Jesse & Flo Briggs Donor For The Real Hair

Jesse Briggs, an Internationally renowned artist, educator, salon owner, lecturer, inventor, author, and haircolor expert is known for his extensive education and high-octane charisma. Born in a small Texas town, Briggs leveraged his drive, creativity and love of the industry to take him from bleak poverty to entrepreneurial success in record time! He has taught standing-room-only crowds from Milan to New York to Los Angeles, and together with wife, Flo, he has acted as mentor to countless young stylists, colorists and future salon owners.

The International vision he developed in his travels has allowed him to easily communicate with people from all walks of life and appreciate the energy and creativity of today’s hairdressers, and his 360-degree business view has enabled him to develop a strong network of Yellow Strawberry Global Salons, with the 50-chair, multi-million dollar flagship in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Over the years, Jesse, Flo and Yellow Strawberry have garnered many impressive awards, accomplishments and accolades.

  • Co-founder of Haircolor USA—the world’s largest haircolor show
  • Appeared in dozens of international magazines, including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, ElleAllure, First for Women, Ladies’ Home Journal, Teen, People and In-Style
  • Television appearances on major shows such as Extra, Inside Edition, Howard Stern, Ambush Makeover, High School Reunion and Deco Drive, as well as appearances as a beauty authority on all the major network’s affiliates and MTV
  • Honored as one of the Top 75 Educators of the Century by Modern Salon magazine
  • Author of The ABC of Hair Cutting and the founder of an advanced training academy in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Creator of the S-Wave Thermal Set™
  • Creator of Style-Stars™, the first online stylist competition

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