More Great Reviews For The Documentary!

Phil Stone Joseph Kellner shows a passion for this industry that is rarely seen today amongst the “fluff and hype” of todays icons. This film will move you.

Gayla Smith Hey!!! I just got finished watching The Hair Truth, every stylist needs to buy this and watch this!!!!!!! It is a must see for all hairstylist. I know i will watch several parts again, it has so much helpful information. I have been in this industry for over 20years, and I have to say I am glad i own The Hair Truth. Jo…seph tells the truth and I LOVE THAT!!!!!! He interviews many people with loads of information.Order and watch it, I am glad that I did!!!! 🙂

John Santilli Mr. Kellner, I have just got your film “The Real Hair Truth” here in Rome, Italy. I cannot comment about the politics of the United States and the school industry. But it is always good that someone like Joseph Kellner puts up a mirror for us to see ourselves. Otherwise the industry will get stale. We need someone to …be out there, looking after us.
Before we had Michel Moore. Today we have Joseph Kellner on our side. Keep up the good work (and the mirror) and looking forward to your next Documentary.
P.s. Great to see faces of people that we all admire and to hear there opinions.

Marion Shaw Hi Joseph, great work. I really like the fact that both sides of the subject were discussed. I absolutely agree with you that apprenticeship is the best way to learn this industry, combined with some classroom time to get the theory. It really should be standardized across the country.  As I was about to say, I believe the manufacturers are the “diverters” however, not without provocation. If salons did a better job of retailing product they could afford to keep it professional. Many millions of dollars are spent on producing product, most salons sell less than a dozen products per week.

Barb Cochran Joesph, I am beyond blown away by your documentary, THE REAL HAIR TRUTH! You did a fantastic job and you should be extremely proud of your accomplishment.

Many people set out in life to do something significant and make a difference, or write the perfect novel…..but .0001% ever do fulfill that goal. You did! It was… a monumental undertaking and executed brilliantly. BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO ~~~>Joseph<~~~ !!!

THE REAL HAIR TRUTH is very professional and delivers a very important message. You dared to be the brave person who brought the messages forward that no one else would do. THE REAL HAIR TRUTH will change the industry in all the right ways. This should be required material in all the beauty schools. It’s a must see.

Joseph, congratulations on a phenomenal film! You rock!

Lacey Allison Elliott Joseph….I just finished watching THE REAL HAIR TRUTH….Wow, I am impressed! You did a great job!! You can definitely tell all of the individuals in your film are truly passoniate about their art form. Anyone thinking of going into this industry should definitely watch this…I cannot wait to see the next one!!

Joseph, you have shown the Cosmetology industry in it’s true light. Hopefully with your powerful DVD “The Real Hair Truth” things will get changed in this industry, from how the schools teach Cosmetology, to how the States test the stylists. You are a brave… soul to show the real side of our industry which in my opinion is going down the tubes fast. Now please show the real side of diversion, who is truly causing it and how to big wigs in our industry are grabbing their money to promote their “Diverted Companies Lines”.
Thanks again, you were a pleasure to work with!
– Mags Kavanaugh