Cheryl Roose Donor for The Real Hair Truth

Cheryl Roose


As a salon owner, my successes were rewarding. However, my competitive nature drove me to challenge
myself further. In 1987 I sold my salon and moved to Edmonton where I took a job as a stylist.  Within a month,
I was let go because I did not fit the company image.

Little did I realize that this was the experience that would challenge me to explore exactly what a
“company image” was. In this era of the salon industry, I drove to the next salon and was hired.
Being that building a clientèle has always been strength of mine, just a few months later I had a full clientèle.
My career in this location supported me through a wonderful marriage and the birth of two beautiful daughters.
Fulfillment had graced my personal life but my competitive nature as a stylist had me venture to a larger
salon with more opportunity for growth.  

My journey into education began with the foundation of Suki’s precision cutting techniques and various
industry technical training and continued with Wayne Grund’s “The five keys to success”. At this point I felt
ready and joined the arena of a competition stylist. 

One day the owner of the salon walked out and the opportunity for entrepreneurship made me a
salon owner for the second time.  In transition of my new ownership, the current staff walked out and
I was left with a huge salon, no stylists, 2 babies and no idea of what to do next. I was soon faced with the
challenges of hiring new employees and being held hostage by high commissions and the need to hold
on to them to pay the bills.  

I soon found that being a successful stylist does not make you a successful salon owner. Reflection
upon my previous education ignited my love of service, integrity in my work and a deep desire to bring
dignity to the salon industry. My vision led me to the Strategies training program where I first learned about
my passion for systems and structure. Recognizing I needed guidance with leading employees, I took
courses in effective employee behavior, human resources and leadership training through skill path seminars.
Various marketing and motivational courses followed with some wonderful speakers such as Harv Eker,
Dr. Lou, Eric Manual and Wayne Grund. My experience soon taught me that to be a great leader I must
inspire my people which has led me to my most rewarding journey of personal development and studying
human nature. Brian Tracey’s “Psychology of achievement” and Stephen Coveys “The 7 habits of highly
effective people” were the first of my mentors and both continue to be strong reference points for me.
Inspiration has also led me to the teachings of Carolyn Myss, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eric Butterworth, Louise Hay,
Sanaya Roman and Eric Holmes.   

I designed my first training manual, incorporated systems, scripts, policies and procedures. In 2004,
I hired my business coach and mentor, Miranda Webb of Leading Edge Business Training; she has
helped me reach the next level of business. I was then rewarded with skilled technicians, a strong foundation
of salon clientèle, retained clients, consistency in team members, a standard of service, sustained revenues
and a true team environment.   

Since the incorporation of these systems I have had the privilege to lead seminars in the beauty schools.
I continue to volunteer my expertise to assist others to develop their life skills and expand their potential.
I have also been honored in apprenticing technicians and I have seen jobs turn into careers. In the last few
years these systems supported me through every salon nightmare and have given me the opportunities to
become stronger as a person and business owner.

I challenge you to do the same.

 Cheryl Roose

Salon Operating System