Bliss Book Donor For The Real Hair Truth Documentary



I am Julie Hill. I dream, I create, and I live to be inspired.

The project began long ago as a dream – a dream of bringing visions alive for women, brides, and stylists. And through our own inspiration, we were able to make this dream a reality.

After many 10 to 12 hour days, long photo shoots, and lots of learning, Bliss was born.

During the creation of this book, we utilized our own database of models – these are real women, each with her own unique “look.” As a result, we have a beautiful range of women covering our pages. This, in turn, was our goal. When women look through our book, we want them to visualize themselves on the pages and see themselves in the hairstyles. And we think we’ve accomplished that.

We are locally produced in Ann Arbor, MI. As a small company, we strive to provide a great product and will continue to do so.

Bliss is an inspirational guide for brides, stylists, and women of all ages. If you’re looking for a style for your formal event or your wedding, this is your source. If you’re a stylist, this is the perfect “look book” for inspiration as well as a guide for your clients. Each page is simple; the styles are thoughtful, up-to-date, and focus only on the hair and make-up. Each style is classic and offers a wide range of looks for your next event. 

Bliss is printed as a soft cover book and with over 150 pages and 80 hairstyles to choose from. Bliss is the new age of “look books,” and we proudly present it to you.

Dream until your dreams come true! I dream every day.

Follow your Bliss!