Become a Entrepreneur!

In a profession that is product driven, a lot of Entrepreneurs are being driven to promote their product within the beauty industry by themselves. I have an Organization for Entrepreneurs of the Professional Beauty industry I see a lot of Ambitious, Persistent Professionals who are trying to promote themselves and there ideas and products. But they fall on the wayside by not having the business knowledge needed to succeed in a Manufacturer driven and controlled industry.  The entrepreneur has to learn to do it all by themselves with little or now help or financial funding for staff.

If you look  the Beauty industry magazines and websites it a catalog of the same manufacturers who are at the Premiere Beauty Shows, NAHA,, Hairbrained, etc. And supporting these company’s are a major waste within the industry. Salons carry products from manufacturers that are sold over the counter, and also on the internet. SUPPORT THE ENTREPRENEUR OF THE Industry!

I have a section in my next documentary called Health/Welfare and I found Five company’s selling their Smoothing Treatments that you do and sell as a service in the salon to the consumer. Check out STYLEBELL.COM

And isn’t that offered as a SALON SERVICE given by a professional. Manufacturers want to cover any and all ends of sales for just financial achievement in the industry. While the Entrepreneur has the hardest time trying to pay for Hair Show space, Booths, Magazine advertisements and the list goes on and on. These price ranges in Beauty Industry Magazines, Hair Shows, Websites are set up for the Manufacturer Dollar, that is what sustains these entity’s, while in the long run all you will see is the advertising of hair care lines that are sold in the commercial sector. Which is causing the most harm to the salon owner, and booth renter. Supporting a company that is independent, or an Entrepreneur is the most important decision a professional can do NOW in my Beauty Industry.

You have spent the time building up these manufacturers and now their loyalty is not longer there for you. But you will still find a way to support the hairshows, magazines, websites that will advertise them and the entrepreneur goes to the wayside. Hairshows used to be a venue for all NEW in the industry to show off their products, books, etc but now they are just FLEA MARKETS, But you will still go to these shows. And you buy there WARES. Knowing full well you are losing on the Salon Retail space you may have set up in your salon. And that is true but you don’t want to face the facts. And Where does the Entrepreneur come in, with those type of prices in an industry magazine or website an only a major manufacturer can pay. But you will still support them!

I carry a hair care line in my salon, it is from an Entrepreneur, and I also featured him and his line in my next documentary. He promotes the line on the Internet, Magazines (Outside the Industry) and a few more advertising avenues. But talking to him he has the funds to sustain the company but not for the unfair prices that only a manufacturer can pay for advertising in this industry. Can a entrepreneur in the industry call a local beauty supply and have there product sold to the professional/ NO Loreal owns the Salon Centrics and Salon Alliance distributorships and if you called these supply chains do you think Loreal will place your product in the stores? Or how about Malys?

Manufacturers will buy Private label products created by a entrepreneur within the industry to keep competition away. I have also interviewed professionals in the industry to tell me Manufacturers have stolen there formulations of their product or paid off chemists for the formula’s. That is a big business in my industry. The beauty industry professional has to see the light of day and support the entrepreneur within the industry, Beauty schools that are manufacturer supported such as Paul Mitchell, Redken, Loreal , Toni&Guy are merely putting free salesmen and saleswoman to keep up the sales for themselves. You are giving you sponsorship to the wrong entity’s.  I have received thousands of emails from people in my industry saying enough is enough, but when does you’re talking end and action start. You see in america now the people are talking out now, Occupy groups, Tea Party organizations etc, showing up all over the United States. But as time goes along the professional in my industry would probably gain enough strength to just click on the “Like” button on Facebook to show there support. And not take the initiative to start their own campaigns of change in their industry. Well life goes on and sooner or latter you will come to realize that when you go to Salon Alliance or Salon Centrex you are merely buying LOREAL products that are sold over the counter. And in time that niche in the market will be totally bought out. THEN WHAT ARE YOUR GOING TO DO?????

Become a Entrepreneur!!!