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Free Advice For All

Take Pride on how you present yourself. When you give your first impression it is very important. Set a example in your surroundings. Only you are responsible of how you want to be visually perceived.  Pressed shirts, Blouses, Trousers, Shined Shoes, Hair, Trimmed or Polished Nails, Tattoos, Jewelry are all areas people or your clients will perceive you. Customers will measure you initially by your outward presentation. Remember our profession is a art and craft. You need to express your own individualism.

Certain age groups you will attract by your appearance and also your age too.

When you do not use your talents where you are employed, or as a salon owner, or studio artist. You need to find a area where you can. You cannot spend hard earned money on schooling or advanced education. To come back to a atmosphere where you cannot utilize your skills. It is your responsibility to find your niche.

Your journey in life is very personnel and important. Do not let the others influence you. Fly straight and on your OWN course. There will be changes, but without these changes there will be no fun in the adventure.

If you feel professionally you are weak at some points, take charge of your weaknesses.  Always try to strive for perfection in what you are doing. Practice is the key. Also practice will give you all the answers. Take control of your fears. It is only you holding your back.

Review of ‘The Real Hair Truth’

The Real Hair Truth

The Real Hair Truth, Volume 1 by Joseph Kellner

The Real Hair Truth is the first documentary that I have seen in my 20 years of being in the beauty industry that has portrayed many of the thoughts and feelings about the hair business that I have had for many years. If you are a hair dresser, salon owner or thinking about becoming involved in the industry, please watch this film with a positive open mind. Although on the surface, this documentary may be taken as negative about the hair industry, it is not. Our industry is at a turning point in our country. No longer is becoming a hair dresser associated with those individuals that are considered “not college material” or for those who don’t know what they want to do with their future. According to one of The Real Hair Truth’s contributors, Eric Charles Motokoff, an accomplished hair dresser, educator, and colorist, “it is a profession of art, science, psychology, creativity, fashion, beauty, trend, media and wellbeing.” Joseph Kellner, a successful hair dresser and make-up artist of over 20 years, is calling for a positive change at the appropriate time. This is exciting to me! He covers many different topics including practical advice on being a successful hairdresser, how to look for the right salon to start in, the necessity of apprenticeship, the importance of continuing education, booth renting versus commission based salon programs and salaries, hair shows, manufacturer based beauty school education, and so much more. Please buy this film, pass it on, put into practice what you learn and become part of the change. (Plus, Joseph donates a portion of the proceeds from this documentary to go to continuing education for hair dressers that cannot afford it!)

Robert Lobetta Interviewed For The Documentary “THE REAL HAIR TRUTH”

Robert Lobetta has throughout his 35-year career in the hair and beauty industry traveled a long journey. Robert has worn many hats over the years and in every area he has become an expert in each field. Starting out sweeping floors in salons in his early teens, to hosting shows and lectures. His job description is enigmatic. He has been a hair stylist, a salon owner, a product creator, a marketer, a teacher, a public speaker, a photographer, a director and an artist, and this personal journey has brought him to where he is today. Robert has been called a genius, the most creative hairdresser of his time. He has through his imagination and imagery expressed the essence of brands and created a culture that people want to be associated with.
Lobetta’s vision of the future of the industry was becoming more apparent and he realized that he needed to free himself from corporate life and embark on a journey of discovery, which has brought him to where he is today. His vision comes from the heart, it’s about his love of hair, the love of the cause, of the principle, of the idea, of the future he is trying to create, the love of the people that he serves, and the people who serve him.

Dr. Frank Elliott Donor For The Real Hair Truth Scholarships!

Dr. Frank Elliott is a hairdresser and make-up artist with over thirty years of experience. His industry titles include: manufacturer’s technical representative, platform artist, competition artist, chief proctor for the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology, and salon owner.

Dr. Frank earned his PhD. in Workforce Education and Development from The Pennsylvania State University, where he was a lecturer for ten years. He has taught Leadership and Professional Development for state and federal government, university, and industry organizations.

Dr. Frank has just released a ground breaking new book The Other Side of Hairdressing. “The Other Side” is where beauty professionals tap into and take control of the innate learning functions that serve us throughout our lives. Expand your client market-base, supercharge your career, and realize your true earning potential on The Other Side of Hairdressing.

The Other Side of Hairdressing
As a teaching tool for salon owners, get your new hire off to a running start with The Other Side of Hairdressing. Have them read Linda’s story and then monitor their progress as they move through the Taking Control section. Slash the time usually needed for developing a new stylist so they can become a valuable part of your salon team now.
As a learning tool for new salon employees, give yourself an edge you’ll never regret. Don’t sit around waiting for experience to come to you. Take Control of your own professional situation now. You know what you want. You have a dream. Learn from The Other Side of Hairdressing how to get to your dream.

As a team-building tool for experienced hairdressers, get the salon team onto common ground by sharing ideas about The Other Side of Hairdressing. Discuss your new adventures and grow together. Share your successes in furthering your Beauty career, work and live on The Other Side of Hairdressing! Is based on a philosophy of taking control of your career through self-understanding and choice.

The Real Hair Truth Thanks Frank Elliott for his donations.