A week or so ago I was sent a email that really startled me. Hearing and reading the truth from an individual who has a very respected Haircolor Certification within our industry, I knew this was something from a David And Goliath Movie. Below is an email sent to me from Andre Nizetich The President of American Board of Certified Haircolorist detailing the action of a large haircolor, and product manufacturers behavior on not getting their way.

ABCH 6N Comparison Completed!!!

We have completed our study of the 56 haircolor formulations and they are ready for release.  I think you will enjoy viewing and reading the results.  The very best way of studying the results is to view the boards in person.  That is an impossibly, so we are going to give you the opportunity to purchase 11×17 copies of the 4 boards and the 6 pages of statistics of the entire study.  We will make this information available to you for $30.00.  This includes a DVD showing exactly how the study was conducted.  To help you decide we have placed the entire study on our website at haircolorist.com  Click on “news”. Our goal in conducting this study is to dispel some of the falsehoods that exist regarding haircolor products and the ludicrous claims made.  We will never be able to progress as an industry if we place our successes on a product rather than our ability as professionals.
           Several years ago I conducted a similar comparison on red haircolors.  We did not have the Internet at the time so the study was known to very few people.  It did however catch the attention of some executives of the L’Oreal company.  One executive in particular approached me and indicated he would like to speak to me privately.  I recall at the time I was very excited.  At the time I was soliciting funds to help grow ABCH and surely they would look upon my efforts with favor.  As I was herded into a room with 4 executives surrounding me with stern looks on their faces, one said to me, “You can’t do these kind of things if you expect us (L’Oreal) to support you”. he was speaking of the red comparison. I told him that I showed the comparison to several haircolorists and they loved it!  To which he replied, “Andre, that is more information than haircolorists would ever need”. In other words his message to me was he would rather have haircolorist ignorant.  This was a complete contradiction to what the ABCH is all about.  As a result of that meeting I never published the results of that comparison.  None the less L’Oreal never supported us and continue their non support.   So to L’Oreal This 6N comparison is for you!
more beautiful place.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!

 To all of the hard-working haircolorists who toil in the trenches each day to make America

 It is all of you who make the beauty industry what it is.  NOT the manufacturers, NOT the schools, NOT the distributors.  Without the hard-working hairdressers and haircolorists there would be no need for the aforementioned.

It was amazing speaking to Mr Nizetich and knowing that there are professionals within our profession who have a level of standard that is simply remarkable. You see I am sure Mr Nizetich has no reason to make up such a story. If you really read between the lines this man has character, and values. And it is quite refreshing to see someone stand up to the Manufacture’s.

Thank You Mr Nizetich, and welcome to the Real Hair Truth!

And L’oreal Pleasure to meet you and I will expose you soon!