Beauty Industry Professionals Have No Clue!

TALK, TALK, TALK is all I hear from professionals in the Beauty Industry. “I am against diversion”, ” I wanna make a change in my industry”. That is all I hear but in order to expose the problems we have in our industry and try to create a unity of professionals we all have to either create an organization, or an entity in the profession that represents the Salon, Stylists, and the Entrepreneur.  Banding together in thug like gangs will only give us a mediocre existence and a short-term life span. Going out to reach all the Beauty industry is no easy task. Start writing on Facebook, or creating a Blog, write a book, or make a film, start an Organization of like-minded professionals who really care about the next generations that will be joining our industry in the future. The health issue is a very large part of our industry now, and getting the word out about ingredients that are in the hair care lines will be helpful to the quality of environment the salon professional works in. It is not hard to investigate matters that concern you in the industry. But just taking the first step to try to change what you feel is important is all the game starter you need. Everything else will follow. NETWORK, with like-minded professionals, and take grasp of the topics and concerns you want to evaluate and discuss. TALKING will get you now where, it is cheap and time-consuming. Make a stand for what you believe in and have purpose in your life. Life is not about making money, having the beautiful car, or house. It is about believing in your idea’s and telling people the real truth about the real deal in their industry. 

Acting like you don’t see the changes in your industry will make you just as guilty as the members using their slick tongues to coerce you in their beliefs. Industry organizations have not CLUE to the facts of the industry only gaining money for the simple acquisition of hair shows. Manufacturers repacking their wares and telling you its new, It’s all a sham, and until you notice the true problems you can TALK, TALK, TALK all you want.  And the time you spend talking will be time they will take to AQUIRE everything they need. So many times individuals will come into our profession to only sit in a chair and watch the 12,000 to 24,000 dollars they spent in BEAUTY School education go down the drain. How many times do individuals in the profession leave only to go to college and not see our professional as a viable source of income. The BIR will report all things are good in the beauty industry, but only for the manufacturers existence not yours.

The BIR will report on  L’Oréal’s INOA hair color! Just to say they are in the boat for L’oreal God forbid they would give you the correct news about L’oreal. Lets talk about the real issues, like the banned chemicals L’Oreal uses. Now thats real news! But why will the industry not tell you about all this foolishness? Easy they want YOU TO BUY IT!! But will they advertise an up and coming Entrepreneur in the industry NOOOOOOO Way! They don’t have a marketable name. Or they were not made by a manufacturer or backed by a manufacturer

“Working in beauty industry without reading The Beauty Industry Report is like working in finance without reading The Wall Street Journal!” Is their favorite quote.  BIR will comment only on the hair care lines, or talking about how retail sales in the industry are going down, but expecting futures to drive upwards in the next quarter. Or as you see they are merely asking for another product to advertise. Or just advertising websites who sell so called professional beauty products on there site! Not really looking at the matters concerning the industry. The PBA is the largest organization of salon professionals with members representing salons and spas, distributors, manufacturers, get it right represent manufacturers. The PBA offers its members Information on their website claiming they are the “LEGAL REPRESENTATION OF THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY”. On there legal TAKE ACTION Page all they inform you about is “Talking about Female cows in Australia”. So if joining the PBA is worth $175 – $7500 as they claim. Who is really the imbecile. All of these groups are for the manufacturers, you know the ones how sell in the Grocery stores, CVS, TARGET, ETC.

Best Regards

Joseph Kellner

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