Beauty Industry Entrepreneurs, who supports them?

Beautiful Lies

You know what is amazing in my industry you can tell the “sheepple” the truth about their industry but they are still sheep. There are a lot of followers in my industry but the people I highlight in my film are true entrepreneurs. They are trying to make a difference within their profession. The manufacturers, so-called organizations, industry websites and magazines go ahead and advertise the (Icons) of the  beauty industry. Don’t get me wrong I love my craft, but the people they advertise as “Icons” are the ones who are doing the brain washing for the financial pyramid, within my industry. I always tell my friends or they ask me, Why do you make these films? There is no money in it!. Or I love this one, You will never make a name for yourself in this industry. I am not looking to be in an beauty industry magazine or website, etc. I follow my own path. God said to us all, “Follow the path less traveled”. And it is true, you have to be your own man or person in this world. And the main moral or value to this is, “Do what you feel is right”.  I have never been a follower in my life, I have my own business (Salon), and I enjoy writing and making Documentary’s.

I am not the best, but I learn from my prior mistakes and enjoy critics.

In my industry the major manufacturers sell to the commercial sector which is basically the consumer.. There was a time when all good hair care products, hair color, hair color treatments were done in the salon and sold only in the salon. This gave our profession more value more respect. But with the birth of the internet. Beauty manufacturers gave notice and realized that they could also sell their products and hair color to the world with little or no expense. Just build a web page and purchase a domain that has nothing to do with the parent company and sell and give next day delivery to the consumer. Little did they know how bad of a hurting they have done to my beauty industry.  Now in the year 2013 you can buy hair color, treatments and such on the internet. And these are the same products that are used in hair salons all over the United States. Yes even the hair color can be bought on the internet and delivered next day to the consumer. Even the keratin treatments can be bought on the internet. So as time went by little did they know (Major Manufacturers) were putting a hurting on my industry. The economy in the U.S is horrible now and clients will say to you I am living up north for a few months can I get my formula. And the hairdresser will give it to them, only to find out they never see them again. They now have the formula and can do it at home. So many professionals will give the manufacturer their loyalty, and there undivided devotion and purchase hair color, etc. from them.  But at the same time knowing the manufacturers make a hair color for the commercial sector to buy.  L’Oreal, Clairol, you name it. So where is the exclusive from the manufacturer to the salon owner or professional? Why would a salon professional buy from a manufacturer and basically they are competing for business with the manufacturer!

Where is the Manufacturer Loyalty?

There is none. And the sad thing about it is the so-called professionals will back up these manufacturers. They don’t realize that putting up a sign on the salon window from L’Oreal, Paul Mitchell, Clairol, that are giving the company free advertising. And they will carry these lines even though they are sold in the mass market. You are in competition with the manufacturer wake up everyone!

Some industry professionals make their own product lines, books, films, makeup etc. These entrepreneurs feel why not put the money in their own pockets instead of supporting the financial pyramid in the cosmetic industry. But it is hard for them to start-up. In an industry dominated by major manufacturers. The manufacturers can buy the movie stars,  do mass marketing etc. Which takes money, money, money. The entrepreneur will either formulate or private label the product line and then finish it. And hopefully will have the finances placed aside for marketing. A lot of entrepreneurs will do it in there local. Which will save on shipping for them.  Business is Business, I accept that. But in my beauty industry, magazines, websites, hair shows will go to the major manufacturers and have them buy advertising space, booth space at their hair shows at monumental prices. The magazines, websites, hair shows do that and charge them. Knowing they can pay that kind of money. The entrepreneur cannot do that.  And those funds sustain the beauty magazines, websites, hair shows. If they did not charge those fee’s they would not have their websites or magazine. Major manufacturers will also pay the magazines, and websites hair color or products’ in place of cash for their payment. The beauty industry magazine’s and websites will go ahead and sell those products’ online to get their money back for the advertising bought by the manufacturer. Believe in what I say soap in this industry is GOLD. An entrepreneur cannot do that so basically who is giving the small guy in the industry a bone? They learn to network together. They follow like-minded people and they blossom. Believe me not to the extent of the “Big Boys”. Because the major manufacturers will keep an eye on them!

Should we not be advertising the new in my professional or keep up feeding the Major Manufacturers who place chemical that are harmful in out products. They are kings of deceptive marketing. And they know how to stretch the law. No worry’s for them. If they get fined by OSHA, or the FDA. It will not even be penny’s to them.  So where does the little guy come in? They cannot afford the fee’s for advertising in an industry magazine on a consistent basis, hair show fee’s are huge, and industry websites only back the big boys on the beauty/ cosmetic industry. Rolling out a spread in an industry magazine for a few months can be the total amount of finances an entrepreneur has for the year. The entrepreneur is done after that. Time to hit the pavement and go door to door.

It’s all a big money pit for everyone except for the little guy (Entrepreneur) in the beauty industry.  They have to tooth and claw for what little they have in my industry.  God forbid you piss off the Big Boys they will stop financing the magazines and hair shows. Then what will we have, I can tell you a true beauty industry. Forget about it. It’s a money pyramid, not even the beauty industry’s so-called organizations could even have the slightest clue. If you look at the PBA most of the board are from manufacturers.  There too busy buying up hair shows and asking for financial help from the Big Boys so they can sustain themselves. They should teach in beauty school how to be your own man. The  entrepreneurs are scattering for the meager pieces of cheese that drop down from the top. And the sad thing about this is the industry professionals are the sheeple in an industry that rapes them each and everyday! They are mere salesmen and women for the Big Boys.

Ask yourself, “Who really is the ASSHOLE, the Manufacturer, Website or Industry magazine.  Who advertise these Big Boys who are sticking it up your ASS each and everyday.

Or is it the Asshole who makes the films to let you know who really is concerned about you.

So tell me who is really the asshole here.?

God forbid we stand up for the right things in our profession.

Best Regards Joseph Kellner

No Beauty License? Quite a Scare Tactic Used On The Industry Sheep!


So much misinformation is going around the beauty industry of how Licensurship  is going to take the cosmetology profession down the drain. Well in my view it already is! I feel quite differently about the subject. In several states there are plans to not have Cosmetology Licensurship NOT  needed anymore.. Just last week the same desperate so-called beauty industry cons went ahead and spreaded their thoughts about how this would damage our industry. Check out some of the videos made by (Tabitha) on television who knocks down salons by not doing it her way each and every week. She loves to say this will take us back to the stone ages by spreading her knowledge and scare tactics on the sheep of the industry.

Why would you think a license makes you professional? You are the PROFESSIONAL not the piece of paper. The salon professional and salon owner can police their own actions from within. You don’t need a license to purchase hair color, permanent waves, relaxers etc just go on the internet. The manufacturers make them available to the consumer selling you out and sweeping away your values and commitments to them out the door.


 But to no haste you will find out that the PBA (Professional Bullshit Organization) will do it”s utmost to guard the financial pyramid and seek protection for the Student puppy mils of beauty college education (Paul Mitchell, Aveda) from financial destruction. Do you really think in this day and age this would not be a change in our industry, and the change will be for the better. And hopefully the United States will introduce and mandate all the perfection the Europeans have in their beauty industry for us. For many decades Europe has been the plateau of example on apprenticeships, beauty schools, and hairdressing. While the U.S. has the Photoshop example of counterfeit hairdressing by the perfect example of NAHA. Such a perfect example of poor leadership for the craft.

 But also think about how the riddance if Licensurship will make the individual so much for attuned to the craft of hairdressing, hair coloring. this may instill a pride in our profession. Yes we will get salons and organizations begging and craving for a solution.  Who’s the blame we all are, just like “WE” never took a stand on the deceptive practices of Paul Mitchel, Loreal, and all the other big named bullshit speaking manufacturers. But as time has gone by, I see the independent artists are creating their own forms of entrepreneurship in our industry. It has been a long time coming, but everyone, change is good, we really don’t need a license at all. Europeans don’t need one. And there methods of training has lasted for several decades. You will see the beauty industry supply chains jumping on this deferment of licensurship and they will likely start selling to the consumer overnight. See all the so-called bootlegged, diverted product lines that are sold in Salon Centric (Which is owned by Loreal)  will be available to the consumer. Big deal! They have been doing us wrong for decades what will happen if they sell so-called professional hair color to a consumer. You can already by the hair color on the internet.

 Hair shows will be able to sell tickets to consumers (which they always do), you will be able to do hair in your kitchen, which we are all guilty of including me. Professionalism will be represented by you, the hairdresser, colorist, makeup artist. And consumers will flock to you, just like they do now. In the makeup profession there is no Licensurship, and they seem to be able to police themselves. When you join a union as a makeup artist you take a test. Consumers know what they want, the have eyes, and senses. The ultimate decision for a service will come from them, not a so-called legal document that you receive out of beauty school.

When I took the test for my  hairdressing license did that mean I was a professional? No it didn’t, the same when I graduated makeup school I was not a professional and may I say, I was reminded that upon graduation. Did the DBPR do anything for you when we had the formaldehyde problems in our industry? No, they did not. OSHA and the FDA had to do all the work! Did the PBA do anything? Hell no! And they advertise themselves as the, “legal voice of the industry”.


Licensurship is a huge money-making conglomerate in our industry, for the schools and the state. Educational loans are the way to make an easy living for all and if you can start a beauty school and get state approval (accreditation) then you will get the loans. That is the easy meal ticket in my industry!  And we all see the product coming out of a Paul Mitchel school and Aveda is just the same.

And did you know Aveda is owned by Estee Lauder!! Follow the trail my friends.  

So times change everyone, will you be effected personally by this decision? No you wont, will the multi-million dollar beauty schools be effected? YES. If the states that expel the license adopt a form of apprentice ship this will rid the Paul Mitchell, and Aveda puppy mills from our industry. And when apprenticeships are taken upon the salon will and must pay the apprentice and also give them health care. Once and for all maybe an individual will be treated like a human being in our industry. College graduates upon their succeeding employment they receive a wage, sick days, 1-2 weeks vacation. Does anyone in our profession? No not at all, this way might have individuals seeing the industry for what it really is. And having the cream of the crop flowing to the surface.

I say good riddance to licensurship and lets move ahead.

Best Regards

Joseph Kellner

Help The Real Hair Truth Help Peoples Lives!

With the release of the Documentary The Real Hair Truth in the next two weeks. We will start a scholarship program for 20 individuals nationwide who cannot afford Advanced Education. I am looking for Hairdressers/Makeup Artists who are in need of financial help for continuing education in their field. Jotovi Designs Inc is offering 20 scholarships to individuals that are committed to their Craft/Profession.  Jotovi Designs Inc is committed to helping these professionals succeed with some added help from the proceeds from this documentary. Each scholarship recipient will receive books, videos, a laptop, hd camera (for advertising videos of themselves), a website. The Real Hair Truth is a non-profit organization committed to education and continuing education is the key to take you to the next level. I would like to help professionals in this business take their skills to the next level and I am asking for some help.  If you know of anyone who REALLY deserves one of these scholarships please email me at All information regarding the candidate will remain discreet and all information given will not be disclosed to the recipient. Help a co-worker get the chance they need. EMAIL ME!

Joseph Kellner

Hairdresser/Mua/Producer of the REAL HAIR TRUTH

Cosmetology License Renewal Online Is A Joke!



Several Years ago the state decided to have requirements for the Cosmetologist, Mainly because of the outbreak of AIDS. And I am also sure to fill their pockets more. But the online requirements for License renewal for the Cosmetologist is a joke. This program can be picked up at Sallys Beauty Supply and the test can be taken and mailed in.  And results can be made online or the tests can be also be certified online.  But the test is given to individuals who use their hands and create daily. By all means I feel advanced education should be implemented in the yearly state requirements. But this certification is merely not helping the hairdresser, Or the full Cosmetologist it is an insult to their intelligence.  Advanced education should be required every year in my profession and I am talking about  a good five-day course at your choice advanced academy. State requirements are often vague and to simplified for the ongoing educational requirements of the Cosmetologist.  And these courses that can be done withing a few hours, and sometimes one hour should be changed. We need to improve our skills yearly and adding a training class as a requirement for yearly renewal should be required.

The laws need to be changed to allow growth within the professional and also challenge the Cosmetologist yearly on keeping a professional responsibility to upgrading their skills. The advanced academy’s should be able to certify all the licenced professionals yearly by taking a five-day course on hair coloring and also hairdressing. Along with the state test.
An artist should not take a written test nor should a beauty school graduate, HANDS ON SHOULD BE GIVEN. Yes a short written test should also be given on requirements, but the laws should be changed to implement a hands on approach to licensure for the graduate.
National  licensure should be installed to all cosmetologists, and that way it is easier for the individual to move from state to state and receive reciprocity. A lot of students completing the qualifications at their school. Would like to relocate to a different market, also the licensed Cosmetologist would like to see easier movement from state to state.


Salon Employment Structure Is In Default

In this day and time going to Cosmetology school is not very cheap. You are looking at a minimum cost of $14.000 – $19.000 for tuition and thats not all the costs. A student leaves the school and wants reliable employment! Simple college students come from a four year school and leave on their own to get employment. Today a college graduate will get entry positions in his/her profession offering, insurance, weekly pay, 401k, paid holiday, etc. But the picture for the graduating Cosmetology student is not brighter than it was forty years ago.

A salon owner will open the store, add employee’s, and offer the products, chair, all you need to be a hairdresser in there salon. And might I also add you will be given a schedule, and no hourly pay, not insurance, no paid holiday, NO 401K, NOTHING ONLY A CHECK. And that’s is if you get that at all.

Individuals say to me, ” I am a salon owner, it costs a lot to run a business”! I normally reply,” I didn’t tell you to open it”

Dont fall prey to the normal offerings you get when seeking employment, look for wages, benefits, this is a time when in the next Fifty years a lot of individuals will not stay in the profession because it is an unrealistic profession, pertaining to the subjects of wages, and benefits. If I went to school today and was offered 50% commission , after the fact I just spent close to $14.000 dollars I would have another look at a more stable profession. This is the year 2009, going onto 2010 and the commission structure is way out-of-place in this time period. Students cannot get a decent entry-level position in this industry and be able to afford there BILLS. How can you go to work everyday and worry about your rent, and basic needs. If the salon owner is not giving you a wage consistent to the economics of this time we are in. Then you are throwing your money away. There needs to be a change not a verbal response to cool the present misdeeds, but a nationwide charge to accept this ever growing cancer.

There is too much supply than demand in my industry, and thoughtful consideration to all salon owners in the profession are not all alike. There are some really good business minded owners, and a lot I truly respect. And then the chain salons ruin the atmosphere for the small business owner. There are so may storys I have received from ex-employes of the REGIS corporation that would make your blood curl. These large conglomerates make millions of dollars every year and cannot offer there employees decent pay, or benefits. And the turn over is so great. They will say in their employment packages that they offer this and that but don’t be fooled by their LINGO”. If you are getting out of the Cosmetology school and have a wonderful education stay away from these corporations for employment.

So you sit there waiting on a client, and lets say your schedule is from 10am-5pm and not a person has walked through the door. You have spent a whole day in the salon without pay, being given commission, and not making any profits for the day. And can I also add in you folded towels, swept the floor, answered the phone, etc for the salon also. So if the salon owner hires you he or she should have the business to give to you. Not everyone wants to hear, “Well Juli it was a slow day, here take some cards and pass them out”. Or I love this one,”You gotta pay your dues Juli”.

If a salon owner hires you they should hire you to build you up, not to have you here to cover hours, or wait until a (WALK-IN) comes through the door. This problem did’nt expose itself like a Florida sunrise. The salon professional is still languished in the poverty of prior decades of ill management. And bad business practices. But believe me the bank of justice is not bankrupt anymore. There needs to be a justice for the professional, and not words of, WORDS DON’T PAY THERE BILLS!

I never hired anyone unless I had the business to take them on, and I expected a commitment from them also, I started them out part-time. and also set up product knowledge class’s for them. Photoshoots were next on the list, and I also showed them how to set up a website, and teach them about internet marketing. I have a dress code I pay for the first four uniforms. I send them to schools, I pay for the school, they pay for plane and hotel. I send them away twice a year. Not to a class. But to 5 day class’s. Also two weeks paid vacation. And I also give them clients. But they also have to help themselves.

I run a business, and I have certain requirements. Just Like other corporations. But you have to find the right person to take and bring into the salon. Some salon owners will hire anyone just to have coverage of hours. And a lot of really great young stylists I have seen I have turned away because I did’nt have the business for them. I WASN’T GOING TO USE THEM.

These are human beings, young minded professionals and one bad turn from a salon owner or a corporation can leave a mark on these people. I consider myself fair when adding on an employee, and offer them benefits, education and most off all I TEACH THEM TO STAND ON THERE OWN TWO FEET”. To be self-sufficient and keep the passion of the craft. I suggest Unionization for our industry. To look out for the employee, salon owner to offer more just compensation for both sides of the record. Salon owners these days also have to deal with non-committal from there employee’s, lack of professionalism. Lack of want.

A more structured industry will also cleanse the have’s and the (INNER CIRCLE) that plagues the industry. The manufacturers will not longer be in a decisive mode to oppress the profession. But to give to the true professionals in my industry the right and the equal cause to be more assertive and produce, and to grow. Isn’t this also in the constitution. Thats is why I feel the industry professionals, wether it be employee, or business owner there needs to be some form of representation.
In a legal manner. And when these words are spoken and also written It makes the INNER CIRCLE, laugh, to see a speck in the glass all to easily to wipe away. But this speck cannot be wiped away because it is a ongoing problem. That is manifested its roots every so deeply in my profession.

See I am for both sides, the employee and the salon owner and there must be a common place for both entity’s. Only to give a more balance in our lovely profession. Professionals in my industry want to have some form of balance, commitment from the salon owner, and likewise for the salon owner also. But there must be some form of give and take on both sides of the fence. This profession will not make it for another hundred years with this unbalance, injustice, and FREE LABOR.

Joseph Kellner