Press Release For The REAL HAIR TRUTH Documentary!

ORLANDO – November 23, 2009– The Real Hair Truth, a unique documentary-style expose revealing the business side of the beauty industry, announces its official release date of February 1, 2010. The groundbreaking film will then be available for purchase on www.REALHAIRTRUTH.COM

Produced and narrated by accomplished hairdresser and makeup artist Joseph Kellner, the informative and entertaining documentary unravels and demystifies the processes involved in achieving success in the beauty industry. Using interviews with top beauticians in the industry, Kellner provides his expert analysis while extracting insider secrets through leading cosmetology professionals Phil Stone, Jesse Briggs, Mags Kavanuagh, Rocco DiBernardo Karla Mathey, Scott Bentley and Bennet Parke.

The Real Hair Truth is a must-see for students, professionals, salon owners or any person considering a career in the industry. The documentary explores the mindset, the passion, the plans and the hard work necessary to become the best in the business, in the most candid way. From the proper education to landing the right job and to the importance of continuing education to understanding various business models, retail sales and interpersonal communication, the film leaves no stone unturned – all while getting very real with the viewer.

The Real Hair Truth exposes various vagaries of the industry where dishonest practices are surprisingly prevalent. From misleading marketing to false promises, Kellner probes thru the superficial to the unattractive side, pointing out warning signs and other pitfalls along the way. Kellner strongly believes that in order for the industry to progress, it is imperative for new standard to be set – and met.

The Real Hair Truth is more than just a movie about the industry, however. It is part of a man’s vision to advance the industry to which he has dedicated his career. Because Kellner seeks to set a new standard of excellence in the industry while also helping people advance in it, The site offers a variety of educational scholarships and marketing opportunities to assist focused individuals in getting needed career education. The Web site also provides information and advice from seasoned professionals for all facets of the business. If anyone desires to get an edge on true success in the beauty industry as well as contribute to the advancement of it, it is paramount that they watch “The Real Hair Truth”

For more information or to schedule an interview with Joseph Kellner, call: 407-421-5857