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The Real Hair Truth


Are you doing something about it in your business?

Yes you can go into these super stores of beauty and just about find anything you want inside of them.  Perfumes, cosmetics, makeup, hair care, even hair color. They have a salon to also get you hair styled and whatever else. But to the real professional who has some form of professionalism inside of them. It is merely a flea market like the hair shows.  So how could you work in a company who sell boxed hair color to the consumers coming into the store. And then at the same time work in their salon. I would love to know. That to me is a sign of being in competition with your employer.

But the days of loyalty are gone. That is from a manufacturer and as I might also say from the consumer also. Pity my profession. A lot of the profession has been sliced and diced. You have nail salons to go to, Spa’s to go to. And now Salons who go ahead and offer Blow-Drying and Makeup also. The day of the salon being the place to get your beauty needs done are over. This also increases a lot of competition with in the industry with the professionals. Too many stores create an over saturation of the industry.

Leaving many professionals with out jobs and too much competition.  Nothing wrong with that but from the studio I work at by myself there must be at least 20-30 booth rental and salon advertisements to compete with. Salons now are a dime a dozen. Every strip mall built-in Orlando has a dry cleaner, salon and liquor store in them. Too many salons and too many places to purchase my professional tools, products etc.  But within my industry there are a few factions who bestow the honor of calling themselves “Representatives Of Our Beauty Industry”.  They want you to think they are there for you, but they are merely representatives of the manufacturers.

These organizations who charge over $300.00 to join say they are the “Professional Beauty Association” To represent you on all and every issue governmental to state rulings and passing of laws concerning the Beauty Industry. Believe me everyone they are a scam also. especially when the are buying the hair shows up. I always thought that if you are an oversight committee that you should remain neutral in your preferences within the Beauty Industry. But sit back and investigate for yourself and you will find out they do nothing for you as a professional in the Beauty industry.  Other than giving you a discount to their hair shows.

So many in the industry are keen to my voice and other voices have raised up to take part in informing the professional what it is all about “NOW”. Many new independent company’s are forming and the  Independent social media has taken a HUGE chunk in the education and commentary aspects of the industry. Bravo!  Informing others who and what is really out there now in the industry and who is for the industry etc. A few years ago I seen this gentleman come out of the shadows and live off his daddy’s coat tails. Selling a new product for all in the industry. Claiming,” this will change the industry” my new shampoo and conditioner.. Take it from me when some one speaks of that nature they are merely a “Snake Oil Salesman”. He made a little money but what sold it was is daddy’s last name. This guy didn’t know the difference from a hair pin and a bobby pin. But since he USED his daddy’s name he sold a few bottles and made his money and “WALLAH” he took a boogie out of the industry. Never to be seen again. I can still hear him laughing.

Times change and so do people, this was a very important to me to say a few words. I don’t lose sleep over these action anymore within my industry. I take it for what it is and how it could have been stopped, but never was.  I hold my “CRAFT’ in high regards but when it comes down to the “ELITES” of my industry there words and praises me little to me.  I used to have mentors but that is a big word to me now, which holds a lot of respect but from what I see none can fill those shoes.. Now I just have one mentor and he is the greatest of them all.

Trust me he wont sell me out.

And that’s how I feel.   The Real Hair Truth

Fear The Shear

fear the shear

Started and crafted by Jay Christian Hairdresser in Delaware, and also one of the characters in my next Documentary, The Beautiful Lies”.  This group will collectively serve as a catalyst for change in the beauty industry by restoring the power for the professional, raising awareness of organizations that support this mission, by resisting market penetration of any organization with bipolar marketing strategies; engaging in diversion and unfair pricing practices. We will inspire new talent to expand their way of thinking and to take conscious steps toward restoring power, pride, and prestige to this industry.

Some of the topics of this group come with a wide range of idea’s and personnel philosophy’s. Below are a few of the articles that are debated on this social networking site.

1.  If you can’t measure it, it’s not worth doing. Goals are immensely important to mapping growth. Do you set goals for your staff?  Yourself?  Which ones are most important in our profession?

2.  Just doing what you love won’t make you successful. You’ve got to go after success hard. Never let up. Read everything about the business you love. Learn the BUSINESS of the business you love. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Get up, dress for it, practice until your icons become your peers. No just loving what you do will not make you successful. Passion, practice, grit, and drive do.

3. That time to is now. We have been holding back because change takes effort. While you’ve been in a state of plausible deniability, they are transferring profits out from under you. Who is willing to seriously make a change? We’ve talked long enough.

4. When someone uses the word “discount” in their marketing idea I cringe. You don’t have to undersell yourself to get clients, you just have to bring value. Do something to show yourself and your salon in a positive light as community contributors, as socially conscientious, you get it. Otherwise, you lower the client’s perception of your value.

Good Luck Jay Christian hope you can change your industry!

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