The Apprenticeship Of Hairdressing

Students embarking on a career in hairdressing are often quite anxious to skip the prelims and jump into the inventive part of the course. In this exceptional career, not placing the emphasis on the fundamental principles can only lead to catastrophe. Making major mistakes when it comes to hair does not allow for easy camouflage. The basic principles including learning texture, shape and balance. These are the fundamentals of any great hairstyle and then it leads to a little more creativity in the pattern creation. Proportions are elements that the upcoming hairstylist must be come adept at as well. They must be able to use their sense of opinion. Often the pupil is oblivious that there are basic techniques that must be mastered when it comes to the tools of the trade. These are blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners just to name a few. A student in hairdressing must learn to adapt solid study habits, patience and endurance. As we mentioned there isn’t much of a allowance for mistakes when it comes to the hair. They must also learn to be observant and prepared to stay attuned to the world of fashion. In many cases, they complement each other.

Three Apprenticeships I went through and all were a life experience. These three gentlemen had a different knack to what they did, and hopefully the students who come out of the hairdressing schools will please appreciate the value of learning under a Master. Though there are not any Degrees in my profession that will give you the level of Master. When you apply for the stewardship you will be able to tell immediately if it is a good fit for you!

Joseph Kellner

The Real Hair Truth