Review of ‘The Real Hair Truth’

The Real Hair Truth

The Real Hair Truth, Volume 1 by Joseph Kellner

The Real Hair Truth is the first documentary that I have seen in my 20 years of being in the beauty industry that has portrayed many of the thoughts and feelings about the hair business that I have had for many years. If you are a hair dresser, salon owner or thinking about becoming involved in the industry, please watch this film with a positive open mind. Although on the surface, this documentary may be taken as negative about the hair industry, it is not. Our industry is at a turning point in our country. No longer is becoming a hair dresser associated with those individuals that are considered “not college material” or for those who don’t know what they want to do with their future. According to one of The Real Hair Truth’s contributors, Eric Charles Motokoff, an accomplished hair dresser, educator, and colorist, “it is a profession of art, science, psychology, creativity, fashion, beauty, trend, media and wellbeing.” Joseph Kellner, a successful hair dresser and make-up artist of over 20 years, is calling for a positive change at the appropriate time. This is exciting to me! He covers many different topics including practical advice on being a successful hairdresser, how to look for the right salon to start in, the necessity of apprenticeship, the importance of continuing education, booth renting versus commission based salon programs and salaries, hair shows, manufacturer based beauty school education, and so much more. Please buy this film, pass it on, put into practice what you learn and become part of the change. (Plus, Joseph donates a portion of the proceeds from this documentary to go to continuing education for hair dressers that cannot afford it!)

Ivan Zoot Interviewed For The Documentary THE REAL HAIR TRUTH!


Ivan has been a hairstylist, educator, and leader in the professional salon industry for over 20 years.

Ivan is licensed both as a cosmetology and a barber professional. His experiences range from working as a trainee in a large day spa salon to owning his own high-volume family hair cutting business. Along the way he has created wildly popular hair care products, invented unique hair cutting and styling tools and techniques, and earned three Guinness World Haircutting records.

Eric Charles Mokotoff Interviewed For The Real Hair Truth Documentary

Eric Charles Mokotoff

Eric Charles Mokotoff

Eric Charles Mokotoff, originally from New York is a highly sought after, passionate and Creative haircolor artist and Educator.
Proud of his 17 years of experience as an Educator, and certified by top companies such as L’Oreal and Aveda; Eric is an active colorist and color director/educator. Currently Eric works as a Color Director for a company of salons in South Florida.
He brings extraordinary creativity to the haircolor process as well as the education process.

Eric easily shows what ingredients are missing for both salon owners and salon professionals. He paints a clear picture of why would anyone want to work for your salon? Eric reveals his “Business Artist”, a new breed of salon professional who will demand what a career path should be. Salon owners need to be on board or face extinction unless they too become “Business Artist” salons. Both salon owners and salon professionals will learn what it takes to enter a newly revamped industry vision. Be part of the revolution and not a casualty.

The Salon Industry Business Artist is a must read for anyone involved in the salon industry. This book repairs the dysfunctional relationship that has plagued salon owners and professionals for decades. It creates a business model for both salon owners and professionals to once and for all put an end to the negative stereotypes that have tarnished our industry.
The Salon Industry Business Artist

Scott, “Scotty” Bentley Interviewed For The Real Hair Truth Documentary

Scott, “Scotty” Bentley is the owner and creative director of Bentley Salon. Scott has traveled nationally and internationally as a platform artist and educator.  Not only is he an everyday stylist, he is also the mastermind behind the B-Concept Artistic Team, the creator of the annual Always Moving Forward (AMF) hair show in April, and the originator of the B-Concept Educational DVD.  He offers the same passion to his clients by showing them the versatility of their hair so they can re-create the look at home. Together with his talented and ambitious salon team, he is constantly involved with local designers in local fashion shows by helping coordinate the hair and make-up. By doing this he is helping promote the emerging salon subculture in the Tampa Bay area.

Bentley Salon