“Beautiful Lies” The new film from The Real Hair Truth Series!

Press Release for The Film “Beautiful Lies”

In August of this year 2012 the editing for the next film from the Real Hair Truth Series will begin. The title of the next film will be “Beautiful Lies”. The film will encompass Entrepreneurs, Manufacturer Deception, Marketing, Ingredients, Product Labeling, Deceptive Labeling, Formulating your own Brand, Health and Welfare, Do You Know What You Are Using In The Salon?, And whats in your Salon Products?. This so far has been a 3 year endeavor or filming, interviewing, traveling to create this film. We will have a lot of new members in this film and also a few from the first film (The Real Hair Truth) will be included. I will have some very interesting interviews from OSHA, FDA for the topics of Health and Welfare. We will be closely informing the viewer of what they are using in the salon and does it fit the standards and regulations that OSHA and the FDA have lately passed pertaining to Keratin Treatments.  Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task and you will see a lot of interviews in the film regarding to Entrepreneurship. The Up’s and Down’s of starting your own business from scratch, product lines, books, videos etc you will learn “How” and “What Not” in this segment of the film. Motivation, Perseverance, Ambition the film “Beautiful Lies” covers it all. The film will be completed by December 2012. The Peaks and Valleys of entrepreneurship are covered in this film. This film will be available for Digital Download, and also Dvd purchase’s. In this film we do not advertise Major manufacturers only the Real Beauty Industry. This film was solely funded by Jotovi Designs Inc, and is not seeking any form of Sponsorship. And as of February 11, 2012 “Beautiful Lies” is Copyright in this Website (including, without limitation, Text, Images, Software, Logos, Icons, Sounds Recordings. Films and HTML code) is owned or licensed by Jotovi Designs Inc.  All editorial content and graphics on this site are protected by U.S. copyright.

Joseph Kellner

Jotovi Designs CEO

Shelley Van Pelt Interviewed For The Real Hair Truth

After entering cosmetology school at the young age of 15, Shelly Van Pelt knew hair was her business. Through a co-op program with her high school in Ann Arbor Michigan, she completed 1500 hours and went straight to work refining her cutting skills at Master Cuts. After 4 years, she decided it was time to move on. Wanting to study color and extensions, she found the Queen of Color and King of Extensions,Jesse and Flo Briggs at the Yellow Strawberry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Now at the Yellow Strawberry for 5 years, Shelly has appeared in New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Sun Sentinel, Gold Coast Magazine, Modern Salon Magazine, and Hairs How. Side by side with Jesse and Flo she helped create the S Wave Thermal Set and the Caribbean Dream Relaxer which has taken her to the stage of every major show in the country teaching new retexturizing and finishing techniques. She has done multiple videos, photo shoots, fashions shows, editorials, and even judged hair contests. At the end of the day, Shelly Van Pelt says ” Bring it on!”  It was a joy interviewing this Professional, and also feel the passion, determination, and drive that she has!

Marion Shaw Donor For The Real Hair Truth Documentary


  Marion Shaw has spent most of her life in the professional beauty industry. Her experience spans salons, schools, manufacturers and distributors with the opportunity to work with many talented and highly successful people throughout North America and Europe.  Marion is a highly effective seminar leader in the beauty industry.

Her company is dedicated to providing practical and easy business informational to industry professionals. At all levels in the industry she provides books, video programs, newsletters and audio programs. And also a terrific one on one coaching program.

You will find out her presentations and seminars to be dynamic, humorous and of great value to all those who attend.

Busy Bus Publications was founded in 2004 with the publication of  “Waiting For The Busy Bus”, an easy to read guide for the salon industry professional who want to build and keep there clientele. Busy Bus  the company is growing in leaps and bounds. The book is use in many beauty schools and colleges both public and government.

The company is adding to its inventory by introducing two new video programs concentrating on the most important part of any clients visit to the salon.  THE CONSULTATION!

“All that creativity and technical skill are wasted if you don’t have a client in the chair”.

Busy Bus Publications

Impossible is just a state of mind!


How about you? How are your resolutions going? Are you continuing down your chosen path? Or is your confidence fading? After two weeks doubt can start creeping into the thoughts. “The first week was great! But this week I don’t feel so good,” are normal. Like all great achievements, there is a weeding-out period. The weak must be separated from the strong. The “wheat from the chaff“.

So today I would like to appeal to your pride. Yes, step aside for a moment and let me talk to your ego.

Ok Mr. pride and Ms. ego, now that we’re alone, let me ask you!. What would it mean to you to be one of the few who makes it? What if the goal you have chosen is difficult, so difficult most people quit after two weeks, but you keep going? What does that say about you? Doesn’t that mean you are stronger than most?

And what about the negative thoughts that weed their way in? Can’t they motivate you even more? You could choose instead to welcome all the negative thoughts into your head. The more the merrier. Yes, let them all in as long as you do one simple task….show up and work your plan.

Look at it this way. You might think “this goal is impossible!” But if you simply show up and keep going, you will be doing the impossible. Again, what does that say about you? It might say you “chew up impossibilities and eat them for breakfast.” The negative challenges are part of the process – part of your life story.

What if there were no negative thoughts, no challenges? I’ll tell you…nobody will ever read your book! Nobody wants to read a book about how you climbed Mount Everest with the greatest of ease. “It wasn’t even cold” you say. “The air was fresh and clear..we even had a picnic on the top.” Makes for a boring story doesn’t it?

The challenges we inevitably face are part of our life stories. We can even learn to appreciate them as necessary to well-rounded success. We can record them in our journals, blogs, videos and tell them to our grandkids one day. So let the negativity come and make a note of it as you continue down your path. Your grandkids will thank you for it.

Joseph Kellner