Fear The Shear

fear the shear

Started and crafted by Jay Christian Hairdresser in Delaware, and also one of the characters in my next Documentary, The Beautiful Lies”.  This group will collectively serve as a catalyst for change in the beauty industry by restoring the power for the professional, raising awareness of organizations that support this mission, by resisting market penetration of any organization with bipolar marketing strategies; engaging in diversion and unfair pricing practices. We will inspire new talent to expand their way of thinking and to take conscious steps toward restoring power, pride, and prestige to this industry.

Some of the topics of this group come with a wide range of idea’s and personnel philosophy’s. Below are a few of the articles that are debated on this social networking site.

1.  If you can’t measure it, it’s not worth doing. Goals are immensely important to mapping growth. Do you set goals for your staff?  Yourself?  Which ones are most important in our profession?

2.  Just doing what you love won’t make you successful. You’ve got to go after success hard. Never let up. Read everything about the business you love. Learn the BUSINESS of the business you love. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Get up, dress for it, practice until your icons become your peers. No just loving what you do will not make you successful. Passion, practice, grit, and drive do.

3. That time to is now. We have been holding back because change takes effort. While you’ve been in a state of plausible deniability, they are transferring profits out from under you. Who is willing to seriously make a change? We’ve talked long enough.

4. When someone uses the word “discount” in their marketing idea I cringe. You don’t have to undersell yourself to get clients, you just have to bring value. Do something to show yourself and your salon in a positive light as community contributors, as socially conscientious, you get it. Otherwise, you lower the client’s perception of your value.

Good Luck Jay Christian hope you can change your industry!

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