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Real Hair Truth L’Oreal to Shelve ‘Salon Only’ Tag for Products!

WASHINGTON (CN) – L’Oreal can settle false advertising claims over supposedly salon-only products that are sold in stores by changing its labels, a federal judge ruled.
Alexis Richardson had led a class against the cosmetics company on behalf of consumers who purchased L’Oreal’s Matrix Biolage, Redken, Kerastase and Pureology products after August 30, 2008.
The April 2013 complaint alleged that L’Oreal deceptively labeled the products as “available only in salons” while nevertheless stocking them in Target, Kmart and other non-salon retail establishments.
“Plaintiffs allege that the salon-only label implies a superior quality product and builds a cachet that allows L’Oréal to demand a premium price,” according to the settlement-approval ruling filed Thursday.
The plaintiffs had filed the suit in Washington, D.C., after resolving related claims from an earlier action in the Northern District of California.
“In the course of those negotiations, L’Oréal provided plaintiffs with extensive documents and information relating to its anti-diversion and labeling practices,” U.S. District Judge John Bates wrote.
“But plaintiffs allege that, despite L’Orèal’s efforts, the products are available in non-salon establishments, and argue that L’Orèal’s labeling and advertising for these products is hence deceptive and misleading.”
As part of the settlement, class representatives can petition for no more than $1,000 each, and L’Oréal will pay up to $950,000 in attorney fees, costs and expenses. The settlement otherwise provides only injunctive relief.
In his approval order, Bates explained the class’s reasons for not trying to certify a damages class.
“First, assessing the value of the salon-only claims to consumers would be difficult, and L’Oréal has never attempted to do so,” the ruling states. “Second, assessing damages on a class-wide basis would be even more difficult – the information provided during the negotiation process revealed substantial price variations among retailers and in different regions, and indicated that non-salon retailers often sell the products at a lower price than do salon retailers, making damages to those purchasing the product in non-salon establishments difficult to analyze.”
Bates said he would defer to counsel’s assessment.
“And class members will retain their right to seek damages in individual actions, dispelling many concerns about foregone payments,” he added. “In these circumstances, an equitable-relief-only settlement may be approved.”
If the settlement wins final approval, L’Oreal will remove the “salon only” label from all of its U.S. advertising and labeling on products distributed in the states.
It will also discontinue manufacturing the labels for its U.S. products, and it will remove the “salon-only” claims from its websites and from any promotion materials.
Both parties have agreed to publish legal notices in USA Today for one week, referring class members to a website that contains a copy of the proposed agreement. Any objections to the settlement must be filed before the Fairness Hearing on October 11, 2013, when the final settlement will be approved.  It seems L’Oreal will get off easy for all the damages they have done to the so-called professional beauty industry.  Their anti- diversion rhetoric is a bunch of bullshit. And always has been.  Too late, Too little the damage has already been done!

“The Beautiful Lies” short trailer for the film

In August of this year 2013 the editing for the next film from the Real Hair Truth Series will begin. The title of the next film will be “The Beautiful Lies”. The film will encompass Entrepreneurs, Manufacturer Deception, Marketing, Ingredients, Product Labeling, Deceptive Labeling, Formulating your own Brand, Health and Welfare, Do You Know What You Are Using In The Salon?, And what’s in your Salon Products?. This so far has been a 4 year endeavor or filming, interviewing, traveling to create this film. I will have some very interesting interviews from OSHA, FDA for the topics of Health and Welfare. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task and you will see a lot of interviews in the film regarding to entrepreneurship. The Up’s and Down’s of starting your own business from scratch, product lines, books, videos etc. Motivation, Perseverance, Ambition the film “The Beautiful Lies” covers it all. The film will be completed by December 2013. This film was solely funded by Jotovi Designs Inc., and is not seeking any form of Sponsorship. And as of February 11, 2011 “The Beautiful Lies” is copyright on this website including, without limitation, text, Images, software, logos, icons, and sounds recordings. Films and html code is owned or licensed by Jotovi Designs Inc.  All editorials, interviews, graphics on this site are protected by U.S. copyright and International Law. And is solely the full property of Jotovi Designs Inc. Jotovi Designs Inc. is a registered trademark with the U.S. Library of Congress. All rights are reserved.  Any destruction, copying, sales, advertising,  of this film by any party, and without the prior consent of Jotovi Designs Inc. will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the U.S Copyright and Trademark Law in the United States. Jotovi Designs Inc. does not endorse or conduct business with any or all the party’s interviewed in this film. This film was financed by Jotovi Designs Inc. and by no other parties. All party’s involved in this (Featured film) including, Editors, Sound Technicians, Paid Interviewed Personnel, Illustrators, Manufacturers, Videographers, Producers have been paid fully by Jotovi Designs Inc. and have no future claims or holdings to this (featured film) The Beautiful Lies.

More Great Reviews for the Documentary THE REAL HAIR TRUTH!

Joseph, you have shown the Cosmetology industry in it’s true light. Hopefully with your powerful DVD “The Real Hair Truth” things will get changed in this industry, from how the schools teach Cosmetology, to how the States test the stylists. You are a brave… soul to show the real side of our industry which in my opinion is going down the tubes fast. Now please show the real side of diversion, who is truly causing it and how to big wigs in our industry are grabbing their money to promote their “Diverted Companies Lines”.
Thanks again, you were a pleasure to work with!
– Mags Kavanaugh

Eric Charles Mokotoff  I want to formaly thank Jospeh Kellner not only for the opportunity of being in his film and helping me with my book but mostly for being an honest friend full of true advice, concern and conviction. Its rare to find that genuine quality in people. Thank you Joseph

Susan Abbott  Good morning Joseph, I have watched “The Truth” and would just like to thank you for creating this movie! We are all working in our own little Salon Bubbles and we are all experiencing the same drama and discussing the same ideas. Your movie delivers! It is a significant overview of our industry and how it might im…prove itself and evolve. I hope this video gets out there so some improvements can start. You are a hero.

Kelli Looper  Joseph, your documentary “The Real Hair Truth” is just that. It focuses on many important issues that the industry deals with on a daily basis and points out many that SHOULD be dealt with. “The Real Hair Truth” was put together in a beautiful and artistic way. It is extremely enlightning; not only for those in the …profession but even those that are not. This is a true insiders documnetary with very stong objective and educational views. It is a must see for profesionals in the industry and especially for those thinking of or starting out in this industry. It is worth every dime!!!

Dear Joseph
…5-Stars to you!!!!
“The Real Hair Truth” is just that, “The Real Hair Truth”. There are so many important areas discussed in this film that its a “Must see” by artists on ALL levels.”
Janice Tunnell

Donna Hourigan  Totally agree! One point: Fast track courses, international programs should only be viewed as an introduction to the industry not a qualification! Great Film!

Albie Mulcahy This is a very cool film..Great job Joseph!!!!!

William J. Messer I think it a wonderful thing you’re doing.

Dear Claudia,  I had a chance to see a preview of your video from (The real hair truth). I have to say that just that alone was very inspirational to me because of your passion and good heart, and the fact that you are of Hispanic origin makes me very proud…. I love this industry and I have a passion for it and want to have the opportunity to always meet people that are passionate about what they do. I live in Pa. and I’m considering moving to Florida and would like to connect with people in the Industry. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a great New Year, God Bless.

Hi Joseph,Your documentary was a great watch. “The Real Hair Truth” is a must see by salon owners, hair professionals, students, and customers. This documentary was an eye opener to the practices in the hair industry. Hair conveys one’s self-image; it is vanity’s proving ground. Hair is extremely personel, an entan…glement of mysterious prejudices. Hair stylists have a responsibility to customers to improve their vanity. Hair professionals have the opportunity to learn the truth about their industry and customer needs by watching this documentary.
This film would do very well in the theaters!!
Cindy Unvericht, Owner, EC Investment Group

Dear Joseph The production I liked. For newbies, trainees and up and coming stylists I
would add more industry ‘glitz’ like the hair shows, competitions or
backstage session styling to help encourage and feed that flame that newbies
…have.  Also reduce the ‘rant’ a little as this is will drive the newbies away
from the industry. If you want to keep the rant up and the glitz down then
aim at pleasing an established generation of stylists not the new
generation, if that makes sense. I agree with the content totally, regarding
industry standards and training or lack of and with the lack of support by
what are meant to be salon only product companies, whereby they allow their
salon only products to make their way to high street shelves, its not good
enough and its messing with our income.
Feel like I know you a little now after having watched the dvd, spooky that
we’re 2 , ageing, macho undersea explorers who create amazing hair for a
Kindest Regards,
Alex Douglas
New Zealand
Your copy of the Documentary THE REAL HAIR TRUTH is available at THEREALHAIRTRUTH.COM