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Real Hair Truth Advice on the Cosmetic Industry

The Real Hair Truth

In my next Documentary “Beautiful LieS”, I have interviewed so many Beauty salon employees, booth renters etc to make sure they know there products they use are legitimate. So many company’s will use deceptive labeling/marketing on their products. And if you do not take the time to investigate what are the ingredients in the products you are responsible for any issues that may arise during a service to your client. Yes once you buy a product from a manufacturer and a distributor you own that product. If something happens during the application and process of the product “YOU BOUGHT IT, NOW YOU OWN IT”. You cannot sue the manufacturer, they are not liable legally to any problems due to application and processing of the product! Especially if you are an independent contractor, make sure you have at least 2-3 millions dollars in insurance to cover yourself in the salon.  Watch your back my friends. I had a sale person come to my studio las week. He was selling a Keratin Product called, Bionaza little did he know I new alot about the company. I have cameras in my salon so I went ahead and switch them on. I asked the gentleman some questions about the product, and of course he promised the stars to me. And the product will split the oceans and the heavens and make my clients hair ever so dreamy. He also told me he was selling the product from a friend and this Bionaza was not from his distributor. He didn’t even have any directions on the product. And when I confronted him on how easy it is to buy the so-called “SALON PRODUCT” on the internet he quickly turned heels. Watch out for “SNAKE OIL SALESMEN”, my friends! Especially the lone wolf types, they will sell you anything, but will hastily throw you under the bus if the product does not do what it says it will do. This should be a good filmed clip for my Documentary.


The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration today announced four new OSHA Training Institute (OTI) Education Centers and the renewal of 24 existing OTI Education Centers. Current OTI Education Centers offer training courses on OSHA standards and occupational safety and health issues. The new OTI Education Centers, which are non-profit organizations, will provide additional outlets for safety and health training to workers and employers throughout the country.

“This year, we have seen record numbers of requests for occupational safety and health training from the private sector and federal agency personnel,” said Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health. “The renewal of OTI’s Education Centers and the addition of four new centers will help OSHA to meet this demand and deliver life-saving training to our country’s employers and workers.”

The OTI Education Centers program was created in 1992 to complement the OSHA Training Institute in Arlington Heights, Ill., which provides training and education to OSHA compliance officers. The OTI Education Centers provide training nationwide to private sector and federal personnel from agencies outside OSHA. The OTI Education Centers trained more than 40,000 people during the 2012 fiscal year, representing an all-time record for the program.

The OTI Education Centers also assist the agency in administering the OSHA Outreach Training Program and fulfilling the program’s monitoring requirements. OTI Education Centers are the principal distribution channel for Outreach Training Program trainer courses, including prerequisite and update courses. Trainer courses are offered by topic areas including construction, general industry, disaster site and maritime. Through these train-the-trainer programs, qualified individuals who complete a one-week OSHA trainer course are authorized to teach 10-hour or 30-hour courses focusing on safety and health hazards. Through the Outreach Training Program, more than two million people received training from fiscal 2010 through fiscal 2012. This is a voluntary program and does not meet training requirements for any OSHA standards.

The new OTI Education Centers were selected through a national competition announced on April 13, 2012, and published in the Federal register on April 15. Applicant organizations were evaluated based on organizational experience, staff experience, location and training facilities, marketing and recruitment, administrative capabilities, evaluation, and the ability to provide training throughout a given region. OSHA provides no funding to the OTI Education Centers. The OTI Education Centers support their OSHA training through their established tuition and fee structures and provide their own instructors and facilities. For more information on the OTI Education Centers Program, the Outreach Training Program, and the Directorate of Training and Education.

For information on the geographic areas served by OSHA’s Regional Offices, visit http://www.osha.gov/html/RAmap.html.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Make sure that when you are working in your salon that the owner or company adheres to the policy’s standards OSHA has mandated for your safety.

Your health is very important!

You may file a complaint to have OSHA inspect their workplace if they believe that your employer is not following OSHA standards or that there are serious hazards. Employees can file a complaint with OSHA by calling 1-800-321-OSHA (6742) or by printing the complaint form and mailing or faxing to your local OSHA area office. Complaints that are signed by an employee are more likely to result in an inspection.

Snake Oil Sellers of the Beauty Industry!

The definition of “Snake Oil” is as follows. Snake oil is intentionally promoted fraudulent or unproven Medicine. The expression is also applied metaphorically to any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit. By extension, a snake oil salesman is someone who sells fraudulent goods or who is a fraud himself. These products and salesman are ever so abundant within my industry. The so-called Beauty Industry. Each and everyday the consumer and the licensed professional is bombarded with mislabeled, product deception on the new and best for your hair, body, skin. Products that will move the world and change the drugstore shelves forever and promise you the “Fountain of Youth”. 

The above jpg of Loreal hair color “Natural Match”. Was a product that was advertised to the consumer as “Ammonia Free”.  “Safe for all”,  the cosmetic giant Loreal touted to the anointed one who purchased their product. In March of 2010, L’Oreal abruptly discontinued their popular and affordable non-ammonia hair color that was retailed for at home use which was heavily marketing under the brand Nature Match.

Interestingly, that is the same month they launched their INOA hair color. A quick comparison of the ingredients list for Nature Match Hair Color and INOA Hair Color will quickly reveal that the products have basically the same ingredients except for a single fragrance and conditioning agent. What’s the biggest difference between the two products? Nature Match retailed for about $3.99 per application and INOA Hair Color is sold to salon professionals for about $24 per application. Now here comes the slap on the hand, and “Did you know this”?

Now the ‘Snake Oil Salesman” will say and do anything to bombard the beauty industry with fake and deceptive advertising, telling all how wonderful their hair color is and their shampoo is and etc. Basically its all “Bullshit’ So don’t fall for this type of advertising when you are looking for a salon to have a hair color service done for you.

You will see salons advertise in methods you will believe! They have the best for you, and only their product will perform for you! And a lot of the company’s will “Throw each other under the bus”, spewing these lines of “Deception”. I found this line of Bullshit ob a web site for a salon, I could not stop laughing.

“Unlike many other hair color products, L’Oreal INOA is ammonia free, which means no more foul smell. The INOA permanent color line employs an odorless, itch-free “oil delivery system” which results in your hair being as soft and smooth as it was before the color was applied – an uncommon result with most typical ammonia-based hair colors.  Although L’Oreal didn’t invent ammonia-free hair color, they absolutely perfected it, and believe in “Supreme Respect for the Hair”.

These are Snake Oil gimmicks, and that is all it is. Buy our product, get your service done here! And the beauty industry professional will be thoughtfully feed this train of thought, voluntarily may I say. You will also find Organic hair color lines in the “So-called industry that will write up pages, and pages of information about there competetor. “Its not SAFE”, you will also find “Ghost writers for haircare line and also for “Cosmetic industry Watchdogs” berating there competetors and adding links to there websites telling you how important it is to use there lines of haircolor or hair care! This is the “Art of Business” and this is the way it is and how it will always be!

  • Uncompromised Comfort
  • No ammonia. No odor
  • Optimized scalp comfort
  • Rapid self-emulsifying liquid
  • Incredible smooth, velvety texture
  • Exact and predictable color palette: True neutralizing cool shades, vibrant and luminous warm shades
  • Exceptionally even colors from scalp to ends
  • Coverage of up to 100% gray hair

Here is a link to a lawsuit, so tell me who is really the bad guy here!

The Real Hair Truth finds L’Oreal’s claims about INOA Hair Color to be false. What else would you expect from a major manufacturer giant! And also being “Shamefully attached” to a industry who’s main concern is to deceive you, I often wonder and ponder almost effortly why would’nt so-call industry websites like Behindthechair.com, and also Ted Gibson and also Jo Blackwell tell us the truth. Click on the links and your questions will be answered!

Joseph Kellner