Beauty Industry Entrepreneurs, who supports them?

Beautiful Lies

You know what is amazing in my industry you can tell the “sheepple” the truth about their industry but they are still sheep. There are a lot of followers in my industry but the people I highlight in my film are true entrepreneurs. They are trying to make a difference within their profession. The manufacturers, so-called organizations, industry websites and magazines go ahead and advertise the (Icons) of the  beauty industry. Don’t get me wrong I love my craft, but the people they advertise as “Icons” are the ones who are doing the brain washing for the financial pyramid, within my industry. I always tell my friends or they ask me, Why do you make these films? There is no money in it!. Or I love this one, You will never make a name for yourself in this industry. I am not looking to be in an beauty industry magazine or website, etc. I follow my own path. God said to us all, “Follow the path less traveled”. And it is true, you have to be your own man or person in this world. And the main moral or value to this is, “Do what you feel is right”.  I have never been a follower in my life, I have my own business (Salon), and I enjoy writing and making Documentary’s.

I am not the best, but I learn from my prior mistakes and enjoy critics.

In my industry the major manufacturers sell to the commercial sector which is basically the consumer.. There was a time when all good hair care products, hair color, hair color treatments were done in the salon and sold only in the salon. This gave our profession more value more respect. But with the birth of the internet. Beauty manufacturers gave notice and realized that they could also sell their products and hair color to the world with little or no expense. Just build a web page and purchase a domain that has nothing to do with the parent company and sell and give next day delivery to the consumer. Little did they know how bad of a hurting they have done to my beauty industry.  Now in the year 2013 you can buy hair color, treatments and such on the internet. And these are the same products that are used in hair salons all over the United States. Yes even the hair color can be bought on the internet and delivered next day to the consumer. Even the keratin treatments can be bought on the internet. So as time went by little did they know (Major Manufacturers) were putting a hurting on my industry. The economy in the U.S is horrible now and clients will say to you I am living up north for a few months can I get my formula. And the hairdresser will give it to them, only to find out they never see them again. They now have the formula and can do it at home. So many professionals will give the manufacturer their loyalty, and there undivided devotion and purchase hair color, etc. from them.  But at the same time knowing the manufacturers make a hair color for the commercial sector to buy.  L’Oreal, Clairol, you name it. So where is the exclusive from the manufacturer to the salon owner or professional? Why would a salon professional buy from a manufacturer and basically they are competing for business with the manufacturer!

Where is the Manufacturer Loyalty?

There is none. And the sad thing about it is the so-called professionals will back up these manufacturers. They don’t realize that putting up a sign on the salon window from L’Oreal, Paul Mitchell, Clairol, that are giving the company free advertising. And they will carry these lines even though they are sold in the mass market. You are in competition with the manufacturer wake up everyone!

Some industry professionals make their own product lines, books, films, makeup etc. These entrepreneurs feel why not put the money in their own pockets instead of supporting the financial pyramid in the cosmetic industry. But it is hard for them to start-up. In an industry dominated by major manufacturers. The manufacturers can buy the movie stars,  do mass marketing etc. Which takes money, money, money. The entrepreneur will either formulate or private label the product line and then finish it. And hopefully will have the finances placed aside for marketing. A lot of entrepreneurs will do it in there local. Which will save on shipping for them.  Business is Business, I accept that. But in my beauty industry, magazines, websites, hair shows will go to the major manufacturers and have them buy advertising space, booth space at their hair shows at monumental prices. The magazines, websites, hair shows do that and charge them. Knowing they can pay that kind of money. The entrepreneur cannot do that.  And those funds sustain the beauty magazines, websites, hair shows. If they did not charge those fee’s they would not have their websites or magazine. Major manufacturers will also pay the magazines, and websites hair color or products’ in place of cash for their payment. The beauty industry magazine’s and websites will go ahead and sell those products’ online to get their money back for the advertising bought by the manufacturer. Believe in what I say soap in this industry is GOLD. An entrepreneur cannot do that so basically who is giving the small guy in the industry a bone? They learn to network together. They follow like-minded people and they blossom. Believe me not to the extent of the “Big Boys”. Because the major manufacturers will keep an eye on them!

Should we not be advertising the new in my professional or keep up feeding the Major Manufacturers who place chemical that are harmful in out products. They are kings of deceptive marketing. And they know how to stretch the law. No worry’s for them. If they get fined by OSHA, or the FDA. It will not even be penny’s to them.  So where does the little guy come in? They cannot afford the fee’s for advertising in an industry magazine on a consistent basis, hair show fee’s are huge, and industry websites only back the big boys on the beauty/ cosmetic industry. Rolling out a spread in an industry magazine for a few months can be the total amount of finances an entrepreneur has for the year. The entrepreneur is done after that. Time to hit the pavement and go door to door.

It’s all a big money pit for everyone except for the little guy (Entrepreneur) in the beauty industry.  They have to tooth and claw for what little they have in my industry.  God forbid you piss off the Big Boys they will stop financing the magazines and hair shows. Then what will we have, I can tell you a true beauty industry. Forget about it. It’s a money pyramid, not even the beauty industry’s so-called organizations could even have the slightest clue. If you look at the PBA most of the board are from manufacturers.  There too busy buying up hair shows and asking for financial help from the Big Boys so they can sustain themselves. They should teach in beauty school how to be your own man. The  entrepreneurs are scattering for the meager pieces of cheese that drop down from the top. And the sad thing about this is the industry professionals are the sheeple in an industry that rapes them each and everyday! They are mere salesmen and women for the Big Boys.

Ask yourself, “Who really is the ASSHOLE, the Manufacturer, Website or Industry magazine.  Who advertise these Big Boys who are sticking it up your ASS each and everyday.

Or is it the Asshole who makes the films to let you know who really is concerned about you.

So tell me who is really the asshole here.?

God forbid we stand up for the right things in our profession.

Best Regards Joseph Kellner

Real Hair Truth L’Oreal to Shelve ‘Salon Only’ Tag for Products!

WASHINGTON (CN) – L’Oreal can settle false advertising claims over supposedly salon-only products that are sold in stores by changing its labels, a federal judge ruled.
Alexis Richardson had led a class against the cosmetics company on behalf of consumers who purchased L’Oreal’s Matrix Biolage, Redken, Kerastase and Pureology products after August 30, 2008.
The April 2013 complaint alleged that L’Oreal deceptively labeled the products as “available only in salons” while nevertheless stocking them in Target, Kmart and other non-salon retail establishments.
“Plaintiffs allege that the salon-only label implies a superior quality product and builds a cachet that allows L’Oréal to demand a premium price,” according to the settlement-approval ruling filed Thursday.
The plaintiffs had filed the suit in Washington, D.C., after resolving related claims from an earlier action in the Northern District of California.
“In the course of those negotiations, L’Oréal provided plaintiffs with extensive documents and information relating to its anti-diversion and labeling practices,” U.S. District Judge John Bates wrote.
“But plaintiffs allege that, despite L’Orèal’s efforts, the products are available in non-salon establishments, and argue that L’Orèal’s labeling and advertising for these products is hence deceptive and misleading.”
As part of the settlement, class representatives can petition for no more than $1,000 each, and L’Oréal will pay up to $950,000 in attorney fees, costs and expenses. The settlement otherwise provides only injunctive relief.
In his approval order, Bates explained the class’s reasons for not trying to certify a damages class.
“First, assessing the value of the salon-only claims to consumers would be difficult, and L’Oréal has never attempted to do so,” the ruling states. “Second, assessing damages on a class-wide basis would be even more difficult – the information provided during the negotiation process revealed substantial price variations among retailers and in different regions, and indicated that non-salon retailers often sell the products at a lower price than do salon retailers, making damages to those purchasing the product in non-salon establishments difficult to analyze.”
Bates said he would defer to counsel’s assessment.
“And class members will retain their right to seek damages in individual actions, dispelling many concerns about foregone payments,” he added. “In these circumstances, an equitable-relief-only settlement may be approved.”
If the settlement wins final approval, L’Oreal will remove the “salon only” label from all of its U.S. advertising and labeling on products distributed in the states.
It will also discontinue manufacturing the labels for its U.S. products, and it will remove the “salon-only” claims from its websites and from any promotion materials.
Both parties have agreed to publish legal notices in USA Today for one week, referring class members to a website that contains a copy of the proposed agreement. Any objections to the settlement must be filed before the Fairness Hearing on October 11, 2013, when the final settlement will be approved.  It seems L’Oreal will get off easy for all the damages they have done to the so-called professional beauty industry.  Their anti- diversion rhetoric is a bunch of bullshit. And always has been.  Too late, Too little the damage has already been done!

Living Your Dreams Everyone!!

 My award from Mopix and Discmakers  for the film The Real Hair Truth .

Over 10,000 sold!

I cannot believe it has been over 3 years since the release of this film and it keeps on selling. Not much has really changed in this industry, and basically I don’t think anything will. You still have the manufacturers saying and playing there same ol, snake oil presentations. The vast majority of the industry is clueless to the facts of mislabeled products, ingredients, deception. And the old guard in this industry you will have to watch out for. They will say or do anything to get a job. So many of them rely on the name of a dead man to achieve their notoriety. And the websites are still the same. But the only thing that is different is the abundance of the amount of entrepreneurs within the industry. They are the true model of the professional industry! You can go ahead and play a role in the pyramid scheme in the industry, from the distributor on up to the CEO of a major manufacturer. Or take the road less traveled and blossom your talents and be everything you were meant to be. Giving your  devotion to a manufacturer and buying into the hype of a false gimmick to sell, sell, sell. is a waste of your time and also of your talents. All you are doing is basically living someone else’s dream. But where do yours come in?

In my next film “The Beautiful Lies”, we give you some really devoted, talented entrepreneurs within the industry. These are professional who wanted to blossom into everything they can be. And follow the road less traveled. Following this path you will see so many new and exciting places, rewards, and you will also learn allot about yourself. Following some one else’s dreams and buying into their falsehoods to gain financial independence is pretty empty. The only out come is the top of the pyramid is gaining all, while you give all and receive nothing but false rhetoric. Verbs and nouns cannot pay your bills, by stating to you, ” we are behind you all, thank you for out continued success, we are family”, Really I think not!  No, you need to take the time and look over these falsehoods, dreams being sold to you, etc. And become what you want in your profession. Write that book, Make the film, Make a product, etc. There is so much time in your life and you are given so many talents, why waste it on being a fan of another’s dream or dreams. This has been going on in our industry for many, many years. And from the production of my next film. I see more and more individuals seeking their own slice of the pie within the industry.

And that is the way it should be my friends!

Keratin Complex Deceptive Labeling, But promoted by the Industry!


“Drinking the Kool-Aid” refers to the 1978 Jonestown Massacre; the phrase suggests that one has mindlessly adopted the dogma of a group or leader without fully understanding the ramifications or implications. So in my industry we have a lot of sheep who cannot think for themselves. And we also have a lot of sheep who cannot seem to go beyond the actions of a written article to produce a original concept of warning the beauty industry of the ramification’s of believing in such “Hog wash”.

You will find a lot of watch-dog organizations in my beauty industry and also outside who will “Latch on”, to any cause to better themselves and by adding a visual example of looking out for your concerns. Pretty Toxic got in touch with me a few weeks ago and asked for information about some industry products that have had violations with OSHA and also the FDA. I provided the information they request and also asked if they would like to have a gathering were we could provide a think tank. To no avail and not even answering my emails, I was swept away. BOO HOOO. Keratin Complex is a company who has been cited by the OSHA for not being honest about there advertising or ingredient’s. If you look at the labeling at the top of the article you will see they have printed that there product is “OSHA Compliant”. Keratin Complex leads consumers to believe their product is safe and harmless, but this “Kool-Aid” has been sugar coated and the truth isn’t so sweet! Turns out the “benign” aldehyde they use, Timonacic acid, releases formaldehyde when heated and this product is making people sick. Keratin Complex, the global market leader in professional keratin smoothing treatments, is pleased to announce they are the first company and brand in this burgeoning category to receive formal OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliancy. OSHA does not authorize the use of there Logo and does not authorize any and all company’s to address themselves as being “APPROVED BY OSHA”. I put this right up with our “Little Man John and his deceptive practices!

This is a big “NO-NO’. Rick Gerstein, Chief Operating Officer, Keratin Complex says, “This compliancy underscores the level of product safety, safe practices and procedures that Keratin Complex has implemented and adheres to. It also reinforces our dedication to providing the finest, innovative and safe products to the professional salon community. We are delighted that OSHA has recognized our company and brand as compliant to their regulations and standards – a category first. As market leader, it has been, and continues to be, our utmost goal to support and partner with professional salons, spas and stylists and provide the finest quality products, services and education”. OSHA does not do any endorsements for any “Compliance Logo’s”, at all and as of this point OSHA as Keratin Complex under investigation for deceptive labeling. You will also find out this on the beauty industry “Flea Market Catalog, BTC”.

And of course the company went ahead and did the endorsement to OSHA, so they could save there “ASS”, and make the Bee sting a little less painful when they get cited for violations. ” The Occupational Safety and Health Act allows OSHA to issue workplace health and safety regulations. OSHA Safety Standards contain requirements for compliancy (i.e., testing and certification) of certain products by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). Keratin Complex fully supports OSHA’s initiatives and standards in the professional beauty industry as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to innovative and safe professional products, services and education for salons and stylists worldwide”. Don’t believe this HORSE SHIT.

Best Regards
Joseph Kellner.