Robert Lobetta Interviewed For The Documentary “THE REAL HAIR TRUTH”

Robert Lobetta has throughout his 35-year career in the hair and beauty industry traveled a long journey. Robert has worn many hats over the years and in every area he has become an expert in each field. Starting out sweeping floors in salons in his early teens, to hosting shows and lectures. His job description is enigmatic. He has been a hair stylist, a salon owner, a product creator, a marketer, a teacher, a public speaker, a photographer, a director and an artist, and this personal journey has brought him to where he is today. Robert has been called a genius, the most creative hairdresser of his time. He has through his imagination and imagery expressed the essence of brands and created a culture that people want to be associated with.
Lobetta’s vision of the future of the industry was becoming more apparent and he realized that he needed to free himself from corporate life and embark on a journey of discovery, which has brought him to where he is today. His vision comes from the heart, it’s about his love of hair, the love of the cause, of the principle, of the idea, of the future he is trying to create, the love of the people that he serves, and the people who serve him.