Cosmetology License Renewal Online Is A Joke!



Several Years ago the state decided to have requirements for the Cosmetologist, Mainly because of the outbreak of AIDS. And I am also sure to fill their pockets more. But the online requirements for License renewal for the Cosmetologist is a joke. This program can be picked up at Sallys Beauty Supply and the test can be taken and mailed in.  And results can be made online or the tests can be also be certified online.  But the test is given to individuals who use their hands and create daily. By all means I feel advanced education should be implemented in the yearly state requirements. But this certification is merely not helping the hairdresser, Or the full Cosmetologist it is an insult to their intelligence.  Advanced education should be required every year in my profession and I am talking about  a good five-day course at your choice advanced academy. State requirements are often vague and to simplified for the ongoing educational requirements of the Cosmetologist.  And these courses that can be done withing a few hours, and sometimes one hour should be changed. We need to improve our skills yearly and adding a training class as a requirement for yearly renewal should be required.

The laws need to be changed to allow growth within the professional and also challenge the Cosmetologist yearly on keeping a professional responsibility to upgrading their skills. The advanced academy’s should be able to certify all the licenced professionals yearly by taking a five-day course on hair coloring and also hairdressing. Along with the state test.
An artist should not take a written test nor should a beauty school graduate, HANDS ON SHOULD BE GIVEN. Yes a short written test should also be given on requirements, but the laws should be changed to implement a hands on approach to licensure for the graduate.
National  licensure should be installed to all cosmetologists, and that way it is easier for the individual to move from state to state and receive reciprocity. A lot of students completing the qualifications at their school. Would like to relocate to a different market, also the licensed Cosmetologist would like to see easier movement from state to state.