One Of The Most Beautiful Days Of My Life!

The day was full of filming and meeting everyone, especially a new cameraman. He turned out pretty good. But meeting Rocco DiBenardo again for more B-role filming and also asking a few more questions. And having the time to interview Claudia Diesti for a full interview I am very tired. It takes a lot out of you during the process of a film,  makeup, set production, production crew, and just being able to clear your mind to fully ask the questions needed and finding an opening in a  persons soul is very, very exhausting. The time given to me today will stay in my mind forever, and having the honor of being around such talented, inquisitive, professionals is a gift money could not by.

Even though it takes a strong financial commitment for this process, I get to interview all types of professionals but this day was truly special out of all the filming I have done for THE REAL HAIR TRUTH.  The hospitality I received from Rocco was not less than 5-star.

The time they took also when my assistant was being filmed with them and giving her there own personal advice to all of her questions was truly beautiful. I see a lot of my thoughts changing about certain topics and also experiences I have had during this 2-3 year venture.  And to tell the truth everyone’s story’s of success are truly inspirational and also so individual. I am  very fortunate to be associated with these professionals, and looking into there lives for just a few hours is monumental. There thoughts, secrets, and advice they tell me is very compelling.

I am their safe guard during the process, I guess it is part psychological, and the other part being in the same industry as them we can relate to the feelings of professionalism, or what we would like to see change in the industry. Fortunately I see the real hairdressing industry through them, or is it a dream of mine?  Or is the industry just what you make it? The more I film the more questions come into my mind. Thoughts, ideas, but each filming we do I feel I need to go further to really tell the story for what it is.  To stay on the right track. Appeasement people will tell me should suffice for the film. But they don’t have to deal with the inner questions that ravage my sleep nightly.

I cannot take short minded views to the truth.  Or listen to people say, “This is how the business works Joseph, Why change it”.  I will expose the truth. I cannot express the great time I had today and the variety of filming we did for the documentary. LOT ‘S OF B-ROLE. May God bless each of these individuals I have been with. And letting me share their life for a few short hours. And thank good for a good cameraman.

Joseph Kellner