How many times do you go to a hair show and see the same individuals from PAUL MITCHELL, REDKEN, VIDAL SASSOONS, MATRIX, CHI, saying the same thing, doing the same haircut and style, selling a different product or the same product just repackaged. And the only thing that has changed is the money they get slipped into their back pocket! It is the same Bullshit every year. Everyone is cashing on the business, and how many time do I need to hear about VIDAL SASSOON the lord of hairdressing. Give me a break! Your time has come and passed ol boy move on. He is one of the reasons this profession got a black name, selling out he did!! All for the money and If you don’t believe that go on Facebook and look up some of his old employees. ASK THEM. I am sick of seeing people passed up every year on these hair shows. Premier is the biggest, they set the rental space very high, and thats all you get. Try adding on electrical provisions, That is why you see alot of independent Corporations, Stylists, go the B  level hair shows, where the rental space is cheaper, and they get more square footage, and more BANG for there buck.  But let’s think for a minute why is  there not new ideas, new stylists, new books, new everything at these hair shows? Well the big show presenters like PREMIER would make alot of money on a nobody. So they think why dont we just have the same ol same ol there and thats what people want! Right?  Then we can sell the tickets and make money and we can control this whole Hair show scheme. It’s is a scam. Why do people pay for it? I really don’t know, the hair shows have turned into FLEA MARKETS. Manufacturers give education at these shows in order to have you buy there products. THATS IT!!!!