I want!

WANT is a word I hear all to often in my profession. I want this or that.  But to want is a word that has many descriptions, the new generations  in my profession want all the time. And don’t WANT to put the time into their skills, employment, or professional responsibility’s.  Want is something driven into you and something that is everlasting and cannot be confused with the want of the material aspect, or the want of a  casual timely decision.   But the universal idea of succeeding and pushing yourself to attain the goals you have objectively planned out for yourself.  Salon owners now find it hard to fill a position of employment for stylists.  Because the Cosmetology Schools have given these young professionals an idea that it is so easy.  And stardom will be achieved in a few years.   Financial income that is.  And to attain a level of craftmanship will not come completely to the Young Professional who want it over nite. Over-nite I assume that means 2-3 years in my profession. And with the economy in such a shambles  it will weed out the committed from the  I want’s out of the profession.

Want can carry you to levels you have never seen. And will open many doors thought to be closed by our own psychological barriers. Wanting to be the BEST, when the higher-ups around you have succeeded in attaining your attention to your inconsistencys, technical deficiency’s. When I finished my apprentice ships, I would go outside the salon with a mannequin and a stand and PRACTICE, can you believe that PRACTICE! And practice I did, and as time went by I became good, then REAL GOOD.  The customer will say this to you, but one word of professional advice. Want, Want, and Want. Forget all about the nay sayers believe in yourself and WANT!

Try to see that in this industry there is a lot of want. But to really succeed you must have a burning desire to want . And at times I feel that is instilled in you at birth a trait you may call it. A Want TO SUCCEED AT ANY LEVEL AND EXPECT TO MAKE FAILURES AND KNOWING THAT THE PLANNED ROUTE YOU ARE ON IS ONLY TRAVELED BY YOU. And people will follow your route! And say to themselves, ” It is not working for me ! WHY?!” They traveled the route you made for yourself. And wanting it was so much easier for them, following your route was ever so easy and finding out in the  ending it was all a disillusion to them. Because they really did not want. YOU WANTED.