Andre Nizetich Interviewed For The Real Hair Truth

                    Andre Nizetich

Andre Nizetich is recognized as one of the première hair color educators.  Andre is also the owner of a salon specializing in hair coloring, and is the author of two books: “The Simplified Approach To Haircoloring “and “Teaching Haircoloring”.

Andre co-founded the “International Haircolor Exchange,” a prominent group of haircolorists who meet annually to share ideas.  He is currently serving as president of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists.  Learn from the very best! Andre is considered one of the very best haircolor educators in the nation. Part of the reason  is he has done it for such a long time.

But he also has a keen sense of what it takes to covey information to the new learner without confusing them. If you ever taken one of his classes you will know what we are talking about. Andre has colored more swatches than anyone else in the country. His props used to give the learner a clear understanding of what happens when you color hair.
His dimensional hair coloring and foil placement are the best in the salon industry. His motto is the more proficient you become the more money you will make. This class will take your foil placement skills to a new level. If you are a beginner or if you are looking to refine your foil placement skills this class is for you. Andre’s matter of fact approach to teaching hair color makes learning a pleasure.

This is not a manufacturer-sponsored class. His teaching works with anyone’s haircolor. If you ever have an opportunity to attend his class don’t miss it, he is great.

Furthermore, Andre travels throughout the US administering the certification examination.

He is dedicated to improving the status of the professional haircolorist. “Being certified establishes oneself and gives potential clients the ability to select those haircolorists that have reached a higher level of competence”.

Consumer campaigns are planned in the future as ‘certified’ members increase in numbers , offering consumers a better way to determine the level of professionalism they are seeking. 

The test acknowledges that hair coloring is a complex discipline that requires additional study and experience before one can be considered professional.


Daniel Cunningham Editor For THE REAL HAIR TRUTH

Daniel Cunningham is a motion picture editor based out of sunny Florida. He edited his first film in  third grade on his parents VCR, and from that moment he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.  Now the VCR has been replaced with a Final Cut Pro/Avid rig; complete with Adobe’s creative suite. Although the equipment has changed, Daniel’s passion as an editor has stayed the same. Daniel has worked on a large variety of projects, from corporate films to features, music videos to shorts. His forte has always been rhythm, pacing, and storyline. In August of 2009 he received his bachelor of sciences degree in film and television production from Full Sail University. Daniel continues to learn new techniques and skills that he can apply to his craft daily, and takes great pride in the work that he does. Daniel is currently working on the documentary “THE REAL HAIR TRUTH”.