Salon-Orlando

Jill Andrea Thomason  As with any given profession, and life in general, there are two types of people, the dedicated, honest man who has character and empathy for others, and then there is the “sell-out”, the “what’s in it for me” person. I applaud and commend Joseph Kellner for stepping up and being the dedicated professional, brave enoug…h to expose the cold hard truth about the professional hair business. Everything from the lack of REAL training in beauty schools, to pushing for licensure on a national level, to maunfacturer product diversion, this film is a MUST SEE for everyone in this industry! Well done Joseph!

Jill Andrea Thomason  It was my pleasure Joseph, I will share this with the girls in my current salon as well as my new salon, when I start in January. I know all too well, the hassels with each individual state board, I’m dealing with that now, moving from GA to SC. I agree with you that there should be a national board, and that the focus should be on keeping up the standards, rather than an empty money pit which doesn’t benefit the industry whatsoever. I look forward to any upcoming follow-ups.

Phil Stone Joseph Kellner shows a passion for this industry that is rarely seen today amongst the “fluff and hype” of todays icons. This film will move you!!

The REAL HAIR TRUTH Documentary Great Reviews on The Film

If you would like to purchase this revealing Documentary, just go to the following website address!  THE REAL HAIR TRUTH

Shelly Van Pelt Hey joseph i just watched the film a couple of days ago and i have to say that im very impressed. It’s about time someone came and turned the industry inside out. I’d highly recomend this for film anyone, especially those considering a career in the beauty industry.

Joseph CirafisiI really enjoyed watching this documentary Joseph. I do want to shine a brighter light on commission based compensation and i do not feel service charges belong in a commissioned salon but I’ll leave the rest of my opinions for the next documentary. I highly recommend everyone purchase a copy of this film, and i must s…ay Joseph did an excellent job in presenting to the industry what many of us have definitely wanted to do at one time or another. You said it best Joseph, unless we all unite together as owners to take a stand on diversion, it will remain a cancer within the industry.

Maurice Tidy wrote:
…”a great movie ,it will open your eyes and mind and make you understand what needs to change in the world we live in and do everyday,the movie took four years to make and is worth its cost, but you need to look at more then one time I have now looked at it three times,each time the point of the movie comes home even greater ,buy it if you care what is need changed around what we do”

Lisa Pelletier Kelley I agree with Jesse Briggs. I think this film is a great insight into our industry. It explains so much….. We are disconnected and this reconnects who and what we are as an industry…… It all needed to be said and it all needs to be done. I’m just glad that Joseph took it upon himself to do this for us! Someone ne…eded to and I’m glad someone finally did. Applaud Applaud Applaud

Donna Maltais Petersen I watched the film as soon as i got my copy. This should be part of cosmetology school curriculum. I truly feel this will be a catalyst in changing our industry forever. Thank you, Joseph!

Stephen Marinaro Joseph, I gotta say this was a great production. The great thing is that you covered so many topics and broke them down in categories. This was a great strategy. You covered a-z and it may cause some doubts, confusion, but as you said positive comes from negative. Each topic you covered was really interesting and it wa…s great to see the people you interviewed share their opinions. I have a lot to add as well and I’d love to see a part 2.
Joseph is doing something that no one or not many do. Offering Scholarships to people that can’t afford continuing education which is showing he wants to help. I do feel that we ALL could use money and items for education, however it’s admirable you are taking this step. Congrats again!

Debra Becker I enjoyed your documentary very much. Recommending.

Kimberli Aldrich Denton The most amazing documentary about our business. I hope that all stylist, owners and schools get their hands on this film. I am actually calling a meeting with my stylist so we all can watch this and discuss this> Thank you for taking time to research and make this amazing film!

hello all stylist & salon owneres , i have review and watch THE REAL HAIR TRUTH 9 times and the only thing i find wrong with the video is i didnt think of it my self , BRAVO JOSEPH KELLNER a must see !!!!!!!

William J. Messer I was truly hoping I could find a way to razz a Navy guy as Army guys are supposed to do unfortunately the quality of the DVD, the content the logic and the simple common sense of the message was absolutely brilliant! I would have taken Joseph to task so this is not a kudo lightly given. It is a wake-up call to our beauty industry and we can all be there to see it happen if we wake-up as well. Thanks Joseph, Stone-man and the rest of the cast and crew. Buy it, share it with your co-workers. I hear there might be a part 2…

Alice Woodrum Joseph, your video”The real hair truth ” is priceless. We can’t stop watching it!!! I agree with the whole message 100% and feel that your video should be in all salon video libraries. Good job, thank’s…

Albie Mulcahy  I lot of what I said about my friend Paul M the real deal was not in the film. Guess I said to many good things about him the Man.

Rhonda Kelly Joseph , I just watched your film tonight, after I digest a bit Im going back for seconds. The Professional Beauty industry was indeed founded on A pair of scissors, A comb & the creative passionate stylist . Paul Mitchell himself shared with me that ” a hairdresser needs three things to be successful, CREATIVITY EDU…CATION & TENACITY” I believe this.
Without “THE HAIR STYLIST” there would not be an industry.

Eric Charles Mokotoff  Bill Peplow’s comical rantings were a pathetic attempt at a corporate defense. Until PM can actaully prove otherwise nothing will convince me that they themselves do not divert to the 1000’s of stores nationwide. Using mass markets and distributors it is a brilliant way to sell their product. I have a video from the 19…90’s with the same speech. His segment was like an SNL parody. Get THE REAL HAIR TRUTH and then you’ll GET IT!

Claudia Diesti  The Real Hair Truth was amazing! It covered so manythings that those in the industry and those just starting need to know and to understand in order for us to survive! I give a big thank you to joseph for standing up for this beautiful industry so that it is keep that way…Beautiful!

Phil Stone Powerful, innovative, inspirational, emotional. Thank you again for making a beautiful movie!

Albie Mulcahy Enjoyed the Film Joseph. Thank you for letting me sound off a little. Sometimes the Truth can be a little hard to take….Peace and good luck on the next one.