Claudia Diesti Big Day of Shooting for Her Educational DVD!

No ego’s, no stars, no attitudes that is how I describe the 2 full days we shot with Phil Stone, Claudia Diesti, Dan Diesti, Dan Cunningham, La’Niece, Matt Fienman, and myself. This was the start for Claudia’s DVD on haircoloring, haircutting, hairstyling, and a biography of herself and her beliefs. These 2 days were filled with the most remarkable, ambitious, giving professionals that could be put together in one room. So many different professionals were there to pull this off. And so much clowning around to the fullest extent, that I would love to do this again with the same exact group. This was Phil Stones first taping of an educational DVD series for his website REWIREDHAIR.COM.  And Dan Cunningham who filmed and edited the documentary THE REAL HAIR TRUTH took on this undertaking  with Matt Fienman who was also in charge of videography.  And Dan Diesti Claudia’s husband was the everything role. From food, to hair supplys, to makeup to wardrobe. Dan did it all. And for once I could kick back and just do makeup and I also helped with the photoshoot. Either way we did a little of everyone’s profession with the staff for the DVD. And learning was top on the agenda with this shoot.

Learning was on everyone’s mind the past two days with this shoot. Phil with Dan learning Videography, Myself learning from Claudia – Balayage, everyone had education on their minds. And getting the proper filming within this two-day event was close to 24 hours of filming, setting up the stage, supply runs, etc. But we all pulled together to shoot Claudia and get the best footage we could possibly get for her DVD.  All in all we all got the job done and there was a moment in time that I will always remember these two days of my career, That we all pulled together and did a positive for everyone, the Industry, Claudia, Phil, everyone. And to get that type of group together is sheer priceless. And all the time went so very fast I will truly remember this DREAM. Or maybe this wonderful moment.

Thank You Phil, Claudia, Dan, Daniel, Matt, La’Niece, and all the models.

Joseph Kellner