Editing can make you a major buyer of Bayer Aspirin!

Editing can make you a major buyer of Bayer Aspirin!

Editing and Editing can make you a major buyer of Bayer Aspirin! I would not wish this task on anyone. Luckily this is my second feature film so I knew what to expect, so this is a more creative experience THIS TIME. But all in all Post Production can Kill you!!! I would only wish this on the Government and President and the Devil. Also a note to some in the film. We had a few interviews we filmed a few years ago of professionals in our industry. And we had to let them go in the film due to there, I guess you could say “Lack of sticking to their Goals”or “Giving Up”. Whatever it is, It is, What it is. Some of these people are not even in the industry anymore. And we also found out that some of these filmed professionals (Interviews) were not what they said they were. Basically just talking SH.. to get some free advertising.I went through that with my first film, “The Real Hair Truth. We had a bunch of Phonies who just wanted “Face-Time” To speak their BULL…. Not again. You know what is the funny thing about people we filmed in the first film and also this one. The lack of promotion of the films and the lack of networking with others in the films. So sad! We interviewed people in our first film and when the film came to the “Diversion” Part the individuals filmed were “Buddies” with JP Mitchell. They would say off camera that “Diversion” Was bad. But when they came on camera they sounded like they played both sides of the fence. Sad when a bunch of so-called ” Phoney Ass Icons” could not band together to make an influence on the film or the industry. Basically they were still looking for a job with a manufacturer or sell there “Shi.” on the internet, ‘Loreal, Pm, etc”. No skin off my back I still sold over 10.000 Units. Thats all good time goes by and we all change. So sorry to have to edit some of these people out of the film. But I don’t need any “Mud” in my face after the fact. I have tons of footage to work with. And you want to make sure that your Editors have more than enough to work with!