Haircolor, Haircare Giants In the Industry Are Stealing From You!


You know who really is making the revenues now, Thats right Home Haircoloring, and Haircare. Industry giants are out there putting the profession in the dirt and a good percentage of the hairdressing, makeup industry professionals  just sit on the ass and let it go by. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP.

Alberto-Culver, L’Oreal, Clairol, Upjohn,  Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Revlon. “L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble stand out in front of the leading marketers that have been swallowing up salon hair care companies. And brands to bolster revenues in the face of flagging category sales.
L’Oreal has bought Redken (1993), Matrix (2000), Soft Sheen (1998), Carson (2000), and most recently, Artec (2002). These purchases give the French beauty products giant an even stronger and more diversified position in the U.S. salon products market. P&G has also expanded its hair care portfolio with two substantial
moves. It bought Clairol from Bristol-Myers Squibb in May 2001 and then acquired Wella.

Salon Professional will go to SALLYS and buy all the products stated above and not think a thing about it. There is only one privately owned haircare/haircolor company left in the business SCRUPLES. Thats It!

Then you get some professional starting there own retail lines in our industry and then they sell out to make a Buck, remember ARTEC, they did the same thing sell it to you and make a legion of customers within the profession and then CASH in on the product.

You haircoloring sales are going down the tubes now thanks to the giants accomadating the consumer, giving false information to sell a buck. That is fine for me I specialize in corrective haircolor so there preying on the ignorance of  haircolor to the consumer helps the growth within my salon.

But when you think of all the other companys selling to the industry professionals haircolor in deals that the stylist cannot so no to. Is also preying on the ignorance of the salon professional. A salon professional who is not specialized in the art of haircolor will buy a introductory package from the Sales associate who represents the Distributorship and not even recieve the full haircolor line. Colors that are speciality haircolors can be easily be made by knowing the haircolor wheel. But the manufacturer will make certain haircolors for the stylist preying on there lack of knowledge of the color wheel. The point I am trying to make from all of this is the inside of the Professional salon industry manufacturers and distributors are sticking it to you. You think they are for you  (Booth Renter) and the Salon but they are not. One of the great ploy I see in the industry is how every year you see SEBASTIAN, GOLDWELL, MATRIX, FRAMESI, all these companys advertise a better product. But in realisty they are just repackaging the product. SAME THING DIFFERENT FACE! Disytributors will do the same thing where I am from in Orlando I use Goldwell Haircolor, the distributorship is called EVOLUTION in Jackonsville. They will put together a new product launch from the manufacturer and sell you a ticket for let say $50.00 and give you a goodie bag of crap! After a hour of bullshit I came to realize the product was the same only repackaged. I paid $50.00 for a stupid product relaunch!



Joseph Kellner