Close to a year ago, a woman on the other side of the country, contacted me after reading my blog.
At first I was concerned. Why would a stranger want to talk to me? She does not know me, she’s never heard of me, we have no friends in common. I wondered if it would be rude, not to respond to her requests to speak directly. What do I do? Do I even really get how small the internet makes this entire world?
Fast forward…I gotta follow my gut! Something in her last private message behooved me to pick up the phone. Will she answer? NO!
We can never be too hasty. No sooner than I assume that I probably should not be talking to this woman, who I know nothing about….my mobile phone rings. Something compels me to pick up. Why won’t I let it go to voicemail?
Let me tell you about my experience of spending approximately an hour on the phone with a fellow stylist. A stranger to me. This woman is a pure artist. She cannot deal with big business mucking up our industry, due to greed.
Her raw passion for what we do, is felt immensely, all the way from California. Speaking to her, makes West Michigan feel like a stones throw away.
When you have the privilege of finding one so passionate for protecting the integrity that this industry deserves, how do you behave in an apathetic manner?
She cannot sit silently while big business sneaks dangerous poisons into our products, all for the almighty dollar. This poor baby, tried to take this nightmare on.
Listening to her frustrations with the behind the scenes horrors, cover-ups, and greed, that she has endured, makes me even more convinced of my truth.
Focus on what you can control. Work hard to reach one heart and mind at a time. Thinking big, does not imply talking big necessarily, but making a big impact on whatever audience is willing to listen to us.
KNOWLEDGE IS NOT POWER! The implementation of knowledge is our only hope. When we really want to make an impact…find like minds to communicate with on a smaller platform.
Why not just begin, with performing an amazing service behind our styling chair? Why don’t we begin with educating our own clientele about the tricks of our trade, the trends, techniques, technology and tools, that make us so proud to be a part of this hair mafia.
The last thing the rat race needs is another rat. Keep playing with the nice kids. After all, because of the internet…WHAT A SMALL WORLD? Signing off!

This blog was written by DN Speaks

Eric Charles Mokotoff Interviewed For The Real Hair Truth Documentary

Eric Charles Mokotoff

Eric Charles Mokotoff

Eric Charles Mokotoff, originally from New York is a highly sought after, passionate and Creative haircolor artist and Educator.
Proud of his 17 years of experience as an Educator, and certified by top companies such as L’Oreal and Aveda; Eric is an active colorist and color director/educator. Currently Eric works as a Color Director for a company of salons in South Florida.
He brings extraordinary creativity to the haircolor process as well as the education process.

Eric easily shows what ingredients are missing for both salon owners and salon professionals. He paints a clear picture of why would anyone want to work for your salon? Eric reveals his “Business Artist”, a new breed of salon professional who will demand what a career path should be. Salon owners need to be on board or face extinction unless they too become “Business Artist” salons. Both salon owners and salon professionals will learn what it takes to enter a newly revamped industry vision. Be part of the revolution and not a casualty.

The Salon Industry Business Artist is a must read for anyone involved in the salon industry. This book repairs the dysfunctional relationship that has plagued salon owners and professionals for decades. It creates a business model for both salon owners and professionals to once and for all put an end to the negative stereotypes that have tarnished our industry.
The Salon Industry Business Artist

Scott, “Scotty” Bentley Interviewed For The Real Hair Truth Documentary

Scott, “Scotty” Bentley is the owner and creative director of Bentley Salon. Scott has traveled nationally and internationally as a platform artist and educator.  Not only is he an everyday stylist, he is also the mastermind behind the B-Concept Artistic Team, the creator of the annual Always Moving Forward (AMF) hair show in April, and the originator of the B-Concept Educational DVD.  He offers the same passion to his clients by showing them the versatility of their hair so they can re-create the look at home. Together with his talented and ambitious salon team, he is constantly involved with local designers in local fashion shows by helping coordinate the hair and make-up. By doing this he is helping promote the emerging salon subculture in the Tampa Bay area.

Bentley Salon

Claudia Diesti Interviewed for THE REAL HAIR TRUTH

For the past decade Claudia Diesti has built her reputation on education not ego. She’s done this by traveling the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, France and the Orient training with the industries leading artists. Claudia is herself an American Board Certified Hair Colorist, an INOA color educator for L’Oreal Professionnel and her knowledge of Redken, Kerastase, Great-Length Extensions, and Keratin Straightening is extensive. Her work has been seen in Salon Today, Modern Salon, American Salon, Miami 944, Wellington the Magazine, Ocean Drive, In Fashion Magazine and Vive.
Claudia works behind the chair four days a week at the trendy Generations Hair Salon in Wellington Fl. The salon is equipped with the Minardi Perfect Lighting System; which provides colorists with most exact and pure light (3500 Kelvin) necessary for creating the right color indoors.
Claudia also creates runway looks in Miami for designers such as Escada, Perry Ellis, Nikki Hilton La Perla, Zac Posen, Nichole Miller, Custo Barcelona, Laundry By Design, Ashley Paige, Rebecca Taylor, Castle Starr, Lotusgrace, MaxStudio.com, Stella & Jamie, Betty Bangs, Carolina Brasil, Tricia Fix, Cory Couture, Sheiki Jeans, Marzia G. and Project Runways Jay McCarroll for venues Genart, Mercedes-Benz and Ocean Drive.
During the last four years Claudia’s focus has been the VERN Ambidextrous Cutting System; this incredible both-handed, interlocking shear system makes her unique and defines her as an artist. Her dream has always been to work for Versace at New York Fashion Week.
Claudia was filmed for THE REAL HAIR TRUTH on December 7, 2009