Company’s claim little to no formaldehyde! When tests show their products contain substantial amounts!

The REAL HAIR TRUTH is working closely with the FDA, and also OSHA to bring to light to the beauty industry the false and misleading facts manufacturers are giving to the professional beauty industry. The Real Hair Truth has film several government agency’s to bring to light this horrible and unethical practice of corruption, mis-representation and fraud in the beauty industry! All interviews will be released in the second feature of the Documentary!

Company Claim Testing Reference
Brazilian Blowout Prior to [2/13/2011]: “CONTAINS NO FORMALDEHYDE!” As of [3/1/2011]: There is no mention of the word formaldehyde on the website or the material safety data sheet that continues to list Methylene Glycol. Formaldehyde levels  up to 11.8% Oregon OSHA 2010A, Oregon OSHA 2010B, IMB 2010A, IMB 2010B, Fisher 2007, Health Canada 2010B
Coppola In addition to the Keratin, our formula includes Timonacic acid, a benign antioxidant patented in France which is part of an aldehyde group that is used in hair products and acts as an organic preservative… The difference between Brazilian straightening companies that add free formaldehyde as an ingredient and Keratin Complex’s bonded aldehydes is that the latter is not harmful. Formaldehyde levels up to 2.3% ACCC 2010, AFSSAPS 2010, Columbia Analytical Services 2010, FDA FOIA 2010, Health Canada 2010C, IMB 2010A, IMB 2010B, Oregon OSHA 2010B, RAPEX 2010
Marcia Teixeira Methylene glycol, which does not appear on the FDA’s official list of prohibited cosmetic ingredients, is the ingredient in our treatments that will produce a trace level of formaldehyde vapor when high heat is applied. For that reason, we can state that formaldehyde is not an ingredient in our treatments, but, we cannot, and have never claimed that they are formaldehyde free. Formaldehyde levels up to 3.4% (potentially up to 5.87%) ACCC 2010, AFSSAPS 2010, Columbia Analytical Services 2010, FDA FOIA 2010, Health Canada 2010C, Irish NCA 2010, Oregon OSHA 2010B, Fisher 2007
Global Keratin Since the inception of Global Keratin the company has been in full compliance with all regulations worldwide and never made any false claims. In our old formulas Global Keratin used Methylene Glycol (CAS: 463-57-0) in our products. Formaldehyde levels up to 4.4% Columbia Analytical Services 2010, Health Canada 2010C, IMB 2010A, IMB 2010B
Silkening Technologies No formaldehyde, no unpleasant fumes or odours. Just frizz-free, beautiful hair that stays smooth and manageable for months.  (Canadian website) Formaldehyde level of 2.8% Health Canada 2010C
IBS Beauty i-Straight (Also known as Love-Straight), is the safest and most effective system for straightening the different types, conditions, and textures of light curls to the most stubborn kinky hair type. Formaldehyde level of 2.3% Health Canada 2010C
Cadiveu Before Cadiveu USA entered into its Distribution Agreement with Cadiveu Brazil, we were assured that Cadiveu’s chemists were not relying on formaldehyde in their formulas. To confirm this, we hired an independent lab to test the products thoroughly. The results of this test confirmed that the formula does not contain formaldehyde as a functional ingredient in the hair smoothing process. As a result we felt confident that we were offering a safe product, which is our primary concern.  Cadiveu’s panel of experts explains, “Formaldehyde is a gas and therefore cannot be added to a cosmetic as an ingredient. In fact, Formaldehyde has never been a cosmetic ingredient. Most test methods commonly used, are not suitable for measuring Formaldehyde in water-based cosmetic products. Formaldehyde is extremely unlikely in a water-based cosmetic product to exist beyond 0.005%.” Formaldehyde level of 7% Health Canada 2010C
R & L “None of our products contain any fomaldehyde. They are all fomaldehyde FREE.” Formaldehyde level > 0.2% IMB 2010A, IMB 2010B
Tahe Formol Free Formaldehyde level > 0.2% IMB 2010A, IMB 2010B
Brazilian Gloss Keratin treatment does not make use of any harsh chemicals.  … At-home kits for keratin treatments are also available. The price for at-home kits starts from $250.  For getting this treatment done, always consult a professional stylist. Knowledge about this treatment in advance can also help you in making a smarter choice. If the treatment is done properly, it will leave even the most rough hair look smooth and very easy to style.


Whether you get this treatment done at a salon or use an at-home kit, make sure that keratin product you use contains less than 2% formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde level up to 7.3% Columbia Analytical Services 2010, Oregon OSHA 2010B
Keratin express The current Keratin Express formula contains no known formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors. To confirm this, we had an independent lab conduct tests to measure any detectable formaldehyde both at room temperature and when heated to 450 degrees for five minutes. The testing confirmed no formaldehyde with the exception of a trace amount (.00017%), attributable to possible residual from other product filling or cleaning on our production line. Formaldehyde level of 1.2% Oregon OSHA 2010B
QOD Unlike formaldehyde-based keratin treatments, QOD’s Brazilian Keratin products do not contain industrially manufactured raw formaldehyde. Instead, we have invested ten years of research in a patented process that mimics the effects of formaldehyde, and is readily accepted by the FDA. Still, we choose not to market our products as “formaldehyde free.” This is usually a disingenuous marketing gimmick, and potentially even harmful. Formaldehyde level up to 3.5% Oregon OSHA 2010B, FDA FOIA 2010
KeraGreen Our exclusive formulation – non toxic, formaldehyde free, rich with organic and natural ingredients – sets us apart from all other keratin hair treatments in the market and makes us relevant in a time when Green is in! Formaldehyde level of 1.6% Oregon OSHA 2010B
Simply Smooth American Culture Hair “No! This is formaldehyde free.” Formaldehyde level up to 0.93% Columbia Analytical Services 2010
Goleshlee In the FAQ section of the Goleshlee website it is stated that the products contain 2% formaldehyde.  No information on the keratin product pages and no mention of formaldehyde is given in the product ingredient lists. Formaldehyde level  > 0.6% AFSSAPS 2010
Spazzola Progressiva No information about the use of formaldehyde is provided. Formaldehyde level  > 0.6% AFSSAPS 2010