Keratin Complex by Coppola, Global Keratin, Liquid Keratin, BioNaza, Manufacturers are selling out your service’s to the consumer!


In my last documentary the highlight was manufacturer diversion, and believe it or not it is true. But to see company’s selling out your services to the commercial sector or retail. That to me is a kick in the teeth to all the professionals in my industry. If you go to the website STYLEBELL.COM you will find a list of So-Called Keratin treatments being sold without the need of a professional license. And these are companys whoo sell there products to YOU to use on your clients, but will also sell to the commercial sector for added income. Would you use a product line that is sold to the commercial sector. Loreal sells boxed haircolor on the shelves of every Walmart, CVS, WALGREENS, But you will use there professional line of haircolor, So what is the difference here? FREE ENTERPRISE. Thats it!



Check it out for yourself

Keratin Complex By Coppola claims that “You can find different Coppola Keratin treatment products in popular beauty salons. You only need to ensure that the salon has the correct products. If you cannot handle the treatment yourself, it is good to let an expert handle it for you. Notice they say “If you cannot handle the treatment yourself, it is good to let an expert handle it for you”. Notice it says expert, NOT PROFESSIONAL. What could they be talking about a grocery store clerk, webmaster?
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Keratin Complex by Coppola, Global Keratin, Liquid Keratin, BioNaza,and Rejuvenol are some of the best Keratin based straightening solutions similar to the Brazilian straightening techniques.  These treatments will keep your hair straight, smooth, and silky.
What a deal do they offer this to you for being a salon account???

Are these products sold to the salon industry as a SERVICE, or are you being sold out, You can see the list of products on this website  and guess what you dont need a license to purchase these SO CALLED hair care products.

Unnique Keratin Treatment - Free Shipping over $50

Unnique states on the mission statement on there website “Unnique Beauty Corporation is a company dedicated especially to enhance the beauty in every woman, which is the main motive for our professional hair care line. What is considered PROFESSIONAL? Is it for the Professional beauty industry? I will have to ask my webmaster that question!

“We really need to take control of our industry. The fact that there are sites that sell professional in salon service treatments without even asking for our license verification means only one thing.  The people who are asking us to pay and take their classes do not really care who they sell their products or treatments to.. They are taking our credibility and undermining our profession.  We need to stop this madness we need to let these people know we will not tolerate playing both sides of the fence.  They either support us or they do not.  Please make up My mind”.  

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Joseph Kellner