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Whats the big deal everyone?

Everyone is in a fluster about many states in the U.S. looking over the option of deregulation of the cosmetology license. How many times have we heard this, and how many times have we gained no interest within the profession. Interest is being gained by the PBA (Professional Bullshit Organization) and also from beauty school mills within the beauty industry.

Why? It’s all about money, money, money. Not a standard of professionalism. Here is the criteria of a hairdresser in europe. And this criteria of a european hairdresser has been this way for many , many years.

Europe has some of the best cosmetology schools in the world.  Hairdressers are at the top of the scale!
A minimum of 4 years of education only focused on hair and coloring! That includes that you also becomes a color specialist.  Compared to so-called beauty schools in th U.S. a 7 month course that qualifies you as a hairdresser after a 1,000-hour program which have you out and working in the field in as little as 7 ½ months. With no focus on only hair. But a slice into different fields as shown!

Haircutting and styling, Hair coloring and lightning, nail care, skin care, hair and scalp disorders, chemistry as applied to cosmetology, anatomy and physiology, health and safety?, professional requirements, makeup. With all of this education are you really a hairdresser, haircolorist, makeup artist, facialist, nail tech? No you are not. It takes time to learn all of these trades. But in America if you have a license you are titled as such. A hairdresser in europe who has 5 years of education and time in service in their field can run rings around an America hairdresser.

But they don’t need a license. They don’t need some one coming in there salon inspecting, they are grown ups, they can do it on their own. But like in any other profession you have the good and the bad. Getting rid of  a cosmetology license will only make the cream of the crop rise even further, and will also make beauty schools more accountable for their teaching. If you want to make a good living and have no conscious of how you treat people open up a beauty school. And do the work of the Devil.  Our industry has been plagued by beauty schools, organizations, and pulpit teaching preachers about how bad the new cosmetology student is. All they want is want and want,  the industry proclaims! Well read some emails I have received about how human beings are treated in the beginning phases of my profession.



” I just recently dropped out of the Colorado Springs Paul Mitchell School because they honestly don’t know what they’re doing. The learning leaders pick favorites and treat everybody like dirt. They gossip about students and other staff members. They don’t teach us anything once we leave core.
Financial aid is a big joke!! They steal your money.  Why is it that when money is dispersed to a student, that money goes into the financial aid leader’s personal bank account and then she cuts you a check, if you’re lucky, from there? I have so much missing money, its ridiculous.. I have about $800 in my account right now that’s mine, but they wont give it to me|. There’s always a different excuse as to why I can’t have it.
I could go on and on but there’s too much;. The school is dirty and unsanitary. No one cleans after themselves and the learning leaders constantly leave food lying around. This school is a huge joke and I can’t wait until it is investigated and shut down. What a wonderful industry you have”.

My advice to you is, “when it’s a consistent practice among multiple schools under the same organization at different locations it’s become a problem, their problems are just a tip of the iceberg of the endless list of atrocities”.

” I enrolled my daughter to this school thinking it would be professional and would treat my daughter with respect and kindness.Instead she earned 1100 hours at the school and was bit by a brown recluse spider and got a staph infection. They would not take a leave of absence or medically withdraw her from the program and instead withdrew her and said she owed them 11,000. Why do you think I sent her to school but to earn a career! Instead they are ripping us off and any other college would appeal the financial aid with draw medically and financial aid would take this”. Paul Mitchell School – The CAO Institute/Paul Mitchell partner/Alhambra, Ca

“I went to Paul Mitchell Chicago, for approximately 6 months.I had to take some time off for personal reasons and took a leave for about a month and also had missed a few days here and there. That being said, when I decided to quit the school for many reasons. I was told that I must pay the full $20,000 since my ‘scheduled’ hours exceeded 75% of completion. However, my loans went in increments of $5,000 every 25% of completion; leaving me with $5,000 to pay out-of-pocket. I attended this school back in September 2009 and when I left the school in April 2010 I received one letter from the school stating I owed them $5,118.50 on 11/1/2010. I have received another letter from their lawyer stating I am now sent to a creditor threatening to ruin my credit and I owe them $5,513.14. How they got this number I have no idea since they didn’t explain the totals. I am writing all this information because I cannot believe how a business could come after a young adult for more money when I’m already paying back my student loans of $15,000 for absolutely NOTHING. This was a horrible institute, horrible ‘teaching’ staff and horrible experience all together”. It is my biggest regret in life and now these greedy people are going to ruin the rest of my life because they want more money from me that I do not have”.

Has anybody been in this situation? It’s such a wonderful industry!!!!!!!

Love You All

Joseph Kellner

Help The Real Hair Truth Help Peoples Lives!

With the release of the Documentary The Real Hair Truth in the next two weeks. We will start a scholarship program for 20 individuals nationwide who cannot afford Advanced Education. I am looking for Hairdressers/Makeup Artists who are in need of financial help for continuing education in their field. Jotovi Designs Inc is offering 20 scholarships to individuals that are committed to their Craft/Profession.  Jotovi Designs Inc is committed to helping these professionals succeed with some added help from the proceeds from this documentary. Each scholarship recipient will receive books, videos, a laptop, hd camera (for advertising videos of themselves), a website. The Real Hair Truth is a non-profit organization committed to education and continuing education is the key to take you to the next level. I would like to help professionals in this business take their skills to the next level and I am asking for some help.  If you know of anyone who REALLY deserves one of these scholarships please email me at joseph@josephkellner.com. All information regarding the candidate will remain discreet and all information given will not be disclosed to the recipient. Help a co-worker get the chance they need. EMAIL ME!

Joseph Kellner

Hairdresser/Mua/Producer of the REAL HAIR TRUTH

The Real Hair Truth Talk Show.

This will be our Second Live show! The Real Hair Truth, is a one of a kind Documentary EXPOSING the beauty industry. Produced and narrated by accomplished and successful Hairdresser/Makeup Artist Joseph Kellner. The informative, yet entertaining film, unravels and demystifies the process and pitfalls of how to not only succeed; but excel as a professional in the Beauty Industry. Our featured guests will be Dr. Frank Elliott author of the Best Selling Book “The Other Side of Hairdressing”. And also Hairdresser Donna Pederson Featured in the Documentary The Real Hair Truth. We will also be featuring excerpts from the movie. Join us for a memorable night of entertainment and laughter.
Upcoming Show: 5/30/2010 7:00 PM    

Call-in Number: (646) 716-4723


Dr. Frank Elliott Donor For The Real Hair Truth Scholarships!

Dr. Frank Elliott is a hairdresser and make-up artist with over thirty years of experience. His industry titles include: manufacturer’s technical representative, platform artist, competition artist, chief proctor for the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology, and salon owner.

Dr. Frank earned his PhD. in Workforce Education and Development from The Pennsylvania State University, where he was a lecturer for ten years. He has taught Leadership and Professional Development for state and federal government, university, and industry organizations.

Dr. Frank has just released a ground breaking new book The Other Side of Hairdressing. “The Other Side” is where beauty professionals tap into and take control of the innate learning functions that serve us throughout our lives. Expand your client market-base, supercharge your career, and realize your true earning potential on The Other Side of Hairdressing.

The Other Side of Hairdressing
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As a learning tool for new salon employees, give yourself an edge you’ll never regret. Don’t sit around waiting for experience to come to you. Take Control of your own professional situation now. You know what you want. You have a dream. Learn from The Other Side of Hairdressing how to get to your dream.

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The Real Hair Truth Thanks Frank Elliott for his donations.