So many people in my beauty industry have so much to say about being a suite or booth renter. To me it give the individual the chance to see if they can make it on there on. When doing commission based employment there is no funds for down time. Such as a hourly wage, you are told to clean, answer phones, stock shelves etc. And do you get paid? NO! So I feel there should be a wage for all cosmetologists in this arena. But as time goes on the same idea of commission still try’s to linger on in the industry. It is a simple way to get free labor from professionals in the industry. With out worrying about compensation to there employee’s. That is changing in California a law is being passed where a hairdresser or nail tech etc. Will have to get the state minimum wage which will be mandatory. I say AMEN to that.

Professionals coming out of school are no longer naive to the old customs of employment.  And I know a few academy’s out there educate there students on “What to look out for”.  Being your own “BOSS” is good for all. Living someones else’s dream and funding there retirement is now for the birds, the industry professionals have “AWOKEN”. Team work is what they will say but basically ‘YOU’, are just making them more profitable. I say take the risk and go for it. Your hard work will pay the bills and make you successful. When you work on commission you have to go to work and worry about how your bills will be paid. And then come to think of it how can you concentrate on what you are doing.  How do I pay my rent, medical, food, car?  Any thoughts?

Time fly’s by and there is change and if you don’t change you will remain stagnate in your life and profession. So many professionals I have worked with have so many talents that I often wonder why they just do hairdressing?  Time will be the ultimate judge for all of us. And we may ask ourselves why do we work for others, why do we live for others dreams? When we all are born with special gifts. Special talents. And in our own rights they are individual.

I have always been a team player and as time has gone by I have learned to look out for what is ‘Best For Me”. Not in a selfish sense but to have new experiences and not play “Follow The Leader”. I have never been such as one, and the only time I was is when I was in Naval Service. So I say to you why don’t you just take a risk, a risk in pushing yourself into a place where you are uncomfortable to learn anew.  They only way of getting enlightenment is going on a path of your own. No one else’s. So moving forward can be scary but learning and doing what you have never done will create a new vision for you. YOU WILL EDUCATE YOURSELF. A Education money cannot buy or a college class that cannot be offered.  I say to you let the past stay there and forge ahead with your dreams, and don’t let a industry say you cant make it. Go for it.

Think about it! You could write a book, make educational video’s, keep people abreast on what is going on with your business, offer class’s, tutor, you could learn to sell your self and not someone’s else’s idea’s.  Follow your own path is the point I am making. Don’t listen to others in your industry. Fear is the main problem with us, a lot of times when I was making my documentary’s, I would think about scripting and continuity, film locations and a timeline. I was scared and had only so much to spend. But taking little bites here and there and surrounding myself with people who new more than me about the ideas, I wanted to do was a very interesting learning process.  So I say to you it’s all about FEAR. That will stop you. Also a big EGO will stop you. Stay with your idea and you will see growth in what your doing and trying to accomplish. Don’t be scared. The funds will also come in time. And the project will let you know when it is finished. NOT YOU.  GO FOR IT MY FRIENDS.

Best Regards

Joseph Kellner


That Dream!

That Dream is possible, but we already know it’s going to be hard. But in the process of achieving your Dream you will incur a lot of disappointment, pain, you will doubt yourself. Hard times will come but they come to pass. Life has a special kind of meaning. when you follow your own path. Few too many choose there own path. Only to succeed in a day to day life.  This is a short clip from my newest Documentary, The Beautiful LieS.



Just as carbon hardens steel — persistence hardens your willpower to blast past any obstacles you encounter as you pursue your dreams. I’ve worked with people all of my professional life, and here’s what I’ve observed: Very few have REALLY decided what they want from life … and fewer still have committed to achieve it. Why is this important? Because without clarity and commitment, there is no persistence. To develop the quality of persistence, you must want something so much that it becomes a burning desire ­- a fire in your belly! Persistence is then virtually automatic, and you become unstoppable. It’s commonly believed that a lack of persistence is the result of a weak willpower. This is NOT true! A person can have a highly evolved willpower, but still lack the persistence needed to achieve their goals. In most cases, those who lack persistence simply do not have a goal that lights their passion. Here are four relatively simple steps to develop persistence:

  1. Create a clearly defined goal. Your goal must be something you truly desire. Because without emotional fire and desire, you will not be able to reach into the portion of your mind that can really drive you to achievement -­ your subconscious.  
  2. Develop a plan of action and go to work immediately. It’s perfectly OK if your plan just covers the first stage of the journey toward your goal. As you begin to execute your plan, you’ll discover other steps that will take you closer.  
  3. Make an irrevocable decision to reject any negative feedback of friends, relatives or neighbors. Refuse to give any conscious attention to conditions or circumstances that appear to indicate your goal cannot be accomplished.  
  4. Establish a mastermind group of one or more people who will encourage, support and assist you.

Joseph Kellner