Johnson & Johnson reformulating products!

Manufacturing giant Johnson & Johnson says it is phasing out the use of a number of potentially harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde, in products made for adults by 2015. Formaldehyde and some other chemicals help fight bacteria and reduce the risk of irritation. Formaldehyde though, has been classified by the National Toxicology Program as a cancer-causing chemical.

In addition, J & J plans to phase out some ingredients in fragrances and an antibacterial substance used in soaps.
Many companies have long been under the gun to take action.  Consumer and environmental groups launched stepped-up safety campaigns against shampoo and cream makers in recent years. But Johnson & Johnson is being praised by former critics for responding to calls for change. “There’s a public discussion underway about the ingredients in beauty care products, and we think it’s important to be part of that,” said Susan Nettesheim, Vice President of Product Stewardship & Toxicology for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.  “Consumers today expect more information and greater transparency than ever before and we’re always listening to the people who use our products.  On this site, we’ll do our best to explain how we make the choices we make, and to show how our plans incorporate consumers’ feedback.  We want all consumers to see for themselves how and why every one of our products can be used with peace of mind.” includes information about how ingredients are selected and evaluated, and provides details on our gold standard safety assurance process.  The site will evolve and be updated to incorporate consumer feedback, the latest science, new regulations and new information about our policies.  The site contains information about our approach to research, the extra care we put into the development of products for babies and toddlers, and our commitment to sustainability.

The Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies includes, among other divisions, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc., which markets the JOHNSON’S® baby, AVEENO®, RoC®, and CLEAN & CLEAR® brands, and Neutrogena Corporation, which markets the NEUTROGENA® brand.

We applaud the company for ther interest and transparency with there products.