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Dr. Frank Elliott Donor For The Real Hair Truth Scholarships!

Dr. Frank Elliott is a hairdresser and make-up artist with over thirty years of experience. His industry titles include: manufacturer’s technical representative, platform artist, competition artist, chief proctor for the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology, and salon owner.

Dr. Frank earned his PhD. in Workforce Education and Development from The Pennsylvania State University, where he was a lecturer for ten years. He has taught Leadership and Professional Development for state and federal government, university, and industry organizations.

Dr. Frank has just released a ground breaking new book The Other Side of Hairdressing. “The Other Side” is where beauty professionals tap into and take control of the innate learning functions that serve us throughout our lives. Expand your client market-base, supercharge your career, and realize your true earning potential on The Other Side of Hairdressing.

The Other Side of Hairdressing
As a teaching tool for salon owners, get your new hire off to a running start with The Other Side of Hairdressing. Have them read Linda’s story and then monitor their progress as they move through the Taking Control section. Slash the time usually needed for developing a new stylist so they can become a valuable part of your salon team now.
As a learning tool for new salon employees, give yourself an edge you’ll never regret. Don’t sit around waiting for experience to come to you. Take Control of your own professional situation now. You know what you want. You have a dream. Learn from The Other Side of Hairdressing how to get to your dream.

As a team-building tool for experienced hairdressers, get the salon team onto common ground by sharing ideas about The Other Side of Hairdressing. Discuss your new adventures and grow together. Share your successes in furthering your Beauty career, work and live on The Other Side of Hairdressing! Is based on a philosophy of taking control of your career through self-understanding and choice.

The Real Hair Truth Thanks Frank Elliott for his donations.


Your Story Will Be Heard!



Its time to talk about nature and the every growing numbers of the creature known as the AO. Because of the situation of our financial jungle; many creatures have begun to examine quality instead of the “throw-a-way” attitude that prevailed a few years ago. We tend to question and really look to see if the products we purchase and beliefs that cost us money are performing as they say. Do they work?  The AO has the ability to disorient its prey and make its potential victim believe anything it says with out the natural process of questioning.

In the graceful but wild beauty industry spotting an AO is not difficult. Understand, there are no distinct markings, they can be young or old any sex or race. So how do you spot this creature? You spot an AO not by sight but by sound. You must listen to what they say and especially how they say it.

Yes it’s the verbiage of the notorious Anal Ostrich that gives him or her away. Around the Anal Ostrich you’ll hear things like “ABC is the best company!”, “ABC has the best products!” and the constantly heard “I wouldn’t use anything but ABC!” These are the most serious signs of an Anal Ostrich due to the fact that the OA’s eyesight is nearly non existent. Its world is dark and self-reliant to the host it finds itself attached to. Now for many the confident sounds of the AO may begin to calm and lure you in but this is where caution is needed!

Now you may be asking yourself,  “what’s wrong with crediting this ever common AO with conviction?”  Is it wrong to think and feel like the AO? And if so why does the beauty industries great water holes, also known as salons, seem to flourish with these creatures?”

To understand this breed one needs to go back to the root and beginnings of the AO.  Most younglings do not begin as AO’s but start off as FT’s or Free Thinkers. Although there are some exceptions those beginnings usually begin at the nest or what’s commonly referred to as the “cosmetology schools”.  But these schools often attract the very dangerous LM predator of the large manufacturer species. LM’s know that fresh meat is easily available and lie in wait for the FT younglings. LM’s will begin to distract the young FT with attractive sights, sounds and smells, none of these actually contributing to the growth and advancement. Once distracted the LM strikes with great precision emitting a mind numbing poison. Although the Free Thinking youngling entered the water hole wide-eyed for knowledge and full of questions the poison’s effect begins and the FT starts to turn off its natural process of questioning and testing for itself.

The FT’s terminology quickly changes and phrases like “let me see” or “I want to see for myself” are replaced with a single resounding “They say”.  At that point the FT closes its eyes and inserts its head into the rear of the LM and the transformation is complete!

The story above may seem like a little satire over a small and insignificant problem that the beauty industry is seeing but it goes much deeper. Understand that hair stylists are artists of the highest degree. They are individuals who live for the chance to create. To make something that visually associates or better yet defines an idea, place, or time. Some of the most influential stylists were created in a time when great chance was taking place. The sixties and seventies saw a time when artists were using their talents to buck the system and to break out of society imposed ideas of how “the normal” man or woman should act, dress and look. Unfortunately when large chemical manufactures saw the rise of influence hair stylists had on fashion and the money that could be generated things changed. Now what used to be just brands have become the sole factor of influencing a young artist. Just think…Aveda, Redken and Paul Mitchell are not just tools a student may use to find his way creative side but actual schools that tell students that “ABC is the only and best way of doing something. Personally I heard one veteran stylist remark how frustrating it was when she hired a young girl who recently graduated out of the Paul Mitchell Academy. She explained that the girl could not find a PM salon in the immediate area and was looking for a job. Once hired all she did was talk about “PM this” and “PM that.” She commented on how it was like this girl was brainwashed and could not understand simple color formulation with a color wheel and any companies color books. The girl would repeat all the time, “That’s not the way we did it at PM”. “To me you can either formulate or you can’t!” I don’t care to hear about how any particular brands colors do when you don’t have that in your salon. Because of understanding the basics and because of the American Board Of Certified Haircolorists I can formulate any color.

So before you drink the cool aid, lubricate the sides of your head and prepare for the big insertion think why you want to go to that school. Now please don’t think I’m saying that these and other big companies don’t have good products because they do and I even use some from different ones but there is a reason why I’m using them and it’s not because someone told me. If I’m using something it due to the fact that I took the time to see if it fit into my creative arsenal.

Thank You Sir! Bullseye

Paul Barry Interviewed For The Real Hair Truth Documentary


Paul Barry, president and co-founder of Barristar Productions, became a hairstylist in 1964. 
In 1966 he received his California cosmetology instructors license and also opened his first salon. 

From 1971-1992, Paul owned and operated the largest salon in Orange County. During this time Paul traveled extensively for major product manufacturers including Redken, Clairol and John Paul Mitchell systems.

In 1987, being tired of the travel, Paul. joined by his wife Georgia, co-founded Barristar Productions. Together they have produced numerous trade shows dedicated to the betterment of the cosmetology industry.   Our trade shows are designed for cosmetology students and instructors and are based on education. 


Orlando, Fl – March 14, 2010

Anaheim, Ca – March 28 – 29, 2010


Phoenix, Az – April 18 – 19, 2010


Minneapolis, Mn – May 2, 2010

Pasadena, Ca – September 26 – 27, 2010

Indianapolis, IN – October 24, 2010


P.O. Box 627 • Newport Beach, CA 92661

(949) 673-4245 • 800 SHOW-432 • Fax (949) 673-2542


Donna Petersen Interviewed For The Real Hair Truth Documentary


Donna Petersen

We traveled out into the heart of Florida and into bear country. This interview pertains to the topic of Booth renting. Speaking to Donna was a joy, and getting solid information, and also advice on Booth renting was well documented. Having interviewed brought a wealth of information to the viewer. Hopefull  with the information  it will be a gold mine of advice for the Booth renter. I thank You very much for this time Donna.

Donna Pederson’s Biography:

I grew up, the youngest of eleven children, in Massachusetts. I loved going with my mother to her weekly salon visits. I was fascinated watching the stylists manipulate hair into works of art. It made sense to me. I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

I went to the local Vocational, Technical High School, (much to my father’s chagrin) to pursue Cosmetology. I was fortunate to have talented instructors who taught me the importance of perfecting my basics, and practice, practice, PRACTICE.

After apprenticing and working as a stylist in Boston for 8 years, I made the move to Florida. As a Master Colorist, I live and work in an area that lets me practice my craft to my fullest extent.

I love what I do. I feel privileged and honored to be a part of our industry.

 Donna Petersen Mater Stylist/Color Specialist

Village Spa And Salon

13940 N. US HWY 441

Suite 901

Lady Lake, Florida 32159


Donna Pederson

Cosmetology License Renewal Online Is A Joke!



Several Years ago the state decided to have requirements for the Cosmetologist, Mainly because of the outbreak of AIDS. And I am also sure to fill their pockets more. But the online requirements for License renewal for the Cosmetologist is a joke. This program can be picked up at Sallys Beauty Supply and the test can be taken and mailed in.  And results can be made online or the tests can be also be certified online.  But the test is given to individuals who use their hands and create daily. By all means I feel advanced education should be implemented in the yearly state requirements. But this certification is merely not helping the hairdresser, Or the full Cosmetologist it is an insult to their intelligence.  Advanced education should be required every year in my profession and I am talking about  a good five-day course at your choice advanced academy. State requirements are often vague and to simplified for the ongoing educational requirements of the Cosmetologist.  And these courses that can be done withing a few hours, and sometimes one hour should be changed. We need to improve our skills yearly and adding a training class as a requirement for yearly renewal should be required.

The laws need to be changed to allow growth within the professional and also challenge the Cosmetologist yearly on keeping a professional responsibility to upgrading their skills. The advanced academy’s should be able to certify all the licenced professionals yearly by taking a five-day course on hair coloring and also hairdressing. Along with the state test.
An artist should not take a written test nor should a beauty school graduate, HANDS ON SHOULD BE GIVEN. Yes a short written test should also be given on requirements, but the laws should be changed to implement a hands on approach to licensure for the graduate.
National  licensure should be installed to all cosmetologists, and that way it is easier for the individual to move from state to state and receive reciprocity. A lot of students completing the qualifications at their school. Would like to relocate to a different market, also the licensed Cosmetologist would like to see easier movement from state to state.