Marion Shaw Donor For The Real Hair Truth Documentary


  Marion Shaw has spent most of her life in the professional beauty industry. Her experience spans salons, schools, manufacturers and distributors with the opportunity to work with many talented and highly successful people throughout North America and Europe.  Marion is a highly effective seminar leader in the beauty industry.

Her company is dedicated to providing practical and easy business informational to industry professionals. At all levels in the industry she provides books, video programs, newsletters and audio programs. And also a terrific one on one coaching program.

You will find out her presentations and seminars to be dynamic, humorous and of great value to all those who attend.

Busy Bus Publications was founded in 2004 with the publication of  “Waiting For The Busy Bus”, an easy to read guide for the salon industry professional who want to build and keep there clientele. Busy Bus  the company is growing in leaps and bounds. The book is use in many beauty schools and colleges both public and government.

The company is adding to its inventory by introducing two new video programs concentrating on the most important part of any clients visit to the salon.  THE CONSULTATION!

“All that creativity and technical skill are wasted if you don’t have a client in the chair”.

Busy Bus Publications