More Great Reviews for the Documentary!


Another Great Review for the Documentary
The Real Hair Truth!
This morning I woke up and viewed a DVD that an amazing advocate and industry professional hairdresser and make-up artist, Mr. Joseph Kellner from Orlando, Fla. sent me titled: The Real Hair Truth. Approximately 90 minutes of pure unbiased facts about how the hair industry in operating, why our hairdressing schools are failing us, why h…uge product manufactures are betraying us (greed) and what we should be doing as professional stylists to gain back this amazing industry we’re so passionate about. One interview after another on this eye-opening experience has left me with one thing on my mind: Get involved and don’t let up!

Mr. Kellner, I thank you immensely for sharing this research and so unbiasedly. You did more than a stellar job in presenting this education and now I’m already working on the many ways I can insure that what I use and recommend to any guest that finds themselves in my design chair is not only treated with the utmost respect (which I always do) but that they are NEVER misled or given erroneous advice just because a manufacturer sends me free products or offers classes.
You DID hit the nail on the head. You are truly THE MAN!!!
Manufactures that divert…you’re history in my book. Every salon client deserves much better than this. Your greediness and your self proclamations will soon be your demise.

Steven Michael  Hey Joseph! Hope you did more than OK during Irene’s wrath. I managed to escape much of it where I live in NH. Just wanted to let you know that I woke up this morning and viewed/took copius notes on the DVD you sent me. Thank You a million times over!!! You did an excellent job in this presentation! Check out the note that I posted on my FB page. You should be very proud of yourself. I’d like to stay in touch.
Miquel Jessup  I watched the real truth hair documentary and thought the it was a real good. I thought it provided lots of good info and insight in the world of hair and touched on alot of good topics like diversion and also on schooling so it opened my eyes to look and really do my research in this field …

Another Great Review For the Documentary!
Over the weekend I watched this documentary and this was very eye opening.
This is a very timely film.
Our industry is spitting out student at such a rapid rate, it is ridiculous.
… As a recent graduate for the second time, I agree with the need to regulate schools, hours, and testing across the board with all states, to unify the industry.
If you have not seen this film, it is a must see.
I applaud you for stepping up and bring this to us.
Thank you!
Jean Ciel
Monica Morgan   I would love to initiate an international boycott of anything L’O…maybe then they would reign in diversion, quit marketing to the mass what should be professional and the little guy with quality products that are not diverted would stand a chance..and maybe just maybe the stylists/salons that do not care right now would actually see the difference it makes to their bottom line and start to care!!
Christopher Belmont  There is a man Jospeh Kelner, he has a heart of gold and he is very concerned with the industry and the professionals, all over the world. He speaks the truth and he has a dvd titled “The Real Hair Truth.” He has a passion for his work and others that he comes in contact with. I felt this in my heart and I wanted to share it with him and others. Sir Kelner Rocks. Many Blessings and Love to you….
Joseph you rock, I can see the time you spent in such a provacative and emotional tribute to your outlook on the beauty industry. Not many people have the guts to stand up to the man, but you sure did. I will be attending the ABCH this weekend and personally want a picture with you and a autograph. I DID use to work for Paul Mitchell and could tell you storys about there deceitful practices they use on the industry. I was a sales and a educator for the PM corp. Let me buy you a few drinks this sun, or mon and I will blow your ears away!
Rock on Joseph